Natural wonders in Iran

You may have heard about the historical and cultural attractions in Iran, but it may be interesting to know that as a result of climatic diversity, Iran has embraced loads of breathtaking natural wonders for adventurers. Stay with us to know some of the most fascinating landscapes for adventures.

Iran Natural Wonders: The Lut Desert

Walking on a surface that resembles more like the moon, not the earth would be fascinating to any visitor! Most tourists consider the natural phenomenon in the Lut desert a man-made old city. However, the fact is that these Kalouts are natural wonders that have come into existence during centuries and as the result of natural erosions. The 70 degrees centigrade in the Lut desert prevents living creatures to endure in this place. It is interesting to know that this deepest point of the Iranian plateau is only 56 meters above sea level and is comparable to the deepest pit in the world, Mariana in the Pacific Ocean. Archaeologists believe that the history of urbanization in Shahdad, the hottest point on the earth planet, dates back to more than 6,000 years ago.
Early spring and fall would be the best time to visit the Lut desert and Shahdad region. Lut is the first UNESCO-Listed natural attraction in Iran, and adventurers usually do not want to miss this breathtaking landscape during their tour to Iran.

Iran's natural wonders Lut Desert

Iran natural wonders – The giant Kalouts: Lut Desert, Iran

Turkmen Sahra

In the northeast of Iran, there is an attractive, spectacular, and refreshing plain that can be a dream adventure destination for tourists in Iran. In this vast plain, you will have the opportunity to watch and visit the tallest tower not only in Iran but all over the world. There is also the opportunity to see thousands of unique green valleys and stone cemeteries with thousands of stories and legends behind each stone, and this has caused this cemetery to embrace mysteries.
You will also have the chance to experience horse riding in Iran as the region is well-known for its Turkmen horse breed. The history, civilization, and unique nature of this region as well as its rich culture and pleasant music especially of Turkmen, make this journey a rewarding one for you. To enjoy the amazingly green landscapes and taking incredible photos, spring is the best time to travel to Turkmen Sahra in Golestan province in Iran.

Turkmen Sahra - Iran

Iran natural wonders – The amazing landscape of  Turkmen Sahra, Iran

Reghez Canyon

Among the lush pastures and plains between Darab and Fasa in Fars province, there are hidden valleys with pools of water; a natural wonder that no one knew about until ten years ago, due to being hard to access and is now considered as a heaven for adventurers. Tang-e Reghez is a place full of springs and ponds with a beautiful and large number of fish swimming with agility.
Since this area is famous for its springs and waterfalls, it is better to travel to the area during the watery seasons, i.e. between May and early October. Not only will the lush forest trees along the access road to Reghez Canyon be more attractive, but you can reduce the scorching heat of the sun while swimming and enjoy the cool weather around the water and the cool breeze that blows from time to time. Even if you enter this region in this season, be sure to follow the weather forecasts before starting your trip and avoid traveling to this region during rains and floods.

Tang-e Reghez - Iran's natural wonders

Natural wonders in Iran: Tang-e Reghez 

Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and the largest island in Iran. This island is well-known for the special, unique, and diverse nature that has led to it being called the “Island of the Seven Wonders”.
Stars Valley is one of the most amazing sights of Qeshm and among the most incredible natural wonders in Iran, which is about 2 million years old. This valley has been created due to geological phenomena such as erosion by surface waters, hurricanes, and seasonal showers in this area and has led to the creation of such a great natural masterpiece. You will be amazed by looking at the mountains, sedimentary cavities, columns, and corridors. Having passed through the corridors, the blue sky shines above your head and creates a unique view.
Qeshm Geopark is the first and the only Geopark inscribed in the UNESCO list from Iran and the Middle East inscribed. Qeshm Geopark embraces the western part of Qeshm Island including beautiful mangrove forests, caves and salt marshes, Tang-e Chahkuh, Statues Valley, Qeshm Roof, Stars Valley, Dolab, Salkh Bowl, Shoor Valley, Korkura Mountain the which has come into existence through severe natural erosions and geological phenomena.

Tang-e Chahkuh

Natural wonders in Iran: Tang-e Chahkuh

Uraman Takht Village

Lying in the heart of the Zagros Mountains, Uraman Takht village leaves a dreamy image of paradise in the minds of tourists, especially during spring and summer. Besides the landscapes that resemble postcard images, there are some natural attractions such as waterfalls, springs, and riverside that have led this village to become a haven for locals and tourists. Some places in the region are far more famous and popular than others if you want to make the best of your travel to Uraman, including the banks of Sirvan river, Bell waterfall, and numerous springs in the region, such as Cheshmeh Lily.
Along with the pristine and breathtaking nature, the stone and stepped houses of Uraman Takht village can be considered as one of the most famous sights of Uraman. Pir Shaliar ceremony, which is held every year in Pir Shaliar tomb in this village, is another famous attraction of this region.

Iran's natural wonders

The fascinating Uraman Takht Village 

Asalem to Khalkhal Road

Asalem to Kahlkhal road is considered as one of the most amazing roads in Iran; a road with enchanting landscapes around, often in a fog, that makes driving more pleasant and fun and often forces you to stop and immerse yourself in the unique beauties and take photos.
If you love to drive, or a fan of self-drive tours, it would be impossible to miss the pleasure of driving on this road. Lying in the northern region of Iran has caused the region to be affected by the typical climatic condition of the region; so, the region is often experiencing cool weather and rain. The high altitude of the road near Khalkhal has made the temperature cold even during summer and would create a unique experience for you. Humidity and fog due to the vicinity of the Caspian Sea usually amaze guests of this road and add to the attractions of the road.
Starting this route from the city of Asalem, you will face the winding roads covered with forest trees at the beginning. Away from Asalem and within an hour’s drive, you will be surrounded by lush plains and you will see amazing landscapes. Perhaps this is why this road is known as one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, and it is considered the most dreamy forest route in Iran.

Iran's natural wonders: Asalem to Kahlkhal

Asalem to Kahlkhal road: amazing roads in Iran.

Cloud Forest

The beautiful and spectacular cloud forest, which looks like an ocean in the heart of the forest, lies among the oldest Hyrcanian forests on earth. This forest contains many rare and beautiful species of plants and animals and having the chance to see each of them would be an attractive and enjoyable experience. An ocean of cloud usually rises above the forest in mid-April to mid-autumn, and this is a good time to visit the cloud forest. Autumn is fascinating here, but keep in mind that due to the harsh weather conditions, people who do not have much experience traveling to this area may face problems during the season. Do not plan to travel to the cloud forest in winter at all; this season will show you the most violent and dangerous face of the forest.
Traveling to the cloud Forest would be among your most memorable experiences since here is considered as one of the oldest and most valuable heritage of the earth.

Cloud Forest - Iran

Cloud Forests, Iran

Shirez Canyon

In the heart of the Zagros Mountains where three provinces of Kermanshah, Ilam, and Lorestan meet, there is a spectacular area shining like a jewel with unique beauty and wonder, called Shirez Canyon. The valley’s length is 5 km and a river flows in the middle of it.
This place is surrounded by tall walls with a height of 150 to 200 meters. The coexistence of rough rocks with trees that have grown throughout the valley is very exciting. The erosion of rocks and cliffs has created a special landscape in this place. Wrinkled limestone walls that have been eroded by rain and have taken on black streaks are special features of this valley. Sometimes the soaring rocks meet on both sides of the valley and allow you to take a look at the sky. Sometimes rocks fall from a height, changing the course of the water flowing in the river and giving a fresh view to nature.
In addition to the valley itself, which is enough to spend long hours of fun and enjoyment, there are sights and attractions among the valley maze, that are very impressive. One of these natural wonders is small and large springs and waterfalls that can be seen everywhere in the valley.

Shiraz Valley: Khuzestan, Iran

You will certainly be amazed by the diversity of natural wonders in Iran. Take time to have some adventure here!

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