Forests have always been a good option for nature lovers. With a few hours’ drive, we can reach forests that are the same age as dinosaurs. There are very few forests in the world with such a long history. However, the forests in the west of Iran are also quite amazing. In this article we are going to introduce the best forest hiking destinations in Iran.

Caspian Hyrcanian Forests: the first forest hiking destinaion

Hyrcanian forests are located from west to east and in the northern provinces of Iran, near the Caspian Sea and the Alborz Mountains. To better understand the area, imagine a forest that has been spread to 5 provinces of Mazandaran, Khorasan, Gilan, Ardabil, and Golestan. This forest is one of the most popular places for camping and sightseeing and among the best forest hiking destinations in Iran. It has also attracted lots of domestic tourists. So, we see that many hotels and resorts have been built in this area so that tourists can enjoy them.
There are fascinating places to visit like; Golestan National Park, Alimestan forest, and Jahan Nama protected area. Also, a place called the Cloud forest has fascinated not only Iranians but also many tourists. It is a place that puts cloud-covered sections under your feet. Instead of looking at the clouds above your head, you will see them below your feet! You can also see different species of animals, birds, and plants. The best season to visit these forests is spring and early autumn, which have the best weather conditions.

forest hiking destinations in Iran

Hyrcanian forests are UNESCO-listed natural heritage in Iran.

Arasbaran Forests

Arasbaran is one of the busiest and popular tourist areas in East Azarbaijan province, with its natural and extraordinary landscapes and valuable historical monuments. It is very similar to the Hyrcanian forests in terms of greenery and vegetation. It means that this place is an excellent choice for camping and a perfect forest hiking destination in Iran. There are many summers in the mountainous region of Arasbaran. So, While hiking, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and get acquainted with the culture of the nomadic people. There are various hotels in different cities and villages of Arasbaran forest that you can use for accommodation.
Like any forest, you can see different species of animals and plants. More than 320 different species of animals, from rare birds to amphibians, live here. So, you would see many interesting animals!
Arasbaran is a mountainous and forested region, so as you can guess, it has cold weather. Therefore, the best time to visit is summer. When you are bothered by the hot weather, the coolness of this area can relieve you.

Zagros Forests

The Zagros Mountains are the largest and most important habitat of various oak species in Iran. So, this region is of special importance. Its forests are spread from the northwest to the south wast of Iran.
Nayangiz forests are one of the most beautiful oak forests in Zagros. It is amazingly scenic and has all the elements of natural beauty. Waterfalls, fresh air, the pleasant sound of birds, all these are the attractions that this beautiful forest has gathered. Also, you can find squirrels wherever there is oak!
The most fascinating scene that you can visit in this spectacular paradise appears in spring and May. By visiting, you should be careful about the environment. Nature friends never harm nature!

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