Caspian Sea

As the world’s largest lake, the Caspian Sea has so many attractions to offer. The Caspian coastline is an all-time favorite destination for tourists. Here on the shores of Iran’s portion of the Caspian Sea, which is full of natural attractions with a delightful and fresh climate, you will experience a perfect holiday. Try camping by the fire in the fantastic forests, cycling in the woods, and trying the delicious seafood. If you ask anyone about their experience from traveling to the north of Iran, you will hear about beautiful nature, green forests, lakes, and an endless sea. If you loved what you heard, then you will love what you see.

The Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world that is between Europe and Asia. The Caspian Sea is pretty well-known for its oil industries and is a huge source of energy. It has so many animal species, including the Caspian seal and sturgeons, which make the best Caviar in the world. The coast provides areas for many migratory birds as well, such as flamingoes, geese, ducks, gulls, terns, and beautiful swans. So if you visit by the time they already migrated there, then you can make a mesmerizing memory by this scenery. The Caspian Sea also has salty water with sandy shores, which is one of the reasons why it is called a sea rather than a lake, but those are the facts that make it as perfect as other seas for the summertime trips.

The Climate

Believe it or not, the Caspian coastline owns the best climate. The fresh air that is produced by millions of trees is brought from Alborz mountain by the cool breeze. The Alborz Mountain Range forests create a chill and pleasant weather by the beach, which makes tourists’ trips more joyful. During the hot summer days, a chilly breeze from the furthest part of the woods and mountains is all you need. Depending on the season that you decide to travel to this side of the Caspian Sea, the climate situation differs, but you should know that any time you visit here, you will have the best times of your life.

Caspian Sea

The Caspian coastline offers the best climate.

Cities around The Caspian Sea

Golestan, Mazandaran, and Gilan are three provinces that are located on the coastline of the Caspian Sea. The natural landscapes of the Hyrcanian Forests have some of the best areas for trekking, mountain climbing, camping, and they are also appropriate for cycling or motorbiking in beautiful forests if you are interested too. Some of the popular cities for tourists to visit are Rasht, Sari, Gorgan, Astara, Bandar Anzali, Chalous, and Ramsar. Visit any of these cities and be amazed by the wonders of nature that each of them lay around.

Hyrcanian Forests

Namak Abrud suspension bridge offers you a dazzling experience in the foggy weather among the Hyrcanian Forests

Beautiful Shores of the Caspian Sea

Ramsar and Bandar Anzali Shores are the perfect choices for visiting the Caspian Sea. In Ramsar, you will be surrounded by the forests on one side and the other side by the sea. Another amazing factor about Ramsar is that you can use the cable cars to cross over the wonderful forest and reach the shore and then you will face a gorgeous view. The Caspian Sea shore runs through the Bandar Anzali town. Anzali’s port is the largest port on the Caspian coast of Iran, and besides that, it has so many beautiful attractions to offer.

Natural Attractions

Anzali wetland is a breathtaking place for nature lovers and photographers. The whole lagoon is covered mostly by reeds, lotus, and yellow flag iris flowers, which have created a picture-perfect view and turned this wetland to a whole new world. The most fun attraction of the Anzali wetland is the boat riding among the beautiful plants, which makes the whole ride dreamy. You can enjoy watching birds as this place is a fascinating place for bird watching since lots of birds migrate to this place. There is also a whole complex there alongside a lovely restaurant, located in the center of the lagoon, where you can try tasty local foods of the northern part of Iran and experience something new.
Latoon Waterfall is another beautiful masterpiece by nature that attracts nature lovers. It’s interesting to know that Laton waterfall is the only four-season waterfall in the northwest of Iran. If you’re looking for something adventurous, then you probably want to hear about Espinas Castle. There is a castle on top of the waterfall which you can reach this castle by climbing the mountain. That is one of the reasons why the beautiful Laton waterfall has always been a perfect destination for those nature trekkers who are professionally occupied and are ready for rock climbing.
Elimalat Lake is a sleeping beauty in the middle of the forest. You are going to have so much fun spending time in Elimalat. You can walk and enjoy the nature around the lake. And not only you could enjoy the scenery of the lake, but you can also try cycling through the woods for a more adventurous experience. Cool-weather, the scent of trees and green nature will light up your mood even more. You can hire pedal and motorboats if you’re seeking for adventure.

Adventure Time

Hyrcanian forest is the best choice for some adventures. Grab your bikes and start your exhilarating journey in this breathtaking woodland. After the Lut desert, the Hyrcanian forest is the second natural heritage in Iran and registered as the UNESCO world heritage site. This forest is way more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Riding through the pathways of the Hyricanian wood would be one of your unforgettable experiences in Iran.

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