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Are you looking for the most luxurious hotels in Tehran, or perhaps a cozy, comfy hotel downtown or even a hundred years old house, cause why not? Everyone knows that hotels play a significant role during travels. Tehran, the capital of the vast country of Iran, has a wide variety of hotels, welcome tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the best hotels in Tehran, Iran, that you can consider for your stay.

Plaza Hotel

The deluxe Persian Plaza Hotel is among the best 5-star hotels in the administrative and commercial heart of the capital. In many rooms of Persian Plaza, you have a fabulous view of Tehran. The hotel has restaurants suitable for every desire with Iranian, International, and fast-food menus, and you can have hot or cold drinks in the hotel cafe. Other facilities of the Persian Plaza Hotel in Tehran include a conference hall, ceremony hall, gym, swimming pool, and sauna. Its convenient location is one of the best aspects of the Persian Plaza Hotel, which has a 10-minute walk to Sohrevardi Metro Station and Beheshti Street Bus Station. Various tourist attractions are easily accessible from the hotel, as well as a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Espinas Palace Hotel

With a reputation for being one of the best luxury hotels in Tehran, Espinas Palace Hotel stands proudly in the north of the city. In this peaceful heavenly hotel, guests will find the elegance and quality of a luxury hotel. In addition to its stunning architecture, the beautiful hotel is an outstanding city landmark, featuring an exquisite lobby, impressive public areas, and indulgently comfortable bedrooms. It is always an unforgettable experience for guests to stay at the Espinas Palace Hotel. The Palace features all the amenities and services of a luxury five-star hotel coupled with attraction and a unique atmosphere that makes it feel like home.

Evin Hotel

Looking for a luxury hotel in Tehran? Hotel Parsian Evin is the perfect choice for you. A convenient location makes this hotel a great place to visit several tourist attractions in Tehran. So, this could be a real advantage for you regarding distances and transportation in the crowded city of Tehran. Also, three restaurants are available to serve you Persian, European, and even Chinese cuisine. You can enjoy many beverages in the cafeteria accompanied by snacks of all kinds. Enjoy yourself at the pool and gym of the hotel. Evin hotel also has several multifunctional conference halls suitable for conferences. Even a barbershop is inside the hotel, so if you want a haircut, you can get one. A gift shop is also available to you if you like to buy some souvenirs, make sure to pay a visit. A Persian souvenir will remind you of your good times in Iran.

Espinas International Hotel

Stay in one of Tehran’s most modern hotels to discover the city’s unique cosmopolitan spirit. Espinas Hotel is one of the best hotels in Tehran. With its ideal location right in the heart of Tehran, Espinas International Hotel offers an on-site swimming pool, a wellness center equipped with free weights and cardio equipment, a spacious meeting room, and concierge services. The expertise of the chefs and staff will ensure that your dining experience is one to remember. After a swim in the hotel’s pool, head to the spa section. The hotel offers a variety of international treatments from the hotel’s professional therapists to help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

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Bahar Hotel

After many years of experience and a brilliant background, Bahar Hotel welcomes visitors and travelers with full amenities and services. Bahar Hotel is a 3-star hotel in the heart of Tehran’s old neighborhoods, a cozy, comfortable, and safe place to stay and relax. This hotel is located in the center of Tehran, on Enghelab St., allowing guests to easily access administrative, commercial, and medical centers. You will find many amenities to make your stay more comfortable and at an affordable price. A restaurant with a pleasant and attractive environment and various delicious foods is a great place to enjoy lasting memories with your family and friends.

Tehran Heritage Hostel

Tehran heritage hostel

Heritage Hostel – Tehran

In Tehran Heritage Hostel, the newest and currently the biggest hostel in Tehran, you can find both private and dormitory rooms of the highest quality. The heritage hostel is the perfect choice for backpackers and budget travelers alike. The hostel’s great location, along with its excellent building, Heritage Hostel offers unbeatable services. They have a mini-bar in the common area that offers a wide selection of beverages, teas, and tasty coffees. There are only 100 meters between Heritage Hostel and Baharestan Metro station in Tehran’s heart. Just five minutes on foot will take you to a wide range of cafes, restaurants, and juice bars.

Hanna Boutique Hotel

It all began with a ninety-year-old house in the famous Lolagar Alley in Tehran. Throughout its ninety-year history, Hanna Boutique Hotel has evolved into an expression of contemporary Tehran. During your stay at the hotel, you will be able to see different aspects of life in Tehran, where art, architecture, design, and modern-day hospitality are just some of the things you will find in the center of a crowded, chaotic city. Guests at this hotel can enjoy delicious Persian dishes from all over the country in the hotel’s restaurant. Visit the coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Also, there is greenery and halls on the roof that you can enjoy.

How to book a hotel in Tehran

There are many ways to book a hotel in Tehran. You can either book a hotel online or through a local travel agency. One advantage of booking through a travel agency is that they take online payments via credit cards. This is not a ‘given’ in Iran – the country doesn’t have access to the global banking system, so many agencies will require wire transfers through other countries or cash once you reach the country. You can also choose your preferred hotel and call them directly. Many airports in Iran have hotel booking desks where you can ask them to book you a suitable room in any available hotel.

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Hotel Prices in Tehran

In Tehran, you can find a variety of hotels at different prices. The presence of people with various choices has created a variety of accommodation centers and hotels in Tehran. For this reason, when traveling to Tehran, there are many options for accommodation, including guesthouses to 1 to 5-star hotels. Various styles, tastes, and cultures can be found in these hotels, making them ideal for travelers visiting Tehran for different reasons. Tehran hotel reservations can be priced differently based on the number of stars in the hotel because of facilities such as swimming pool, room type, level of guests’ demands, etc. Luxury hotels in Tehran’s prices often change based on location, services, and room types.

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