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Did you know that among the Middle East countries, Iran is the best place for ski enthusiasts? Most tourists believe Iran to be arid and deserted, but nearly a third of it is covered in snow in the winter. The two main ranges are Zagros (From North-West to South-West) and Alborz (North). You can find cost-effective Iran ski tours filled with adventure and thrill, and even if you are a newcomer, there are off-piste trails just for you to test yourself at skiing in Iran. Read on to get a gist of what it is like to ski in Iran.

Skiing in Iran

There is an absolute guarantee of snow in Iran ski tours, a great opportunity for skiers and snowboarders, as well as fantastic après-ski fun. Breathtaking altitudes, powdery snow and ski season that lasts from November until May, has made Iran a must-ski destination for skiers. Any call for Iran ski tours this winter? Then get in touch with us.

Does Iran have ski resorts?

To cut it short, yes! Of course, it does! Iran has numerous high-ranking ski resorts, namely Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, Darbandsar, Barin, and others. The biggest Iran ski resort is Dizin, also one of Iran’s most popular ski resorts. The oldest is Shemshak, and the modern one is Darbandsar. These three are located 70 km North of Tehran. They enjoy excellent snow conditions, long slopes, and off-piste trails.

Can I ski in Iran?

If you are a professional skier looking for challenging routes, various Iran ski resorts and ski terrains are just waiting for you. If you are planning for professional skiing in Iran and more interaction with the local skiers, you have come to the right place. Even if you are an obsessive powder chaser, you ARE going to enjoy yourself on the long off-piste slopes and at the Tochal summit, from which you will have a panoramic view of Tehran.

Top Iran Ski resorts

Top Iran ski resorts are gathered around the capital, Tehran: Tochal, Dizin (the biggest one), Darbandsar, Pooladkaf, and Shemshak. There are other smaller Iran ski resorts, such as Abali in Tehran, Fereydunshahr in Isfahan province, Chelgard in Chahar-Mahal-Bakhtiari province, and Khoshakoo in Urmia and Alvares in Ardabil province. These smaller sized Iran ski resorts will provide you with the same exciting experience as other ski resorts.

Best time to ski in Iran

It is generally best to ski from mid-winter to mid-spring (November to mid-May). It differs based on location and altitude. The following list shows the best ski season for each resort:

  • Dizin: Early Dec. – late May
  • Shemshak: Early Dec. – mid-Apr.
  • Tochal: Early Nov. – June
  • Darbandsar: Early Dec. -mid-Apr
  • Pooladkaf: Dec. – Mar.
  • Abali: Late Dec. – Mar
  • Alvares (in Ardabil): Nov- May

Aside from Damavand ski tours and Tehran ski resorts, here are some other ski resorts outside of Tehran that may be an option for tourists who are looking for ski touring and an opportunity to meet local skiers:

  • Chelgard (in Chahar-Mahal-Bakhtiari): Dec.- Apr.
  • Fereydunshahr (in Isfahan): Dec.- Apr.
  • Sahand (in Tabriz): Dec.- May
  • Khoshakoo (in Urmia): Dec.-Apr.
  • Bijar (in Zanjan and Hamedan): Dec.-Apr.

The Best Iran Ski Tours in 2022

Some of the top Iran ski tours in 2022 are a combination of sightseeing and skiing in Iran. For instance, Damavand ski tour, or an Iran adventure tour of 7-day skiing in Tehran (Dizin) and Kish diving tour, or a Tochal-Shemshak ski tour with a 2-day stay in Tochal and Shemshak each. In Pooladkaf International Ski Resort which is 90 km from Shiraz, you can check out the beautiful Margoon Waterfall that rushes out of the rocky wall; you can use the ski lifts to go all the way to the steepest parts. For beginner skiers, there are off-piste trails, and nomads live in Pooladkaf villages. Having a unique lifestyle gives you the opportunity to spend time with them and socialize with them.

Biggest Iran ski resort

As the only host to international ski competitions, Dizin is the highest resort with a full view of mount Damavand. It offers trails for beginners and professional skiers. When looking for ski tours in Iran, Dizin is definitely included! This ski resort has many attractions for professional powder chasers, including its unbeaten fields, suitable slopes, and exciting jumps. Its facilities suit all tastes. In the summer, Dizin offers grass skiing and horse riding. It is 120 km north of the capital, Tehran.

The nearest ski resort to Tehran

Tochal ski resort is the closest one to access from Tehran. It is located in the Alborz Mountain ranges. It takes half a day to visit Tochal. People come here for the 7th station. Here are several ways you can go Tochal:

  • You can activate Uber in Tehran, which is called Snapp, and get to Tochal easily. If not, you can go to Tajrish metro station; from there, walk to Tajrish square and get a Snapp from Tajrish square to the base of Tochal mountain.
  • From the base of Tochal, walk through the parking to the small shuttle bus, which takes you to the gondola lifts. You may also choose to walk. It takes you 1 hour at most to get to the cable cabins.
  • You need to buy a ticket before lining up. The ticket booth is a small booth next to the queuing area. Take a cabin and tell the operator that you are going to station 7. You would really enjoy the bare slopes there in the morning of a snowy night.
  • In case you don’t have enough winter clothes for station 7, you should get off at station 5 since station 7 is sometimes -20 degrees.
  • Tochal is open from 8 am to 3 pm (Tue-Sun). It’s best to avoid visiting there on Friday and Saturday since it’s crowded with Iranian tourists themselves.

Dizin Ski Resort

There are several great Iran ski resorts, with Dizin being the most popular and maybe the best ski resort in iran. Dizin is located in the heart of the Alborz Mountains range in the North of the capital of Iran. The gondola takes you to the elevation of 3600 meters above sea level. There, you can choose to take the off-piste trails if you are a beginner, and in case you have been powder chasing for years, you can take the more exhilarating routes.

Shemshak ski resort

Much to your amazement, you will find more than 20 Iran ski resorts. Among the top two ski resorts near Tehran is Shemshak. It is a ninety-minute drive from the capital. Shemshak isn’t just for advanced skiers; those who have just entered the world of skiing can also enjoy the slopes, including a tumble now and then, as it’s part of the excitement! You can rent skiing equipment there if you do not have ski gear. Skiing in Iran is considered a luxury pastime. This ski resort provides quality accommodation; you can enjoy a well-deserved rest at your hotel after a long day skiing in Tehran. The Shemshak Tourist Hotel is an excellent place to spend your leisure time. There are also other hotels available that may be more luxurious and costly.

Tochal Ski Resort

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can spend the night at a hotel and return to the white terrains for more skiing in Tehran. Even if you have not planned for an overnight stay, it is a one-hour gondola ride, which makes it an easy full-day ski adventure. Two pisted have been launched, and only one piste is active now, near the peak. Several International boarding competitions have been held here. From November to the end of May, Tochal 7th station with two chair lifts and one button lift is open to visitors. There are a hotel and two restaurants in the resort. A cable car (3944 m) with seven stations along the way is there to get to the Tochal peak.

Darbandsar ski resort

In a few years, the Darbandsar resort became increasingly popular among skiers. It is now equipped with 2 four seat chairlifts, a two-seat chairlift, one gondola, and two ski lifts. The main slope is groomed every day. It offers 900 meters of vertical drop. Half of it has lights for night skiing. Off-piste skiing is not allowed in this resort for safety reasons. One hour is needed to reach the resort from Tehran, located on the same road as Shemshak and Dizin. The easiest way is to get a taxi, Snapp (similar to Uber), straight from Tehran. If you want to stay overnight, you can get a room in Dizin resort from which you can reach Darbandsar by taxiing from the 2nd station parking lot.

Barin ski resort

After an hour’s drive from Tehran, you get to Barin. Barin resort has impressive architecture at the heart of the mountain. The facade is inspired by igloos, and the shelters are built by native arctic residents. This ten-story resort is located near Shemshak ski resort, the second largest Iran ski resort. This location has snow-covered landscapes, and the architecture of the building embraces this landscape and melts into it. Each cell in the dome shape enhances the feeling of a warm cave to relax in after skiing out in the cold.

To sum up, skiing in Iran combines excitement, loss of control, exhilaration, and a sense of freedom all wrapped up in one. It offers several high-quality opportunities to experience skiing for the first time or to do it as a pro. Hopefully, this article has cleared some doubts and made it easier for you to decide.

Chelgard Ski Resort

The pristine and untouched nature of the region along with its unique attractions attracts many tourists from all over the country and even the world to this city every year. Each season offers its own charm and beauty. Fall and winter in Chelgard are well-known to ski fans, when the high peak of Zard Kuh is covered with powdery snow, a life-long ski experience is waiting for the skiers!
The interesting point about Chelard is that while many Iran ski resorts are covered with trees, Zagros ski resorts including Chelgard have fewer trees and more hills that let skiers experience a higher speed, jumping from one hill to another! The resort welcomes around 20 to 30 thousand skiers every year.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does Iran have ski resorts?

Of course, it does! Iran has numerous high-ranking ski resorts, namely Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, Darbandsar, Barin, and others.

2. What’s the best season to ski in Iran?

It is generally best to ski from mid-winter to mid-spring (November to mid-May).

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