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Iran Self Drive Tours

Have you ever wanted to book a trip and drive in your own car? Well, look no further because we are here to offer you the perfect Iran Self-Drive Tours for a fantastic journey. Without hesitation, exploring the hidden gems of Iran for yourself is a truly unique experience.

An affordable alternative that gives you freedom and flexibility

In Iran self drive tours, you will be driving through stunning landscapes in your own car, deep in the lush forest, enjoying nature, and stopping for photo breaks whenever you want. Iran self drive tours are the ultimate road trip that gives you a deep insight into traveling and adventure. We create a custom itinerary tailored for you to make each day of your travel to Iran an adventure! So, if you’re looking for a splendid adventure to discover the wonders of Iran, sign up for our latest self-drive tours as soon as possible.

What does an organized self-drive tour look like?

Our self-driving tours are popular among tourists visiting Iran. You will have the freedom of having an insight into the beautiful nature and the ancient remnants of castles and cities of Persia along with your friends and family on your own. We will provide you with a planned trip with your hotels booked. You may also customize your trip with your own car and request a tour leader to guide you in another vehicle. Contact us if you have any other questions, and we’ll promptly help you meet all your needs.

Picking up Your Car

Whether you prefer to bring your own car or rent a car, we are there to assist you with the tour’s itinerary. A “Carnet de passage” is an important certificate to have with you. A document that permits travelers to cross international borders with their vehicle to circumvent customs charges payment. You can effortlessly apply for a CPD for Iran online. Moreover, driving any sort of vehicle is allowed, be it a van, a camper, a jeep, a motorbike, or just a regular car. You can also drive from Turkey to Iran with your vehicle. That will not be a problem. Instead, our agency will book your hotel accommodations and give you a list of the best spots to travel to in Iran.

Following a Predefined Itinerary

You need not worry regarding your independent trip. We will provide you with a predefined itinerary given to you by our trusted employees that will surely be handy to you in case you aren’t familiar with the places or seeking a particular spot for thrilling activities. Please stand by for a more detailed look-through of our exhilarating excursions.

Enjoying Freedom and Independence

The best thing about these self-driving tours is that you can have the advantage of freedom and independence. Stopping by a restaurant to taste the delicious traditional Persian cuisine or taking pictures with your friends in the enchanting northern forests, standing on your own to observe the night sky and the fantastic colorful landscapes, and even traversing the magnificent roads of Iran like “The Silk Road.” All of these will be available to you to make the best of your unforgettable trip to Iran. Feel free to take a quiet walk after a long drive and capture the natural scenery and the cityscape with your camera. Overlanding on your own can be more fun than you might think!

Benefits of an organized self-drive tour:

– The ideal itinerary

With the planned route given to tourists, it will be a much easier task to know where you’ll be heading. As mentioned earlier, you can pick which places you would like to visit in Iran. Presuming that you desire to see the historical sites or maybe you’re looking for exciting activities in deserts and mountains, we will set up an ideal itinerary according to your interests. Getting the chance to spend your time on the stunning roads and driving through the lush forests of Iran would undoubtedly stimulate you.

– Trip organization

The tour will include your visa, entrance fees, refreshments, hotels, and a support vehicle as your tour leader. Once you’ve prepared for your journey and would like to reserve hotels, and arrange restaurant services, let us know so we can book your place and advise you. Iran Adventure has already provided self-drive tours on the website. Just click on the top menu and select “Things to do.” Under this option, you’ll find “Self-Drive.” There is a full explanation of the tours for you to learn more about.

– Professional support

All of our Self-drive tours come with professional support from a guide driving in a separate vehicle ahead of you. Foreigners are usually unfamiliar with new places; therefore, having a leader escort you to your destinations is necessary. Nevertheless, it’s possible to solo travel and enjoy your trip by yourself, too.

– Local Knowledge

By journeying across different regions of Iran’s inspiring villages, cities, and nature, you will learn about the routes leading to your target place. Not only can self-driving tours aid you in learning the paths, but also about the lifestyle of the locals and the nomads inhabiting those regions. Suit yourself by parking your car or motorcycle by the road, going for a picnic, or surveying the famous architecture of Iran.

Driving through the stunning landscapes of Iran

Iran Adventure Tours has pre-planned three excellent tours for tourists driving a car and motorcycles. You’ll travel through Iran’s magical twisted countryside roads, walk around salt-lakes, the colorful Narenjestan Garden, and the rocky village of Maymand, visit the renowned Persepolis ruins, and ride to Narin castle and an eye-catching historical ice house. Do Not forget the golden dunes of Iran’s vast deserts. Ride a quadbike and stroll on the soft brown sand while watching the dazzling sunset. The North of Iran is full of breathtaking forests like the Hyrcanian, Masal, Alimestan, and miankaleh peninsula lagoon. Get down your vehicle, set up your cozy tent, or stay at a local house anytime you wish.

Best Iran self-drive tours in 2022

This coming September will be the perfect time to ride around the country. Around autumn, deserts are chilly, and the landscape will be glowing with warm colors. The number of people booking for our self-drive tours will be more which would be amusing to meet riders and accompany each other. These upcoming self-drive tours are from 6 to 14 days, with at least nine cities to ride to. The groups can be 2 to 20 packs with hotels already booked. You’ll also ride 6 hours per day through the ancient cities of Iran, such as Damghan, Ardabil, Mashhad, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, and even Tehran. Please head to the Self-drive tours on the website to learn more about the itinerary schedules. We will be pleased to see you here with fellow riders from around the world, enjoying a memorable vacation with you.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does an organized self-drive tour look like?

It’s a flexible trip along with your friends and family. We will provide you with a planned trip with your hotels booked. You may also customize your trip by bringing your own car and request a tour leader to guide you in another vehicle.

2. What are the benefits of an organized self-drive tour?

It is cost-effective and flexible. You will have freedom and independence during your tour and a sense of achievement after finishing it. You will also have the chance to explore the local culture.

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