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Many people ask how can we hitchhike in Iran? Is it possible? Definitely yes! It is a new phenomenon in Iran, and many people are still not familiar with it. In recent years, hitchhiking have become more common in Iran, and their popularity among young people is increasing day by day. These days, hitchhiking has become popular in Iran for many reasons, and many professional tourists decide to be a hitchhiker. If you see a person standing on the side of the road with a backpack and raising his thumb, he intends to reach his destination for free! Hitchhiking is the style whose name impresses some and frightens others. However, it is no doubt most adventurers would like to take risks and experience hitchhiking in Iran!

How can you hitchhike in Iran?

Have you ever considered getting a car and traveling for free? Stand with your backpack on the side of the road, raise your thumb (a symbol that says you want to do hitchhiking), smile so that someone can get you in their car without asking for money, and get you to your destination (or somewhere along the way). We call this hitchhiking, and the person who travels this way is called a hitchhiker.
If this is the first time you want to experience hitchhiking and it is unknown to you, you may be scared and think that you cannot do this type of trip. But do not worry!

If you have a friend who has already experienced or would like to experience this type of trip like you, it is a good idea to take them with you. Having a companion will increase your security during the trip. At the same time, having a like-minded and conversational person makes the trip more enjoyable and easier. However, if you do not have a companion or you like to travel alone, there is still no need to worry. Your courage and boldness are your best companions.

Even though people are increasingly ridesharing in Iran, there are still people who have no idea about this travel type. You’d better prepare a one-minute speech_ better in Persian_ to explain who you are, where you go and why are you doing that to the driver. As a hitchhiker, you should be able to communicate with people. Note that most Iranians, especially truck drivers, do not know English very well. you would better install some translate and communication applications such as google translate and tourist app. No worries If you are going somewhere with no internet access, you can easily learn the most comment and frequent expressions in Persian before the trip and memorize or write them for yourself.

What do you need before hitchhiking?

You need to prepare your adventure travel packing list.

Pack lightly

For hitchhiking, you should not have heavy suitcases, and not try to put your tools in a bag. As a rule, the bigger your backpack is, the better it will be and the more equipment it will hold. However, keep in mind that, you are going to carry the bag on your shoulders for a long time.

Paper map

Before hitchhiking, prepare a detailed paper map of your destination. If you do not have internet access, you can not use the Google map and applications.

Comfortable Shoes & Clothes

Hitchhiking involves long hours of walking; So be sure to get proper shoes. Before traveling, find out about the weather of your destination and pick up some suitable clothes; but do not overload the bag!

Snacks, tents & sleeping bag

You should have enough nutritious snacks and water. Take a tent and a sleeping bag with you to be equipped in times of need and when you want to stay in nature.

Some more tips to remember

And, a few interesting and practical tips remain. Wearing bright clothes and having a clean appearance increases your chances of gaining the driver’s trust and stopping the car. It is important to pay attention to the customs and culture of the country while choosing your style. Remember, covering women’s hair and body shape (avoid wearing tight clothes) in Iran is quite common. Find out more about Iran dress code!
Hitchhiking is safer during the day than at night, especially if you are a woman. Be sure to hitchhike during the daylight. You can find a car much easier and faster during the day. Choose the right spot to be visible to the car drivers.
Iran is a popular destination for hitchhiking for tourists and is one of the safest and most suitable areas. So, along with the natural, historical, and cultural attractions, Iran is a good destination for domestic and international hitchhikers.

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