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If we want to define self-guided tours, we should first start with the description of guided tours (escorted tours). A guided tour is when a tour operator from a travel agency buys the tickets and books your hotel accommodations. Then the travelers are provided with an itinerary followed by a tour guide.

Savor the sights and delights of your own trip

Looking for some joy and empowering your sense of accomplishment? Then we recommend you consider Iran self guided tours. These tours are designed for you! To discover the world at your own pace in a completely flexible itinerary. During Iran self guided tours the required stuff is provided for you. The detailed maps and route descriptions would assure you that you are on the right path. So, you are totally free and under your own steam, you’ll have time to savour the sights and delights of your trip.

Now let us consider what an independent tour is before defining a self-guided tour. Independent travel is when you do everything described above by yourself with no guides or outside companies involved. In other words, it is to retain complete control of your trip. There is no doubt many adventurers would like to experience hitchhiking in Iran!

What is a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is when the traveler has the route, information, and amenities arranged by an outside company. It is when one visits with a bit of help but still calls most of the shots. A self-guided tour does not include the support of a group or a hired guide, there is a fixed route, and you receive official information about the trail, recommendations for where to start and stop, where to sleep each night, and acclimatize. Figuring out train and bus schedules on vacation is a hassle and time-consuming. This type of travel is suitable when the way of travel is specific and established. Opting for a self-guided tour is safer in terms of not getting lost, stranded, or isolated.

Types of self-guided tours

Imagine that you have longed for hiking on your own, but you have no idea which route to take and how. A self-guided walking tour can give you the assistance and recommendations you need. Have you ever thought about a plan to indulge yourself with some much-needed “me time”? How about cycling out in nature with the support of an operator that gives you maps, GPS equipment, and anything else you need to ensure that you have an excellent self-guided cycling holiday?

What’s your preference?

One of the most exciting self-guided tours is a cultural tour, which you can also experience with Iran Adventure. If you need further information about our cultural tours, you can click right here and learn more about them. Another spectacular self-guided tour is motorbiking from north to south of Iran; you can see magnificent historical sites and try caving and camel riding! We already have a scheduled motorbiking tour on the website, so if you’re interested, check it out!

Most probably, you have already experienced being on a guided tour where you do not have the freedom to explore a place for more extended periods. Suppose you are looking for an independent tour to feel free from limitations. In that case, a self-guided cultural tour allows you to enjoy traveling at your own pace with expert tips and self-chosen accommodation.

Spectacular Iran self-guided tours in 2022

If you are interested in the whole concept of self-guided tours, you could search for YouTube videos of “self-guided walking tours” in Iran featuring street walking in various cities in Iran. On IranDoostan Youtube Channel, you can find many virtual walking tours showing you many attractions of Iran. Similar videos are abundant on YouTube.

However, if you are looking for a comprehensive itinerary of a self-guided Iran tour, you can look up self-guided tours in the best local tour companies in Iran. Most tours are escorted tours, but it is possible to choose to travel alone, with some help from tour operators.

An Extraordinary Adventure

Another activity you can consider in your self-guided tour is visiting natural, cultural, and historical sites and staying with locals. This can be done by connecting to a tour operator that tailors tours to your taste. Just picture the possibility of experiencing Nomadic life and staying alongside a nomad family in a spare black tent (Siah Chador) which will be available to sleep in. You could learn how to do chores like baking traditional bread and milking and experience life as a nomad.

Who are Self-guided Tours Suitable For?

Self-guided tours are suitable for families, friend groups, and individuals. It is not like independent tours where you would have to figure out the logistics of your journey with a lot of time wasted wandering about cluelessly. An advantage of booking a self-guided trip is being able to discover the world at your pace with an expertly created, flexible itinerary. You can find a wide range of Iran Tour Packages at an affordable price, often very cost-effective and cheap. You can follow a clear trail in self-guided tourism areas. It is common for others to follow the same path as you.

Things to Do in a Self-guided Tour

Ready for some adventurous motorbiking from north to south of Iran. We have so many adventures on our hands. Our tour operators offer pre-booked accommodation. They can organize tours tailored to your requirements and plan routes in the most spectacular areas and the most exciting roads. Here are some exciting things you can do on a self-guided tour:

Imagine you are sitting on a camel, going back in time, traveling into the heart of a desert in Iran. An inclusive camel riding tour, starting in Tehran, driving to Kashan to visit the Fin Garden, going to Maranjab, near Shah Abasi caravanserai where the camels would be waiting for their riders. If you came across Matinabad Eco-camp in Natanz city, you also get a chance to ride on a camel under the starry night of the desert.

Caving is an old activity done individually or as a team, but not for touristic reasons. They caved for material benefits and the discovery of treasures. Iran is a mountainous land, having many valleys and caves. About 20 caves in Iran have been converted into tourist attractions and can be visited without caving equipment. We can go to Ali Sadr, Karfto, Chal Nakhjir, Ghori Qaleh, Saholan and Katleh Khor. In some caves, you see pools, rivers (Ali Sadr and Saholan), stalagmites, and stalactites (Chal Nakhjir and Qori Qala). Although you may not need caving equipment, you need an experienced team to enter the cave; otherwise, it would be dangerous.

Kashan rose water festival is one of the most famous tradition ceremonies among Iranians, which started in Fars province in the past and today a significant part of it is done in Kashan and surrounding areas. This traditional ritual has a special atmosphere in the spring when Rose or “Mohammadi” flowers bloom in Kashan farms. The people of Kashan and the surrounding cities are engaged in rosewater making ceremonies with special etiquette and with thanksgiving. Rosewater festival of Kashan causes a significant share of economic prosperity in this region and many workers are employed in this industry on a seasonal basis.

For Our U.S. Adventurers

When speaking of U.S. citizens traveling to Iran, we must mention that the Iranian government requires that all American tourists travel with a private guide or group tour. The Iran Adventure tour operators offer small groups, private tours, and customized tours to Iran. A citizen of the United States must apply for an Iran visa through a tour company. The company will receive an “Authorization Code” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To submit your visa application, you must go to your nearest Iranian foreign mission (in the United States, it’s the “Iranian Interest Section” of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC).


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is when the traveler has the route, information, and amenities arranged by an outside company. There is a fixed route, and you receive official information about the trail, recommendations for where to start and stop, accommodation , and acclimatize.

2. Who are self-guided tours suitable for?

Self-guided tours are suitable for families, friend groups, and individuals.

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