Qeshm Island

As the largest island of the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island has a unique and amazing nature; that is why this island is considered one of the Seven Wonders. Qeshm, the island of colorful soil and mountains like a rainbow is a paradise for geologists. Qeshm Geopark is one of the most unique sights of Qeshm. Geoparks are areas where there is a lot of biodiversities and geological phenomenon in the area; the western part of the island offers a diversity of geological phenomena such as beautiful mangrove forests, caves and salt marshes, Chahkuh Strait, Statues Valley, Qeshm Roof, Star Valley, Dolab, Salkh Bowl, Shoor Valley, Korkura Mountain and other areas with folds. Astonishing, unusual mountains, magnificent figures created by erosion, and many other rare geological phenomena as well as plant and animal diversity, is known as Qeshm Geopark, which is the only geopark in Iran and the Middle East inscribed by the UNESCO.

If you want to see the beautiful sunset of the island and the beautiful country houses of Qeshm, you are recommended to go to Laft port in the northwest of the island. The main feature of Laft is its long windbreaks and narrow alleys, and its boats and huts, and the location of houses among tropical green trees and tall groves.
Valley of the Stars is another amazing sight of Qeshm, which is about 2 million years old. This valley has been created due to geological phenomena such as erosion by surface waters, hurricanes, and seasonal showers in this area and has led to the creation of such a natural masterpiece. You will be amazed to reach this area and see the mountains, nested and sedimentary cavities, columns, and corridors. After passing through the corridors, the blue sky shows up above your head and creates a unique view. On the way to visit Qeshm Star Valley, be sure to stop in Barake Khalaf village; Because this village is one of the cleanest villages in Iran, and in addition, you will be excited to see its handicrafts!

Chahkuh is a 100-meter-deep valley created by the erosion of sedimentary rocks in the heart of the mountain, and with its strange holes and corridors, it will surprise you. When you step there, you will encounter high walls and a large and wide path; But if you move south to the valley, the valley path will become narrower, to the point where it will be difficult to see the sky from above the walls and even move in it. If you are interested in adventure in pristine nature, be sure to visit this beautiful place.

Mangrove forests are also another attraction in Qeshm Island you wouldn’t want to miss; these forests are considered a habitat for cold-season migratory birds, waterfowl, flamingos, pelicans, and other species of birds, reptiles and fish, turtles, and sea snakes. In high tide, these trees sink into the water up to their throats, creating a spectacular view; As if all the trees are floating in the water.

Qeshm Island is a place with plenty of sights, so you may not be able to see them all during your stay, as they are often far apart. Enjoy watching our memorable moments in Qeshm Island.

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