Uramanat village

Do you want to know where did the cavemen used to live? Or how some people are still living in an ancient village? Then welcome to Uraman Takht. Uramanat village, which has carried histories and cultures through thousands of years, is one of the highlights of Iran. When you travel to this village, you will also experience a trip through history. This treasury village, with spectacular architecture and design, is surrounded by heavenly beautiful landscapes and nature that will blow your mind. If you want to get clued up with this magical scenery, what’s better than observing it with your own eyes?!

Uraman Takht Village

This historical village was formed over forty thousand years ago on the west side of Iran in the heart of Kurdistan Province. The surroundings of this village are the never-ending greenery of old trees and roaring rivers that found their way through the woods. The hospitable and generous Kurdish people welcome you with the warmest smile and treat you with their popular feature, which is kindness.

Treating with Kindness

Meeting Kurdish locals with their special clothing and their customs is the loveliest thing about this trip. Kurdish people’s life is full of colors, songs, and music. Hanging around with the locals with their colorful costumes and handmade hats on their heads, along with crafted shoes, is much more fun than you think. By only seeing the way that they dress up and the way they sing along traditional songs to brighten up each other’s moods, you will be happy. There are so many photo opportunities that you can take and share on your socials or keep them to be a reminder of the good times that you spent on this journey of life and remember all the places that you went and all the things you learned.


Kurdish people’s life is full of colors, songs, and music. A Kurdish woman playing Daff.

History of Uraman

Uruman Village has seen millions of years passing by its eyes and has seen a whole lot of history. The locals believe that Uraman Takht, back in those ancient days, was once an enormous city and used to be a capital for kingdoms and empires. The design and architecture, besides the customs or its people’s beliefs and culture, shows that this region was once one of the most valuable areas of Iran. There are so many histories hidden beneath the dirt of Uraman Takht. For instance, the stone tools of the first cavemen were found in Uraman Takht alongside the bones of the hunted animals that are thousands of years old. There are so many things that you could discover in Uramanat, and every single one of them is so worth it to be seen by you.

The Unique Architecture

The architecture of the houses has a unique design, and it is quite unbelievable how people thought about this brilliant engineering back then. The idea of the stepped village was inspired by nature. Building houses on such a steep mountain is an impressive work considering how hard it was for them to manage and build houses by only wood and. The interesting fact about the design of this stepped village is the way that each house roof is the upper houses yard. Some of these houses have two-story, depending on the family that lives there. The bottom floor is specified for storage and the flocks. The upper floors are the locals’ houses, and if you are lucky enough, you will be invited to some of them by the hospitable Kurdish hosts. And maybe you get the chance to taste a delicious Kurdish dish and carry on the taste with you home, as a tasty souvenir from Uraman Takht.

Uramanat village

Uramanat is an amazing stepped village in western Iran, the idea of the stepped village was inspired by nature.

For Nature Lovers

You can find one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Iran in Uraman Takht village. A massive part of Uramanat is fenced by high mountains around. Not only the mountain region is a perfect place for nature lovers to spend their time at, but also the green and vast forest of Uraman Takht that can be seen from walking down the hills can please their nature-loving tingling sense. While visiting the village, something that you will surely notice is the two roaring rivers known as Sirvan and Lyle. Walking alongside these rivers, especially during summertime, is so much satisfying. Other than the rivers, pay a visit to Zaribar lake. Zaribar is in fact a pond, which was not generated from any rivers. This pond is one of the best sources of freshwater in Iran, and besides, it is also a great tourist attraction for whom that wants to have a fun time by the delightful freshwater of Zaribar lake. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, try Kurdistan of Iran tour.

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