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Alma Stanulionienė

Good impression, warmest feelings Finally I m back at my desk and daily routine. Our...

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Enjoyed Iran and Iranian hospitality The tour was very beautiful! We enjoyed the hospitality of...

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Cristina and Roberto!

Enjoyed our stay in Iran we are again at home!  We arrive this morning, the...

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Mohammad, Hanan, and Reem Shammout

left Iran with great memories We know that you might be on Holidays celebrating Nowruz...

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Katerina and Friday Mariano.

One of the best vacations in our life I am writing to you to thank...

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Ivona and John

From the beginning evrything was perfectly organized, we were a bit afraid about the situation...

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From the first contact, communication to departure at the airport – perfect all-round support from...

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Nick Stone

I had a fantastic trip in September 2019 which combined the cultural sights with trekking...

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Andy Heald

In November 2019, we had an excellent cultural tour of Iran organised by Iran Adventure...

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Iran Adventure is a very trustworthy tour company and I highly recommend to use this...

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John and Kathleen

The first time we traveled to Iran it was to climb the highest volcano in...

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Why Iran Adventure?

We specialize in safety and sustainability

Iran Adventure: Best Iran Adventure Tours for You

Are you in need of an adventurous experience? Iran is always available for vacationists. The country has one of the world’s oldest civilizations, so you can pay a visit to some of the historical remnants of the ancient castles and cities. Also, numerous stunning landscapes exist for individuals who want some tranquility for a change. Iran has countless adventure travel tours, so you might want to stick around. 

Iran, A four-season country

This middle-eastern country has all four seasons with unique climatic conditions, which makes it great for all kinds of people desiring various activities. Spring in Iran begins in mid-March till June. Around this time, flowers bloom, and trees grow green. Farmers in the Northern provinces start planting seeds in fields and preparing for the traditional festivals. Spring is the best time to travel to Iran because its nature is colorful, lively, and blissful. The mountain peaks are still covered in snow, and the weather is sometimes rainy with a light cool breeze. Botanical gardens are decorated with thousands of flowers for visitors in spring, creating a solid aromatic atmosphere. Hundred percent recommended for nemophilists.

The start of the hottest season is between June and July. Summer is the fruitful season where the farms are rich with juicy fruits. It’s the best time to get the chance to taste these delicious fruits of the middle-east. You can also go hiking, walking, cycling, sightseeing, and do many activities in the summer. It will be hot at this time of the year, make sure you don’t dehydrate yourself during your trip. By the end of September, autumn approaches. Most places are illuminated with the warm colors of the Plane trees. In this season, spending time in the Southern Islands can be a suitable option. The temperature in forests and shores is much cooler, making it enjoyable for everyone. Close to January 1st, the snow begins falling, especially in the heights. That’s when all skiers and snowboarders meet in the ski resorts for exciting ventures. Also, cable Cars and chairlifts are available for visitors during winter.

Unique Natural Sceneries and Wildlife in Iran

Desolate deserts indeed occupy parts of Iran’s vast land. Still, due to their diverse climates, different places have distinct weather patterns, from tropical forests and beaches to drylands and enormous cliffs. Wild animals like deer, horses, goats, and sometimes cheetahs or bears inhabit the jungles and even National Parks, which are safe for everyone to catch sight of the beauty of wildlife.

Some of the Natural Scenery you can visit is the Golestan National Park: A location in Khorasan Province full of abundant flora and fauna. The Golestan National Park is exceptional for whoever wishes to observe both nature and wildlife simultaneously. Without a doubt, Alimestan is an enchanting forest in the northern region of Iran with bizarre-shaped trees covered in moss. There are also spectacular mountains, which makes this place ideal for trekkers looking for a unique landscape.

UNESCO World Heritage sites

National heritage is significant for preserving a country’s culture and history. UNESCO World National Heritage has selected several areas and landmarks that are symbolic to numerous nations. Some of these places in Iran are Bam, Takht-e Soleiman, Soltaniyeh, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, The Persian Qanat, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat, Pasargadae, and Persepolis. We can help you visit these fascinating monuments in our exhilarating adventure tours.

Can you visit Iran as a tourist?

Absolutely yes. The country is always open for travelers from all around the world, and the locals will welcome you open-heartedly to their homeland. We offer you multiple Iran tours, including adventure tours, small group tours, Iran’s private tours, and Iran tour packages. You can read more about them below. Contrary to what is believed, Iran is safe for foreigners to drop by and spend time in the magnificent sites and if you wish to discover more, check out our website for the upcoming tours.

Private and group tours to Iran

We offer both private and group tours to our tourists. If you like a lively kind of tour, you should try the group tours that start from 10 to 25 people depending on the type of tour. These are cycling tours, skiing tours, hiking tours, and more. Not only that, but we also offer cultural tours, in which the group is larger in number. In January and February, we will organize heliskiing tours for our daring tourists, so don’t forget to book your trip! Moreover, the private tours vary from 2 to 6 people. These are ideal for those who want a more relaxing, quiet excursion.

How to get a visa?

Getting a visa is pretty straightforward. Just go to the “Iran Adventure Tours” website and click on “Get visa” from the top menu. Fill out your personal information and if you have any questions, click on the WhatsApp logo on the bottom right of the webpage. We are here to help you out.

How to book a trip?

Now that you have decided to go on a vacation, it’s time to book your trip to Iran. On the abovementioned website, you can see a big red button on the top right side of your screen saying “Book now.” Once you click on it, you’ll see boxes for you to fill. Easy Peasy.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can U.S. citizens travel to Iran?

Yes. Us citizens can travel to Iran as a tourist with no problem.

2. Why You Should Choose Iran Adventure Tours?

After years of experience, we can design any tour you desire. Moreover, we are committed to your safety. In adventure tours, safety talks! Also, we assure you that experienced multilingual leaders will accompany you. Finally, we care about environmental sustainability and believe the earth should become a better place.

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