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Have you experienced cycling in nature? Did you realize how calming it can be to bike where vast plains are all around you without the skyscrapers blocking the view? Sometimes dirt roads and off-road trails are more fulfilling because you get to see each destination through the eyes of the people who know it best. You have more time to soak up the local culture. There are many cycling routes in Iran to suit your wants, flat routes for leisure bikers, up and down for moderate abilities, or challenging for the experienced.

Iran cycling tours

Looking for an active tour of Iran cycling with a great sense of freedom and self-reliance? Then Iran cycling tours are the most exciting option for you!
Riding a bicycle in Iran cycling tours is a simple pleasure; for those precious moments, you think of nothing but the bike and the road ahead. You can never imagine where your bike can take you! Iran is a destination with unique and challenging trails for adventurers with different levels of ability, trails full of twists and turns to catch the unwary.

Whether you are a novice or a professional cycler, you have experienced how cycling can be a calming and priceless experience. Think of traveling at your own pace and connecting meaningfully with your destination, giving you the flexibility you need to discover the world on your terms.

Iran is a destination with wonderful, excellent trails

Iran hosts a variety of routes and destinations for cyclers. There are many exciting routes you could take and many off-road trails you could experience in Iran Bike Tours. The tour of Iran cycling facilitate opportunities for historical exploration and immersion in local culture with your bike!

Biking through deserts, mountains, and villages

Mountain biking is a pastime for professional cyclers; however, non-professionals can also participate in backroad Iran bike tours with the company of a guide. Cycling through the desert is challenging but exceedingly rewarding. This experience helps you to know that the most difficult step in the most challenging way is the first step. Planning and being prepared reduces the risk of peril and makes the most of this authentic experience.

Fit your bike with lights and a water bottle holder, and pack a first aid kit when exploring remote areas. Apart from Lut and Maranjab deserts, there is a desert close to Isfahan called Varzaneh, which is recommended because of its proximity to Isfahan and its pleasant weather in Autumn and winter. Other deserts include Abyaneh in the Dasht-e-Kavir (Iran’s central desert). Biking tours will be adjusted according to your fitness, and a support vehicle will usually follow.

Some cycling tours have been held in the North, in the Alborz Mountain ranges, including forests and picturesque villages in narrow valleys. The central terrains are the hub of desert trips, and the South islands on the Persian Gulf provide routes for cycling trips. Once there was a tour from Shiraz towards the Caspian Sea through mountains and deserts whereby cyclers visited Iran’s UNESCO sites along their way.

Best Biking Routes in Iran

If you want to explore the highlights of Iran, riding a bike to enjoy the open vistas and quaint local towns on a leisurely biking tour would be best. Iran backroad cycling tours give you the flexibility to discover Iran on your terms. You can stick with the group, in the company of like-minded adventurers, or break off alone. There are twisted trails, dirt roads, paved roads, foothills, and low-altitude mountainous terrains in Iran bike tours.

Some of the biking tours in Iran include Kish Island in the beautiful Persian Gulf, with routes that facilitate cycling. You can bike in the evening if you want to bike in the warm seasons. There are the foothills of Damavand more suitable for professionals, as there are hills and rivers that make the plains of Lar challenging for cyclists. On the bright side, you have a full view of Damavand while biking! The third place we recommend is Qeshm Island, the largest Island on the Persian Gulf with authentic rural landscapes. You bypass various beautiful attractions such as the Star Valley, Salt Cave, mangrove forests, and scenic beaches. Qeshm weather is humid and warm. Therefore, winter is just like spring there.

Another tour of Iran cycling destination is the Maranjab desert. Peacefully mysterious, Maranjab is 60 kilometers northeast of Kashan. It has attractions like Salt Lake and Wandering Island (which only appear in rainy seasons). A Maranjab cycling tour is fit for adventure-seekers to explore the magic of dunes and rest in the ancient caravanserai. The next best destination for a tour of Iran cycling could be the Gissoom jungle, on the border of the Caspian sea. Tall lush trees shelter the asphalt path in misty weather. You can immerse yourself in the peaceful route that ends in the Caspian Sea.

Biking Routes in the North of Iran

Imagine a whole forest covered by clouds, then picture yourself traversing the forest in cool mist. Well, in the northern part of Iran, there is a biking route called the Cloud Forest. It encompasses the route from Shahroud to Aliabad. Savad Kuh is another location for a biking adventure, the spiral mountain roads around it are surrounded by trees. So feel free to fill up your lungs with fresh mountain air while cycling. It can be physically challenging but completely worth it. You will face the scenery of heaven in the Lafoor forest. The Firuz Kooh route starts from Nimrud village; you bypass Ziyar village on Haraz road. If you are up for discovery, this is recommended. If you opt for a long-distance route with a mesmerizing landscape, the Kojur route would satisfy you. You will reach the Kelardasht route, where you ride through the woods and continue to finish your trip along the Caspian Sea.

Last but not least is the Caspian Sea Route. You ride along the Caspian coast in the city of Astara that reaches Gorgan province. You can stop when you reach small villages; it allows you to get off the paved roads and explore rural areas. Many local traditions in parts of Iran are waiting to be explored by you!

Biking tours along the roads in Iran

Cycling from Marnan Bridge to Shahrestan bridge, you will pass historical bridges in Isfahan called Si-o-Se Pol and Khaju, a wholly different experience far exceeding your expectations. Another option is to cycle in a forested park in Isfahan called Nazhvan Forest Park. This park is asphalted and is a popular recreational resort for the locals. There is a place called the Jajrud Valley for upper mediate cyclists that starts from Latyan Dam to Gardaneh-ye Dizin. In Kurdistan province, cycling is challenging but superbly rewarding, as you can cycle on the slopes of Zagros Mount with its pure beauty, distant villages, and rich culture.

Cycling in the Lavasanat district in the Tehran countryside is 40 kilometers outside the capital. It is a mountainous region and a residential area. The good news is that Adventure Iran has an office in the center of Lavasan equipped with bicycles. Shemshak to Dizin cycling is another option. The road takes you to a mountain pass which then connects you to another valley. You can cycle on this scenic road and have a spectacular view of two famous peaks in central Alborz.

There is Varamin, which passes by Shahre-Rey. In this city, you could visit the relief of Fath Ali Shah, Toghrol Tower, Bahram Fire Temple, and other monuments of the Sassanid era. From Varamin to Qasr Bahram Caravanserai, you can bike. It is worth the challenge because there you can have an astronomy program.

Downhill of the Zagros Mountains

Dating back to the Precambrian era has impressive sceneries and ancient history. As you pass through the landscapes of Oak Forests in the region, you will meet hardworking people in Zagros. In the west of Sepidan city in the downhill of the Zagros Mountains and in the vicinity of a village called Margon, there is a waterfall with the same name, where water comes from the heart of the Earth.

The most exciting Iran Cycling tours in 2022

A tour of Iran cycling that explores the famous cities of Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, and Tehran by bike can be delightful. Iran is a host for one and only experience of desert biking. It is best to continue your way to Yazd and then visit Pasargadae and Persepolis’s sites. After visiting Shiraz and Isfahan, the red village of Abyaneh is awaiting you.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why you should consider biking in Iran?

Iran is one of the world’s most treasured travel destinations, with incredible historical sites, fascinating culture, and exquisite landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and hot deserts.

2. Is it safe to cycle across Iran alone?

The answer is yes, and many before you have done so. But as you know, It’s always better to have a company.

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