Tourism in Iran is not limited to visiting historical monuments and mosques, and there are other exciting areas await tourists here. Interesting cycling routes provide an opportunity for tourists to visit amazing sights, local cultures, and to meet local people in the best possible way.
Mountain biking tour is one of the exciting, fun and adventurous programs of the adventure tours. Generally, such programs, are carried out either on usual routes, or on mountainous, desert, forest and sometimes off-road roads. Iran is one of the best destinations for cycling. And you will find variety of mountain biking tours in Iran which can be operated in groups with a professional guide and support team and fit your cycling skills. Team members run a variety of programs with various degrees of difficulty. Here, we will explore the best cycling routes in Iran.

Kish Island

Kish Island, located in the beautiful Persian Gulf, is a vast island totally suitable to be explored by bicycle. There are special cycling routes on the island making it an easier and safer cycling destination for tourists. Nights would be the best time for cycling in Kish Island, however, cycling or strolling along the beaches with clear water and the landscape of the Persian Gulf during the day, would also make a memorable time for every tourist.

Kish Island

Kish Island, Iran

Lar National Park

The combination of excitement, nature and culture encourages anyone interested in cycling to visit Lar National Park at the foot of Damavand Mountain. The best time to visit this protected area is in the spring, when flora and fauna are in their best condition and you can take extraordinary photos there. Despite cycling, slight challenges such as climbing hills and crossing rivers and spending time in this park can undoubtedly be a memorable experience for you.


The amazing Lar National Park at the foot of Damavand Mountain, one of the best cycling routes in Iran

Qeshm Island

Qeshm offers the most pristine nature of Iran and although it is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, tourists can explore this beautiful island by bike. In fact, tourists can cycle across the 270-kilometer island, while enjoying numerous attractions such as the Valley of the Stars, the Salt Cave and the mangrove forest, as well as its scenic beaches, and sometimes the presence of camels along the way. Due to the hot and humid climate of this region, winter is the best time for cycling in Qeshm Island.

Abr forest

If you have always dreamed of cycling or hiking in the clouds, you can live your dream in the Abr forest. This forest is located almost on the border of Semnan and Golestan provinces and is known by this name because most of the time the space of this forest is covered by an ocean of clouds. In this forest, the clouds are so close to the trees that you can walk through the clouds.
The forest can be explored among the clouds and is considered to be one of the most gorgeous natural landscapes in Iran by many tourists. Due to the pristine and lush nature of this forest, it is hard to believe that its southern parts are bordered by the Khar Turan National Park. Tourists who aim to cycle along the 150 km route of the forest can start their journey from Shahroud and go through the forest to Aliabad and finally end their journey in Gorgan Province.

Abr forest

The best cycling routes in Iran: Abr forest

Maranjab desert

Maranjab desert is located 60 km northeast of Kashan and is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran and is an ideal place for cyclists. The diversity of plants and animals, as well as attractions such as the Salt Lake, make this desert one of the most popular destinations for adventurers and among the best cycling routes in Iran.
Cycling in the Maranjab Desert, you will feel the magic of dirt roads and sand dunes, some of which reach a height of 70 meters. Finally, you can spend the night in Maranjab Caravanserai, which dates back to 400 years ago.

Matin Abad eco-camp

Matin Abad eco-camp is the best eco lodge of Iran hosting lots of tourists every year. This eco-camp is a great place for cycling, many cyclists and adventure lovers come here to enjoy the location and atmosphere of eco-camp. There are lots of highlights near the camp including desert, sand hills, special flora and fauna, and most importantly, the amazing sunset and sunrise!

Cycling routes in Iran

Cycling routes in Iran: Matin Abad co-camp

Gisoom Beach

Gisoom beach is located on the border of the Caspian Sea and is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parks in Iran. The asphalt path of this forest passes in a spiral in the middle of the tall and green trees, which have caused a lot of shade and often has foggy weather. By cycling on this route, you will feel that you are the only one present in this forest, although you may also encounter some harmless animals. The distinctive feature of Gisoom beach is that you finally reach the Caspian Sea and depending on the season, you can dive into the water.

Cycling routes in Iran-Gisoom Forest

Cycling on Gisoom Forests, you will finally reach the Caspian Sea.

Kurdistan Province

Kurdistan province is known for its fascinating and stunning nature. Cycling in the center of the Zagros will be interesting and memorable for any tourist, because the pristine nature, the remote villages and the hospitable people of Kurdistan and their extraordinary culture create happy moments for them. Due to the rugged terrain and steep slopes in this part of Iran, more experience is recommended for cycling. We suggest starting from Uraman Takht, a village on a mountain slope, and pedaling to the south of the province.

Caspian Sea coast

The route of the Caspian Sea coast starts from the coastal city of Astara and moves along the Caspian coast until it reaches Gorgan in the northeast. This route is about 750 km long offering a good opportunity to explore while cycling. Tourists encounter a combination of diverse nature and culture as they cross the forest, sea, and mountains of Alborz, as well as visiting small villages and local traditions in three different provinces in northern Iran.
There are still lots of routes for cycling in Iran. For more information, send us your inquiry and w will plan your tailor-made program.

Here you can watch a video of our adventure cycling tour in Iran. Enjoy watching.

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