Deserts are always mysterious, have you ever spent a night in the desert and watched the starry sky at the night? Would you like to experience the Alchemist novel’s atmosphere for a while? Deserts are unique and now think; how unique will be Iran deserts? In the heart of middle earth. There are lots of different deserts in Iran; clay deserts, wet clay deserts, clay deserts with salts. So, Iran is absolutely the cradle of deserts.
In this post, we would like to introduce three of the best Iran deserts, those which are so amazing that attract lots of tourists every year.
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Maranjab; the colorful desert of Iran

Maranjab is the nearest desert to Tehran; the capital of Iran (270 km) with a good road and equipment such as a desert camp (Location on Map). The best time to visit Maranjab is autumn but there are lots of tourists in other seasons as well. Walking on sands, safari tour and camel riding will inspire you, but there are more here!
Maranjab caravanserai; the historical caravanserai dating back to the Safavi era is a great highlight to visit and also the Salt Lake; walking around and taking photos with this big nature mirror will make your trip unique and unforgettable. Having had a night camping or spending a day in Maranjab, you can continue your trip towards Kashan and visit historical houses and gardens there.
Iran adventure would be happy to offer you an overnight stay in the best eco desert camp; Matinabad along with watching the starry sky at night which is one of the most amazing adventures for tourists. There are different types of accommodations in Matinabad too; cultural with all historical details.
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Iran deserts

Maranjab desert: one of the most captivating deserts in Iran.

Mesr and Aroosan; dreamy deserts in Iran

Mesr is an equivalent word for Egypt; The name of this desert comes from Joseph (Genesis) story but the Mesr desert looks like Egypt once and it is even better because of its Oasis. Mesr desert locates in Isfahan province (55 km from Khur) and has lots of old villages with historical architecture and structure (Location on Google map). The best time to visit Mesr, one of the most gorgeous Iran deserts, is from autumn to the middle of spring; the summer will be too hot for visiting and spending time but let’s think; how the local people live there and feel comfortable in their homeland. Maybe we can ask them by visiting and spending a night in Jandagh village; one of the most historical ones in the center of Iran. There are also some Oasis like Grameh village with amazing rivers, too, but the Mesr region is great for animal lovers; they can visit some animal species such as Caracal (Cat Breed), snakes desert, rabbits, and etc.
Fortunately, the people of the region are quite hospitable and modern and they have built lots of nice accommodation here, so you would have no worry about your meals and overnights; everything is ready for you to experience desert life and enjoy it!
The other fascinating desert close to the beautiful village of Khur is Aroosan (Location on Google map) which looks likes a dream. There are lots of Arecaceaes in Aroosan; the local people breed more than 60 types of dates in this mysterious village. Overnight in this great atmosphere with a local meal would make your adventure in Iran deserts perfect and unforgettable. (Aroosan and Mesr desert tour)

Iran deserts

The best time to visit Mesr, one of the most gorgeous Iran deserts, is from autumn to the middle of spring

Shahdad desert; welcome to the hottest spot on the Earth

Lut desert; recognized as the hottest spot in the world has lots of amazing highlights. Shahdad desert is the most well-known region of Lut which is located in Kerman province (Location on Google map). The best time to visit Iran deserts including Shahdad is autumn. Shahdad is quite famous for its Kalouts, meaning sandhills in the local language but what are the Kalouts? They are Bumps between u-shaped grooves in desert areas, made by wind and water so we can say; Kalouts are the art of the mother goddess, that’s why Kalouts of Shahdad is unique and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, if you are a nature lover and want to experience every nature highlight in the world, Shahdad desert is the right place.


Shahdad is quite famous for its Kalouts, the giant structures resulting from natural erosion.

The highlights of the Shahdad desert are countless; especial plants (Nebka trees), watching sunrise and sunset in the desert, visiting local people and their lovely culture, UNESCO world heritage sites near Shahdad; Bam castle, and Shahzadeh garden.
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Let’s travel to Iran and explore different aspects of the world.

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