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Is summer your favorite season? After spring, the season of enjoyment will come. In summer, we have more free time and an excellent opportunity to have a great vacation. There are places which are the best choices for spending our summertime. But perhaps they have not been paid much attention. stay with us to know more about these amazing summer destinations in Iran.


What do you think of the hot water springs? Sarein is only 28 km away from Ardabil and is located west of this city. The place is famous for its hot springs, the most important one is called Gavmish Goli. The water is sour, colorless, and slightly fragrant. If you are experiencing health problems such as bone and joint diseases, hot springs will restore your health. The oldest spa is called Besh Bajilar that means five sisters. It supplies its water from 5 springs, that is why they call it Besh Bajilar!
Hot springs are not the only attraction! You can also visit other tourist attractions in beautiful Sarein. There is a historical place called Anahita temple. It has been a place of worship and austerity for Zoroastrian magicians and priests for many years. The cannibal castle of Ardabil is a place full of mystery and unseen and unheard secrets. It was rumored that people who entered the castle had never come back. If you are into scary mysteries, you should visit the cannibal castle. Sarein is a cold city, there is a ski slope called Alvares ski slope; which is a great place to experience the excitement of skiing! You can also visit Golestan valley, Varge Saran waterfall, and Atashgah village.

Summer destinations in Iran

Top summer destinations in Iran – Ardabil shines like a green emerald in the northwest of Iran, one of the coolest summer destinations you can experience!

Kaleibar; Paradise of Azerbaijan

Are you a traveler trying to escapes from the summer heat? Kaleybar is a mountainous city with a cold and relatively dry climate and is located on the northwestern side of East Azerbaijan. It is one of the best summer destinations in Iran. Forest areas host travelers who are fleeing from the heat.
Kaleibar is known as a paradise among Iranians. It has breath-taking foggy views that you can take fascinating photos of them. You can hear the sound of the river while sleeping at night. Arasbaran is one of the busiest and popular tourist areas. You can see animals such as black roosters and brown bears that bring you lots of excitement, particularly if you are into photography. There are snakes that you have to be careful about them. Deers (Maral) are one of the most beautiful creatures that you can observe in this amazing spot. The sound of the traditional music playing by “Ashigh ha” can be heard all around.
There is a historical place called Babak Castle. It is located on a mountain at an altitude of 2300 meters. It has been the residence of Babak Khorramdin, one of the most famous Iranian commanders, for 20 years. If you want to go to Babak Castle from Tabriz, you are about 3 hours away. There are three ways to reach there. The first route starts from Babak Hotel, the second route is the Qaleh Darsi tourist camp, and the third route begins from the nomadic camp of the region. All three ways require heavy mountaineering, and proper footwear, and sufficient water. Despite the difficulties, the view is worth a visit.

Top summer destinations in Iran: Babak Castle

Kandovan; one of the THREE living rock villages in the world

Have you ever thought of living inside of the rocks? If you have ever watched The Flintstones cartoon, you understand what I mean. In the northwest of the country and near the city of Osko, you can see one of the most unusual villages in Iran, whose people live in stone houses.
Kandovan is located in the East Azarbaijan province, in the city of Osko. Osko city is placed 30 kilometers from Tabriz. The rock architecture of the houses has a particular charm and it is known for one of the best summer destinations in Iran. You can take a look at bazaars, restaurants, and museums among the houses. You should be aware of rock stairs. Also, if you intend to stop and relax, you can go to Laleh Hotel. Tourists can visit the cone-shaped homes of the villagers, go inside the houses, and drink the mineral water of the village. You can enjoy the heavenly weather while shopping. The Tark Stone Mosque is one of the most famous historical localities in Kandovan; its magnificent carvings and beautiful inscriptions are decorated in the beautiful calligraphy of Nasta’liq. Visitors can buy many Iranian souvenirs, including walnuts, medicinal plants, doshab (grape juice), honey, and almonds.

top summer destinations in Iran - Kandovan

The rock architecture of the houses in Kandovan village is of a particular charm and among the best summer destinations in Iran.

Alasht, a place for Astronomers

The north of Iran has always been the first travel choice for Iranians and among the top summer destinations in Iran. Alasht is one of the closest northern parts of Iran to Tehran and is also geographically located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. Its gorgeous nature makes it a crowded summer destination in Iran. This region is one of the most dreamy and foggy places in Iran. You can walk in narrow alleys and cobblestones with brick houses and wooden gables. When you make your way to the heights, clouds will surround you. Alasht is the birthplace of Reza Shah Pahlavi. Today, his house is visited by tourists as the Alasht Anthropology Museum. This city has become the only observatory in the northern provinces. You can visit Alasht Observatory to stargaze with a four-inch telescope. There are also religious tourist attractions like the Dokhtar-e-Pak Temple and the Imamzadeh Hassan. We should mention that only women are allowed to visit the Dokhtar-e-Pak temple. By visiting the Philband village, you can see the phenomenon of cloud sea in nature. You can rent village houses and villas to stay here. If you rent village houses, you will have a chance to try local food. You can eat vegetable pilaf, and plum stew, and Khiki cheese.

Kurdistan, the breath-taking nature

If you are planning to travel to the west of Iran, do not miss Kurdistan in any way. This lush and historic province is located in western Iran, adjacent to the eastern part of Iraq which is among the best summer destinations in Iran. There are so many places to visit that it is best to stay a few days. Kurdistan has beautiful villages and gardens such as Zhivar village and Zhivar gardens, and Uraman Takht village. The stepped houses of the village have an impressive view for the visitors. Kurdistan is famous for pomegranates, so you should try them. In these villages, you can see men and women and even children in traditional costumes. The Zarivar Lake is excellent for those who love lakes. This lake is considered mysterious because there is no specific source for water. Depth, width, and volume of water are very suitable for water sports such as boating and water skiing. The nature of Kurdistan is like a Painting of God. You can also visit Sanandaj Museum, Vakil Mansion, Mushir Divan Mansion, Hammam Khan.

Lorestan, the art of nature

Lorestan is one of the most beautiful western provinces of Iran. Due to its extraordinary nature, it can be considered the art of Iranian nature. This province has a mountainous climate, which is suitable for summer vacations. Lorestan is known for its many waterfalls, valleys, and overturned tulip fields.
You will sense the music that waterfalls create from the confluence of water and rock at the edge of the cliffs and fascinate every tourist. One of them is called Bisheh waterfall. With a height of about 48 meters, this magnificent waterfall stands out in the heart of a rock in the Zagros Mountains. By climbing, you can reach the water. The Ab-e Sefid waterfall is the other waterfall attraction of Lorestan. It has a unique sight and the healthiest and mineral water in Iran. The Falak-olaflak castle reminds everyone of fairy tale fantasies, a story in which a girl lives in a tall and big castle. In this castle, you can visit its museum, secret paths, and historical architecture. We recommend Helt Strait to photographers first of all. There are no plants in the Helt Strait. Everything you see here is a magnificent coexistence of rock and water. By visiting Lorestan, you will discover more waterfalls, lakes, and natural attractions. You can also visit the bazaar, restaurants, and modern centers.

Koohrang, the white paradise

Koohrang is located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Spring and summer are the best times to visit this area because the weather conditions are very suitable and pleasant. This region has been named White Paradise because it has 10% of Iran’s waters. Koohrang is a perfect place for tourists who love flowers and plants. Many tourists travel there to visit the anemone plains that grow in May. It should be noted that you are not allowed to pick these flowers.

summer destinations in Iran

Koohrang is a perfect place for tourists who love flowers and plants.

Also, you can visit springs and waterfalls like Sheikh Ali Khan Waterfall, Koohrang spring, and Dimeh spring. It is good to know that besides being among the best summer destinations in Iran, Dimeh spring has healing properties such as preventing tooth decay and treating kidney stones. Due to the cold climate, it has a ski slope named Chelgard. It is an 800-meter-long ski slope that has two separate areas for men and women and owns a lifting system. If you want to stay for a while, you can visit the 3-star Hotel of Koohrang, or you can set up tents and spend your nights in this area.

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