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It may sound confusing that Iran, which is home to the hottest deserts in the world, has also several amazing ski resorts. The fact is that Iran enjoys various climate conditions, resulting from different altitudes. Depending on where you are, you may experience different climates in this country. The existence of Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges has made the north and northwest of Iran covering with snow about 6 to 8 months of the year, an ideal destination for eager powder-chasers around the world. Stay with us to know 8 of the top-rated ski resorts in Iran. Check the ski season in Iran. 

ski in Iran

Best ski resorts in Iran: The joy of skiing on the Alborz range

Ski resorts in Iran: Dizin

As an avid skier, you may have heard about Dizin, one of the best ski resorts in Iran. Reaching an altitude of 3,600 m, it is the biggest, liveliest, and most popular ski resort in Iran with international standards.
Dizin Ski Resort was founded by a group of travelers who were searching for mines in the central Alborz Mountains.
The resort was formally declared suitable for skiing, and in 1965 the area provided the opportunity for skiers to practice by installing a lift here.
Speaking about its facilities, Dizin is equipped with three cable cars, two chair lifts, seven-button lifts, and a platter lift. There are also other facilities including two hotels, 19 cottages, five restaurants, and private apartments which make it possible to stay over the night.

How to get there?
Dizin is 120km north of Tehran and takes around 2 hours to get there if the road is open, and around 2.5 hours to get there if the road is closed. You can either drive or take a cab. Check out Dizin tour.

The best time to ski:
early December until late May

Shemshak ski resort

Being a part of Shemiran town, Shemshak ski resort is about 50 kilometers from Tehran with an elevation range of 2550 to 3050. This resort is the second largest ski resort in Iran which is of accepted international standards, equipped with two chair lifts, two-button lifts, and two platter lifts. The yellow projection lights in this resort make skiing feasible even after dark. Facilities offered include two chair lifts (Télésiège), two-button lifts, and two platter lifts,
hotels, and four restaurants. However, if you have decided to spend a night here, renting an apartment is also a viable option.

How to get there?
Shemshak is about an hour’s drive from the eastern part of Tehran. Other transportation systems such as minibus, taxi, and hitchhiking are also available.

The best time to ski:
Early December until mid-April


60 kilometers to the northeast of Tehran, on the slopes of Mt. Seechal, there is a small resort which is one of the most challenging ski resorts in the region. In spite of being small, the area offers off-piste skiing and snowboarding due to the vast area at the top, therefore it would mostly be appropriate for skilled skiers and yet a place for those who are about to practice before experiencing an extreme ski in Damavand.
Darbandsar is equipped with four lifts and offers not only the potential to enjoy bare slopes but also various ranges of activities including hiking, ice climbing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

Darbandesar Telesiege view

Best ski resorts in Iran: Darbandesar is equipped with four-seat chairlifts, which carry about 1200 meters with the best view.

How to get there?
The resort is accessible by driving either Lavasanat, lashkarak – Fasham road, or Karaj-gachsar (only in summer). Taxi is also available.

The best time to ski:
December to April


Abali lies about 57km northeast of Tehran, at an altitude of 2250m with a vertical drop of 250m. Abali has the reputation of being the closest ski piste to Damavand and one of the first ski resorts in Iran, established with 5 tracks, each equipped with lifts and chairlifts.
There is an opportunity of being trained by skilled coaches for those interested in learning ski here. There are also non-skiing activities available such as hiking and trekking, kiting, and climbing. Facilities include restaurants, hotels, tennis courts, medical centers, and recreational facilities making the area an attractive destination for skiers.

How to get there?
It is approximately an hour’s drive from east of Tehran, except for the weekends (Thursday and Friday in Iran) that traffic congestion on Haraz road as usual.

The best time to ski:
December to March


As the closest ski resort to Tehran, Tochal is equipped with a cable car about 7.5 kilometers long which is one of the longest in the world and among the top ski resorts in Iran. It takes about 50 minutes to go from the first station to the last. Tochal has three ski terrains in different altitudes starting from 3850 meters, with a ski length of 1200 meters.
This resort usually experiences early snow and is one of the first ones to be opened to visitors from November.
The other two terrains are located on the west and northwest slopes. One with a length of 900 meters and the other one with 5500 meters. The latter one is quite new and unequipped yet.
There are two chairlifts, a nice hotel called Tochal hotel at the height of 3550m, with 30 rooms and suites to spend a night at the resort.
Tochal is recommended for convenience and price and is usually visited during the first days of the tour, however, if you are a professional skier, you can find better terrains at other resorts not far away from here.

Ski resorts in Iran: Tochal

Best ski resorts in Iran: The Tochal gondola lifts and chair lifts carry between the elevation of 2,000 and 4,000 meters

How to get there?
Since Tochal is quite close to Tehran, you will not have any difficulty arriving here. You can take a taxi from the Parkway bridge in Shahid Chamran expressway, it is rather cheap and easy.

The best time to ski:
November until June


Sitting in the northwestern of Iran, there is a mountainous province called Ardabil which is famous for its awesome climate and breathtaking landscapes. The bare slopes of Mount Sabalan, the third highest peak in Iran, would offer an amazing opportunity to nature lovers. Alvares ski resort is located 30km away from the city of Sarein at an altitude of 3200 meters and is considered the largest ski area in terms of size. Let us not forget to talk about the chairlift which is as popular as the resort itself and could give you a great view of these gorgeous slopes. During summer, the pleasant and cool weather makes other activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing full of joy.
Ardabil is also famous for its thermal springs in Sareyn, Shorabil Lake, and some cultural attractions which are intriguing for every traveler.

How to get there?
To reach the resort, take the Sarab-Ardabil Road all the way towards the Alvares Complex Road, which is about 70 to 80 minutes driving, or takes a taxi for a good price to make this 53 km trip.

The best time to ski:
November to May

Ski resorts in Iran: Pooladkaf

You may be surprised to know that there is a snow resort even in lower altitudes of Iran. Pooladkaf is the southernmost ski resort in Iran, situated in Fars province near Sepidan city. Ski-in Iran is not only possible around Tehran, but also in Shiraz. It has the reputation of being convenient for families. In spite of being small, it offers a wide range of activities besides skiing such as horse riding, hiking, mountain biking. In fact, it’s a multidimensional choice to ski in Iran.  Turning to the facilities, the resort is equipped with a cable car, a ski lift, two lifts on the red slope, eight snow motors, four restaurants, and a hotel. However, for on the budget accommodation, staying in Shiraz or Yasuj is recommended. The off-piste terrains also offer an exciting experience to skilled skiers. During the summer, skiing on the grass is entirely popular due to the cool and pleasant weather.
Apart from the Pooladkaf ski resort, the region is famous for Dena protected area and the graceful Margoon waterfall which attracts thousands of visitors all through the year.

How to get there?
Since there is no public transportation available here, you should take a taxi. Hitchhiking also seems to be an alternative, as Shirazian families visit the area most often and they are quite warm-hearted. Check Zagros ski tours here.

The best time to ski:
December to March


You will experience the lowest temperature in the northwest of Iran, therefore the longest ski season is here, Sometimes until June! So, we are obviously talking about one of the most popular ski resorts in Iran.
Sahand ski resort with a length of 1200 meters and altitude of 3000 to 3200 meters is located in the north of Sahand Mountain, East Azerbaijan province. Long ski season and cool fresh weather have made the area an attractive destination. A great number of skiers, both professionals, and beginners come here to ski in winter and to enjoy activities such as hiking and paragliding during cool and pleasant summer. Regarding the facilities, there are 2 ski lifts, a restaurant, a rental shop and a ski school for beginners. There are no lodging facilities available, however, the main building is equipped for hosting. To stay overnight, it would be better to go back to Tabriz where suitable accommodation is accessible. Do not miss visiting the amazing village of “Kandovan” with its unique cave-like architecture, mineral waters, natural products, and handicrafts while you are here.

ski resorts in Iran: Sahand

ski resorts in Iran – Long ski season and cool fresh weather have made Sahand area an attractive destination.

How to get there?
There is no public transportation from Tabriz to Sahand ski resort. Therefore, taking a taxi seems the most possible option.

The best time to ski:
December to May

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