Overlanding in Iran is the adventure of a lifetime. You start your trip relying on your own car, probably to an unknown destination if you are a real adventurer, while the rewarding journey is your main goal. Overlanding in Iran offers a completely fulfilling experience and some advantages as well. If you want to know more, scroll and read more here.

COVID-19 pandemic and new trends in tourism

The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in substantial changes in traveling. Although the situation is improving as the vaccination progress, you still may not be ready to encounter the risks.
Overlanding in Iran has always been popular with domestic travelers, but it has recently become a preferred way to satisfy international travelers’ sense of adventure, too. Driving on the scenic roads of Iran is not something adventurers would like to miss!

Benefits of overland traveling

Overlanding is all about exploration! The goal is to see the fascinating landscapes out there and learn about the world. There are countless benefits about Overlanding, visiting history, wildlife, culture, natural sceneries are only some parts of this advantages.
You have the chance to pass through the amazing natural sceneries at your desired speed, stop where ever you wish to have a cup of coffee or tea in nature and take some wonderful photos and then continue your trip when you feel like doing so!
Another reward of Overlanding is that after all these explorations, you will have thousands of stories to tell. The more you see, the more stories you have to tell! Overlanding is definitely what makes you the light-hearted fun person everyone would love and enjoy being around!

The best roads in Iran for Overlanding

If you are a fan of overloading, there are astonishing roads that make Overlanding in Iran an unforgettable and unique experience for you! Iran is a four-season country, enjoying a diverse climatic condition, so you have got loads of options to experience Overlanding in Iran. Depending on what you are looking for to see, every corner of the country offers its own beauty.
The north of Iran is a combination of Hyrcanian forests and the Caspian Sea landscapes. There are fascinating roads in Iran such as Chalus and Abbas Abad where you can see the truly amazing beauty of mother nature. Hyrcanian forests are stunningly gorgeous during the colorful fall season, the best recommended time to visit.


Heyran Road in the northwest of Iran.

Asalem to Khalkhal is another scenic road you would not want to ignore. Starting from low altitudes among Gisoom forests and then drive to reach high in altitude, the twisting road offers amazing landscapes of its mountains and valleys covered with flowers. Late spring and summer would be the best time to pass through this road since it gets snowy and freezing during cold seasons and sometimes forbidden to be passed.
The roads along the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, in the south of Iran, are also dreamy roads for many adventurers. The best time to travel along southern cities would be late fall and winter when you can enjoy its mild weather.
And finally, if you find the silence of deserts, a soothing place to relax and meditate, the central roads of Iran call you! These roads would lead you to the peaceful vast deserts, where there is no one except you and your companies to enjoy walking on the golden sand dunes during the day and watching the starry sky during the night.

What do we offer?

If you have decided to experience Overlanding in Iran, the Iran Adventure team is pleased to provide you with an experienced tour guide and comfortable accommodation while you are in this country. Watch this video of overlanding in Iran.
Just give us a call or contact us via info@adventure.ir to get more detailed information about Overlanding in Iran.

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