Driving along roads, to the places you’ve never been, is such an exciting experience. You could travel through the history and culture of each city you reach on the road and learn something new from any of them. When your trip finally comes to its end, you will keep thinking about the time and memories you made in all those cities, and you can still carry the adventures feeling you had back in Iran. These top cities will offer you a memorable drive in Iran; let’s learn more about them.


As the capital city of Iran, Tehran has grown so much over time. Visiting Tehran is a great way to learn more about modern life in Iran. Finding out about the history of Tehran is such an exciting discovery. You can start your drive from the breathtaking palaces; Golestan Palace, Niavaran, and Saadabad palaces are perfect choices for driving through the city of Tehran. You will learn more about Iran, from the Qajar dynasty to the Pahlavi era, where the kings and the queens used to live. On your way to figuring out more about Iran’s history and heritage, visit the Treasury of national jewels, which is a must-see that will amaze you by its gems and jewels. The Grand Bazaar of Tehran, which is located in the city center, is a great place to buy whatever you need, it is also one of many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Iran. You can have your lunch in some of the famous restaurants in the grand bazaar and get you ready for your ride to the next city.

drive in Iran

most beautiful cities in Iran – Visiting Tehran is a great way to learn more about modern life in Iran.


Mashhad is more of a religious city in Iran, hosting several million people that come for visiting the holy shrine of the 8th Imam. Imam Reza’s shrine is the main religious and architectural highlight of Mashhad. However, alongside the shrine, you can also visit the Goharshad mosque, which is one of the best examples of Iranian art during the Islamic era. Kooh Sangi Park is located in the central part of the city. You can walkthrough the rocks and climb up the rocky hills, and at the same time, enjoy the fresh air. When you reach the top of the hills, you will see a perfect view of the whole city right beneath your feet that will be so hard to leave. Being the second-largest city in Iran in terms of the vast area, you will enjoy driving in Mashhad.


One of the major cities of Khorasan Razavi, which is so rich in tourist attractions, is Neyshabur. Neyshabur city is so famous for its high-quality turquoise. Some most popular places you can visit in here are the mausoleums of Iranian people who changed Iran’s history and knowledge. Khayyam was a Persian mathematician, an astronomer, and a famous poet. The tomb is located in the southeast part of Neyshabur. This mausoleum not only consists of a beautiful garden, but it also has a library, a museum, and a guesthouse. Attar Neyshaburi was another Persian poet, mystic, and scholar whose tomb hosts lots of fans of Iranian literature, architecture, and culture every year. Another tomb that you can see nearby this place is Kamal-ol-Molk, who was the greatest painter in Iranian history. Kamal-ol-Molk was also one of the most influential people in Iran during the Qajar era. Through your trip to Neyshabur, you will already learn so much about Iran and its people.


The oldest and the most ancient city in Iran is Damghan, which has hidden lots of history in itself. This city is located in the northeast part of Tehran. A magnificent place that you can visit in this old town is the Tarikhane Mosque, which is also a valuable temple of Iran. Tarikhaneh Mosque is one of the major tourist attractions of Damghan. Jaame Mosque, which is located in the northern part of the city, is another ancient mosque in Damghan city that dates back to the Seljuk era. In the southern part of Damghan city, you can find Tappeh Hesar (Hesar Mound), which is a historical attraction and a great photo opportunity as well. The bazaar of Damghan, on the other hand, dates back to the Qajar era, and it’s located in the city center. If you needed a break and felt like shopping, well, you know the right place. This ancient city would provide you with a drive full of fun and excitement.

Drive in Iran - Damghan

most beautiful cities in Iran – The ancient city of Damghan would provide you with a drive full of fun and excitement.


The Ardabil city is very well-known among Iranians because of its Pleasant climate, particularly during spring and summer. This city is also surrounded by beautiful nature. But nature is not the only beautiful thing about this city that offers you an exciting drive. Sheikh Safiuddin Ardabili’s Shrine is one of the most famous attractions in Ardabil, which dates back to the Safavid era. Iranian National Heritage Organization and UNESCO have registered this shrine as a world heritage site. On your way, you can visit Haft Cheshmeh Bridge on Panzdah-e Khordad square. This bridge was built with seven brick arches dating back to the Safavid dynasty. Ardabil Jaame Mosque is another beautiful monument that used to be a fire temple back in the Seljuk era, but after Islam, it was converted to a mosque by the government. The main part of this mosque is called Gonbad khane, which is located right under the dome. Unfortunately, the mosque was damaged and destroyed by the invasions that occurred in the 13th century and was abandoned for decades, but the structure has still held on to its history. The roads to Ardabil are among the most scenic roads in Iran give you the most memorable drive ever. Do not miss it!

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