best autumn destinations in Iran

For many people, autumn is the best season to travel. Autumn is also one of the best time to travel to Iran considering the mild cool weather. The unique beauties of autumn invite many tourists and adventurers to visit Iran in this lovely season. Here we introduce you to the best autumn destinations in Iran particularly for adventurers to experience their favorite activities.

Southern Islands


Contrary to many people’s belief, Qeshm Island is not a place for shopping. It has many attractive sights in autumn, and we can courageously say that Qeshm Island is an island of wonders. One of these wonders is the largest salt cave on the island. The beautiful and clean beaches give the tourist an opportunity to swim. On the other hand, you can see mangrove forest, which is home to a variety of rare species of animals and birds. Here, the trees grow in brackish waters. So, it can provide a good opportunity for nature and bird watching enthusiasts. One of the scenic areas of Qeshm is the islands in this area, which is known as Naz Islands and has an area of ​​about 3 hectares. The unique feature of Naz island is that you can go up to one kilometer into the water by car or on foot. Do not forget to visit Qeshm Geopark where there are dazzling geological features formed as a result of natural erosion through millions of years! All these natural features has made Qeshm Island the most marvelous and the best autumn destinations in Iran.

Qeshm Geopark - Iran

Qeshm Geopark; Best autumn destinations in Iran


Hormoz Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Hormozgan province. The island has white, yellow, and red mountains that the natives use the soil of the red mountains as a spice. It is interesting to know that colorful soils are also one of its main attractions. In autumn, the temperature on the island decreases, and the air gets colder, so it is a suitable time to visit Hormuz. Hormoz Island has many natural and historical attractions that you must visit during your travel to Iran. You can visit the Portuguese castle, which was built by the Portuguese during the colonization and is one of the largest colonial castles in Iran. The salt goddess cave is another attraction. Its body is composed of various colored salts and has a unique beauty. This cave is also called the cave of meditation or silence, and according to the natives, lots of positive energy flows in it. Have you heard about the Rainbow valley? It is located in the southwest of the island. This valley is composed of mountains and soils in different colors of yellow, white, red, and the combination has created extraordinary and spectacular scenes.


Hengam Island is a small area near Qeshm, you have to cross Qeshm to go to Hengam Island by boat. The first sight of this island that fascinates you from the beginning is its beautiful beaches. At certain times of the year, the island’s shores take on magical faces at night, and the water turns bright blue. Such a phenomenon occurs on the coasts of Maldives, California, and other parts of the world. With the arrival of autumn, the waters of the Persian Gulf are hosting new guests. In this season, the dolphins get close to the island and stay until the middle of May. Near the village of Ghail, you can see stones in the shape of two people known as mother and daughter stones. The natives believe that this mother and daughter escaped from the oppressors of their time in the past. So, God turned them into stone and saved them! We suggest you should not miss the wildlife of Hengam Island either. For example, near the island, there is a place called the natural aquarium of the Persian Gulf. Here you can see colorful fish swimming in the Persian Gulf.

Northern Forests


Alangdereh forest in the beautiful city of Gorgan is one of the famous forests of Iran, which has a pristine and unique nature. In autumn, forests have thousands of colorful beauties and host us with a rainy scent. You can cross the road within the forest with your car or electric rental cars, explore the whole park and return to the starting point. The Qalashi River runs from the southernmost part of the forest to its north. Walking in the woods with the sound of the river and the silence of the forest is one of the best feelings you can give yourself during your trip to Alangdere. You can bring your picnic items, prepare some food and snacks! Also, in some parts of the park, there are facilities for children to play.

Gisoom Forest

Gisoom is a beautiful and scenic forests and among the best autumn destinations in Iran, which is located 90 km away from Rasht-Astara road. Gisoom is not just a forest; there is also a beach where you can sit for hours watching the sea and its beauties. The combination of forest and sea makes the Gisoom area one of the most attractive tourist destinations. In addition to camping, you can go hiking or horseback riding. Animals such as antelopes, wolves, leopards, brown bears, rabbits live in this forest, and you can see them in the recreation areas of ​​Gisoom. Also, you can taste some delicious food. We suggest you try greengage, grilled fish, grilled corn, and many more.

Gisoom Forest

Gisoom is a beautiful and scenic forests in the north of Iran.

Central Deserts


One of the most popular deserts and one of the best autumn destinations in Iran is the Maranjab desert among tourists, which has built many caravanserais in this region due to crossing the Silk Road. If you find it difficult to tolerate the heat, the best time to go for a walk is from the first of November to the end of April. During the cool hours, you can walk on the dunes. The touch of nature brings you a pleasant feeling. One of the most enjoyable pastimes is camel riding. The most beautiful sound that breaks the silence of the desert is the sound of camel bells. Our suggestion to you is not to leave the desert without seeing the night sky. The closer you get to the end of the night, the more you can see the Milky Way. If you have a professional camera, be sure to take fantastic pictures.

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The Mesr desert is located near a village of the same name. In general, the Mesr desert has a hot and dry climate. But this place is a little different in the autumn and winter seasons. It is like wearing a summer dress during the day is enough for you. You can not describe the night sky in words. Since the night is cold in this area, lighting a fire and spending the night with your friends will be a memorable experience. During the day, you can also walk barefoot on the dunes or ride camels.


Have you ever wondered where the warmest part of the planet is? It is interesting to know that this place is located in Iran, Kerman province, Shahdad desert. Shahdad Desert is one of the most popular and famous tourist deserts in Iran, which is very popular these days. You can do all kinds of exciting activities such as safari, desert climbing, and scientific research and enjoy watching the night sky. You can see an interesting phenomenon called Kaluts, which are in the form of large rocks. This wonder of nature is breathtaking. We suggest you not miss visiting Shahdad, one of the best autumn destinations in Iran!


There are interesting phenomenon called Kaluts, formed as a result of natural erosion.

Lagoons and Wetlands for Bird-Watching


Miankaleh Wetland is one of the best autumn destinations in Iran, in the southeast of Mazandaran province. This international wetland is also known as the bird-watching paradise of Iran. The best way to reach this wetland is through the city of Sari. If you choose this way, you can also visit Dashte Naz. Thousands of birds from different parts of the world, such as northern Russia and Siberia, travel hundreds of kilometers and take refuge in Miankale. These migratory birds include flamingos, white-tailed sea eagles, pelicans, and ducks, and swans. If you want to have a chance to enjoy watching migratory birds, it is better to visit this lagoon in autumn.

best autumn destinations in Iran, Miankaleh Lagoon

Thousands of birds mostly from Siberia migrate to Miankale Peninsula in late fall and winter.


Kordkhurd wetland is located in Hamedan and is the best hangout for nature lovers and travelers every year. Due to the vegetation, it is a suitable area for birds and animals. According to recent statistics, about 50 species of birds live in this lagoon. Every autumn, migratory birds from cold regions such as the Caucasus, Siberia, and Russia spend some time in this lagoon beside the native birds. The reflection of these birds while flying above water can be a great chance for photography and even painting.


Anzali Wetland is one of the most beautiful wetlands in the country in the southwest of Bandar Anzali and the Caspian Sea. Water lilies, reeds, and tulips create an amazing view of the lagoon that has made this place among the best autumn destinations in Iran. Boating, fishing, and bird watching are some of the most popular activities you can experience in the area. A large number of birds that come to Iran from the north take refuge in Anzali Lagoon. So, they make this place one of the best opportunities to do bird watching. You can sit and watch the birds for hours.

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