Miankaleh peninsula- Iran

There are many wonders in northern Iran. The climatic diversity of Iran, mountains, and forests, rivers have made the country suitable for living different animal species. During autumn, thousands of species of birds from around the world, such as northern Russia and Siberia, travel hundreds of kilometers and take refuge in Miankaleh peninsula.

Where is Miankaleh?

Miankaleh is a peninsula at the southeastern tip of the Caspian Sea, which is located 12 kilometers north of Behshahr. Mazandaran is in a very favorable condition for tourists in terms of geographical location and climatic conditions. Every autumn, hundreds of migratory birds such as flamingos, cormorants, swans, pelicans, ducks, and sea eagles reach the lagoon and stay there until late winter. This means that you have found the best place for bird watching. So, bird-watching tours will come to visit this lagoon.


Miankaleh peninsula in Mazandaran is a peninsula at the southeastern tip of the Caspian Sea.

Other attractions to visit in the region

Miankaleh peninsula is home to unique wildlife species in Iran. The area is home to free horses and migratory birds, native birds such as pheasants, and animals such as wolves, foxes, feral cats, rabbits, and boars. In addition to Miankaleh peninsula, Behshahr city has many natural attractions that we recommend you to visit. You had better not miss the historical hills of “Gohar Tappeh” and the Abbas Abad Lake. On the way between the city of Sari and Miankaleh, there are many natural attractions that you can visit. For example, Dasht-e Naz is a lovely wildlife refuge and breeding center for Iranian spotted yellow deer, which is in danger of extinction. Also, the Lapoo Zaghmarz lagoon is another spectacular attraction of this region. The sunrise and sunset of the lagoon are unique, and the nature around will immerse you in peace.


The best option for staying in this area is one of the cities around Miankaleh such as Sari that offers suitable accommodation places, suitable for all tastes and budgets, with full amenities. If you want to spend a night in nature, Zaghmarz beach is perfect for camping and setting up tents. There are also indigenous and local resorts in the surrounding villages.

When is the best time to visit Miankaleh peninsula?

Miankaleh offers unique attractions in every season. During warm seasons, traveling to visit the Lagoon and watching native animals is enjoyable. But if you want to see migratory birds, you must visit Miankaleh peninsula from late November to early March.

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