Iran's wildlife - Asiaic-Cheetah

Iran with two dozen of UNESCO world heritage sites is not only a destination for culture lovers but also for nature lovers! Just like its culture, Iran wildlife is quite special including fauna and flora. There are lots of animals and plants, some are special and dazzling with a worldwide reputation such as Asiatic Cheetah; so, let’s know more about Iran’s wildlife.

Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic cheetah or Iranian cheetah which is known as the last surviving species lives here! There used to be lots of other big cat species like Caspian tigers and Asiatic lions in the north and central of Iran which have gone extinct today. Iranian cheetah is normally 115 to 135 cm in width and  70 cm tall and 35 to 55 km weight. This gorgeous animal is the fastest land creature in the world, so if you are a cheetah lover and like to visit this incredible species, Iran is the only place to find and take photos. Iranians respect cheetah and try to protect them from all dangers; that is why you may find lots of protected areas for cheetahs to visit and experience an adventure!

Iran's wildlife: Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic Cheetah: the fastest land creature in the world and the highlight of Iran’s wildlife.

Iranian birds

Birds watching is a popular adventure all around the world. Fortunately, Iran is home to many different kinds of lovely birds that can make your Birdwatching in Iran journey unique and memorable. Birds like ground jay and finches are common to see here in Iran. Due to Iran’s geographical location, Iran receives many migratory birds such as flamingos. The avifauna includes 560 species, so it’s worth it to come and visit these amazing birds in protected areas. Most of the birds live in lakes and forests but there are species that live in Iran deserts and warm areas like bustard and owl.

Iranian-birds-World Wildlife Day

Iran is home to many different kinds of lovely birds.

Unique forests of Iran as safe habitats

Most of tourists imagine Iran as a country only with desert landscapes and warm weather but it’s great to know that the Hyrcanian forests in the north of Iran have been registered as UNESCO world natural heritage sites and it totally worth visiting and walking. The existence of the Caspian Sea; the largest lake in the world, has brought about a fascinating ecosystem for various kinds of plants, trees, and animals like Salamander. The mild weather in the north of Iran has also led to lots of lakes and rivers so you can find many kinds of fish and sea creatures like the Caspian seal; an endangered species and one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. There is also a center dedicated to the protection of this lovely animal. Don’t forget the Persian Gulf and its long beach (more than 2000 km) and now think about special wildlife in the south of Iran. There is a special forest called Hara which is the paradise of special birds and reptiles in the south of Iran.

Iran's wildlife: Persian Deer

Persian deer, a beautiful endemic rare species among Iran’s wildlife

The animals of Iran are uncountable, this can change your mind about this beautiful country, Iran is the land of great cultures and incredible natural landscapes with amazing biodiversity!

Celebrating World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is celebrated annually on March 3rd; we have all been aware of the dangers threatening the environment, those we normally impose on planet Earth through excessive use of plastics or releasing harmful emissions of factories, deforestation, and etc. Threatening the earth means nothing but putting many different species in danger and the sad news is that we are destroying this haven for wildlife species.

AS 2021 theme suggests, forests are considered unique ecosystems to protect wildlife species; many animals’ lives are dependent on forests. Here are some tips to contribute to the conservation of forest during your travels and picnics;

  • Use less plastic (please!), have plates and glasses instead of water plastic bottles. It’s actually hard to remove plastics completely but at least do not leave them in nature; take them with you when you are leaving your camping place.
  • Put out your fires and make sure of it. We have lost great coverage of forests because of this issue so it’s time to be a sustainable traveler.
  • Respect to all animals and nature and think about how we save them

We believe everyone should pay his debt to earth, So our adventure team members have developed protocols to reduce your travel plastics and use reusable materials like glasses and cotton bags. so if you are a nature lover and want to have sustainable travel, it’s great to join.

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