Many adventurers around the world wish to climb the highest volcanic peak in the Middle East that is gorgeously capped with snow all year-round. Climbing the 5610m peak of Damavand may take two to seven days depending on the physical condition of your body and how skilled you are.
The best time to climb mount Damavand is from June to September, it would be dangerous the other time of the year, and it certainly needs climbing equipment. This time is when the mesmerizing plain around is covered with red lovely poppy flowers that you are going to fall in love with.
However, there is a more challenging adventure offered by Iran Adventure, and that is climbing Damavand and Alam-Kuh; the second highest peak after Damavand with a height of 4850 meters. Takht-e Soleiman region (Alam-Kuh) has 47 peaks above 4000 meters and is also known as the Iranian Alps among climbers.
The peak of Alam-Kuh and its wall have been considered as top mountaineering destinations by many adventurers. The German, French, English, and Italian mountaineers have climbed Alam-Kuh on various routes of this wall. There is a wall on the northern slope of Alam-Kuh, which is one of the most difficult and technical routes for climbing and wall climbing in Iran, and this peak is most famous for this wall.
The best time to climb Alam-Kuh is the second half of July. The Autumn and winter of Alam-Kuh witness heavy snow, storms, and heavy avalanches, and this situation continues until spring every year, so it is strongly recommended to avoid climbing during these seasons.

If you plan to experience climbing Mount Damavand in Iran, take the time to click on the link below and watch this inspiring video, a memorable Damavand tour operated by Iran Adventure.

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