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Safari could be one of the most exciting parts of a trip. There are so many desert activities in Iran that you can explore and make your trip a true journey of discovery. Jaunting through the desert by long walking on sandhills during the day, making fire at night, and watching the sky in the silence of the night, will make your day special. If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday destination in Iran, I suggest you accompany our lovely camels to observe and enjoy Iran’s deserts. Stay tuned for more remarkable and charming places for Overlanding and safari in Iran.


The Maranjab Desert is among the most gorgeous deserts and a dreamy place for safari in Iran. It is located in Isfahan, close to the city of Kashan which only takes 3 and a half hours driving from Tehran to get to the desert. Golden sand dunes, Salt Lake, starry nights, and easy access are some of the reasons why this dessert is so popular among people. It is not only about the desert; Maranjab Caravansarai was built by the order of one of the kings from the Safavid dynasty which used to link the northeast side of Iran to the central parts. Travelers who were crossing the road could use Maranjab Carvansarai to spend the night and get ready for the rest of their journey.
There are so many fun and exciting things to do; for instance, you can have a gathering bonfire, listen to music and dance around the fire, or have a Persian tea while enjoying your time under the night sky filled with shining stars. But nothing could be compared to adventurers’ most exciting hobby: Safari. Maranjab could be among the most amazing places for a safari in Iran. You can rent a professional car or just go along with an expert to experience one of the wildest activities of all time. The soft sand dunes are an excellent feature of the desert for spectacular jeep riding. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt on the way to the next desert!

How to Go to The Maranjab Desert:

Find the dirt road from Aran va Bidgol to the Maranjab Desert, you will reach the desert after driving about 45 Km.

Maranjab Desert - Iran

The Maranjab Desert is among the most gorgeous deserts and a lovely place to experience a safari in Iran.


Varzaneh Desert (Khara) is located at the southeast of Isfahan province in Varzaneh city. It takes about 5 hours and a half to arrive in the city if you’re starting your trip from Tehran. Start your trip in the desert by walking on the gold shiny sand and enjoying the peaceful silence. If you don’t feel like walking, you can have a nice riding with many camels. If you’re visiting in May or April, make sure to join the camel riding competition.
Khara Salt Lake is a fascinating attraction of the Varzaneh Desert. The Salt Lake with a beautiful salt cover, making a shiny white landscape, makes you feel like you just landed on the moon. If by chance it has rained the day before you can see the reflection of the sky on the water as the lake works like a mirror. Sometimes the horizon gets pink during the sunset, makes the whole desert glow, fondling your eyes by its beauty. Finally, when it’s nighttime look for the milky way to appear in front of your eyes. An excellent opportunity for photographers who also love deserts is available in Varzaneh Desert. Done with photography?! Then let us finish off your trip in Varzaneh Desert with some lively jeep driving on sand dunes. You will not only live and enjoy the moment but you will also keep fun and a wonderful memory of your trip with your family and friends. So make sure to bring your camera with you to record the best moments of your life in a magnificent part of the world, by your own creativity.

How to Go to The Varzaneh Desert:

You can get to Varzaneh Desert by following the Zayandehrud River eastward (Varzaneh tour)

Safari in Iran

Safari in Iran: Visiting Varzaneh Desert is an opportunity to have some lively jeep driving on sand dunes


Mesr Desert is located near the central Desert of Iran, close to Kashan and Isfahan city. Mesr Desert has always been chosen to be an adventure land for backpackers and adventurers to drive wild on the golden sand dunes with jeeps and ride camels all the way to Egypt! Mesr is the Persian name for Egypt; the story hidden behind the name comes from a young boy named Yusuf who first equipped wells to this dry island of sands. He named the Desert and village Mesr after the story of Prophet Joseph. Today Mesr village is the most popular village compared to the other ones in the desert. Garmeh and Farahzad are two other villages in Mesr Desert in which you can buy handicrafts and all sorts of souvenirs from the shops, taste their traditional foods and camel milk. In the middle of the desert, there is an ancient castle from the Safavid dynasty which is another attraction of the Garmeh village that will amaze you with how it managed to survive in the middle of the driest land. One of the coolest activities you can experience in Mesr Desert besides dunes surfing is Paragliding. Other than that the best thing for increasing adrenaline, is safari. Driving full speed all over the desert can cheer you up. But after all this excitement, it’s time to get relaxed and fill your soul with peace. Autumn and Winter are the best seasons to visit deserts so if you’re visiting the desert by winter, the salt lake’s clay might be changed to black but if you’re visiting in summer, the clay’s color might have changed to white. This is a seasonal feature of the largest lake of salt in Iran; Khur. By the time you visited most of the Mesr attractions, it’s probably night, and the sky’s full of stars. If by chance you found a telescope, make sure to observe the other amazing planets hidden in the darkest part of the world. If you want to experience a camp in nature make sure to bring your tent with you but if you’re looking for a more comfortable place to stay, there are several villages and guest houses in the desert.

How to Go to The Mesr Desert:

After arriving at Mesr Village, you can start your adventures in Mesr Desert by walking on sands. The desert starts right near Mesr Village (Mesr desert tour)

Mesr Desert- Safari in Iran

Mesr desert is an impressive place to experience a safari in Iran.

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