Rig-e Jen

Imagine traveling to a desert covered with golden sand dunes that locals believe it has been cursed and evil spirits and demons rule in this mysterious land, and for this reason, whoever steps on the desert will be swallowed up and never returns! That’s why the area is known as the Bermuda triangle of Iran, and that is Rig-e Jenn!

If you still dare to visit Rig-e Jenn and have some adventure, you have to be careful about safety tips. You should not choose this desert as your first hiking and trekking destination and you should not travel alone. Actually, the scientific explanation for missing some tourists in the area are the marsh salts in the desert. So, you are strongly recommended to travel in a group and with a professional tour guide and using software features such as detailed maps and GPS, on which all the routes of Rig-e Jenn have already been marked.

Lightweight jeeps are the best vehicle to travel with but do not forget that you can get stuck and get lost in the Rig-e Jenn desert at any moment. It is also necessary to inform the local authorities about your trip to the region; so that, they can form a search team if you get lost.
And finally do not forget to have food, drink, and equipment for a least 10 days!

Taking the risk and stepping into this desert, you will certainly forget about the difficulties and enjoy sleeping on the golden sands and staring at the sky full of shining stars. Meteors can also be seen here from time to time.

Enjoy watching this amazing landscapes of golden dunes.

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