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Staying at an eco-lodge helps you to learn about the local people, their environments including the flora and fauna, and how to live eco-friendly and sustainable lives themselves. Choosing an eco-lodge to stay at, helps to ensure that you are traveling and positively contributing to your surrounding environment. We are about to introduce the top ten popular ecolodges in Iran, any of which fits the bill for a relaxed, nature-filled, and traditional base for your trip. If you are looking for an adventure tour to Iran, staying in these ecolodges would satisfy your taste of adventure.

1-Kohandezh ecolodge, Radkan Khorasan

Many people travel to Khorasan to visit Radkan Astronomical Tower _which is a kind of historic version of “time is”_. The good news for them is that Radkan village has now a traditional ecolodge, historic as its name: Kohandezh ecolodge. The unique features of this complex, which is among the most popular ecolodges in Iran include performing Khorasanian music and dancing, observing the starry sky from the watchtower, traditional playgrounds, setting fire in the fireplace, buying local and traditional Khorasan handicrafts. This historical complex dates back to the Afshari period but has been rebuilt many times. Let’s read other people’s ideas about Kohandezh Radkan on Tripadvisor. In case of choosing this beautiful complex to stay, don’t forget to taste the Yummy traditional icecream of Radkan.

  • Free Wifi
  • Eco friendly
  • English speaker personnel
Kohandezh ecolodge in Radkan khorasan

The Kohandezh ecolodge in Radkan, a good example of identical Persian gardens.

2- Khoshnevis garden in Mehriz Yazd

This building belongs to the Qajar period. Its main structures are made of clay and mud, and flower wire and gypsum boards have been used to decorate the facade of the building. At the two entrances, there is a porch with a tiled roof with gypsum tailings. After that, by rotating ninety degrees input, we enter the main part of the settlement, the main building is a single front and is placed to the east. The building has spaces such as living rooms, storage, stables, and inns. This garden house has been turned into an eco-lodge after renovation. The passage of the Hassanabad World Aqueduct through this garden has created a pleasant atmosphere and pleasant climate. Hassanabad Mehriz aqueduct in Yazd province with a history of seven hundred years dates back to the Islamic Middle Ages, ie the eighth century and is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

khoshnevis garden

Khoshnevis garden in Mehriz, one of the UNESCO World Heritage.

3_Gileboom ecolodge

Gile Boom eco-tourism residence is located in Qasem Abad Sofla village of Chabaksar section of Rudsar city of Gilan province and is considered as one of the best ecolodges to stay in Iran. Gileh Boom rural house with an area of ​​1500 square meters is built on two floors and among the orange orchards in the form of mud straw and using Gilaki architecture. Gile Boom traditional house has a capacity of 20 people. Features of staying in Gileh Boom eco-tourism house include using a variety of local Gilani dishes and local music by Qassemabadi upon request, an eco-straw straw hut in the yard, as well as a relaxing atmosphere for fire and sitting on wooden chairs. He pointed to the tree trunk in the courtyard of the residence. Attractions close to the resort include a 15-minute walk to the entrance to the Dalkhani forests, as well as a 20-minute walk to the beach. In order to keep the peace and quiet in Gileh Boom and create a warm center for socializing with the guests, in this residence, There is no television thing. Lots of Iranian boardgames and active games are available instead. Waas Gileh boom successful in attracting and pleasing people? let’s read on trip advisor.

  • Free Wifi
  • Eco friendly
  • English speaker personnel
  • The possibility of a night stay in the traditional treehouse
Gileh boom ecolodge

Gileh boom ecolodge, the most popular one in the north of Iran

4_   Fil (The Elephant) ecolodge in Shiraz

The traditional Fil house, located in the heart of the historic city of Shiraz, dates back to the 19th century. This historic house has been reconstructed in the most beautiful way so that it dazzles every viewer. There are also wooden tables and chairs in the courtyard and on the roof of the house, where tourists can choose their favorite space to eat. A variety of traditional, local, and vegetarian dishes are cooked in the restaurant’s restaurant for tourists. Other facilities at the traditional hotel include a tour guide, English-speaking staff, non-roofed parking, and internet access.

Fil historic house

Best ecolodges to stay in Iran: The famous windows of Fil historic house, Shiraz

5_ Matin Abad eco-camp

Located between the sand dunes and vast semiarid grass-covered plain is the camp with modern facilities and also ecolodges with different types of rooms are available. The recognizable point about Matin Abad is that the group doesn’t provide you only residents but also the experience such as farm exploring, camel riding, and celebrating the traditional festivals. This friendly ecolodge offers different types of rooms and even tents and campsite in the desert. Check Tripadvisor to read more about Matin abad eco-camp. 

  • Eco- Resort & Organic Farm
  • desert walks
  • star-lit nights
  • camp with modern facilities
Matin Abad

Matin Abad, one of the most nature-friendly ecolodges in Iran

6_ Milkan ecolodge in Kermanshah

Milkan Ecotourism Residence, which means ancestral home, is located in Kermanshah province, the city of Karand Gharb. This eco-tourism with traditional atmosphere, local food and amenities, and programs such as traditional music and local dance, welcomes tourists and travelers. In the rooms of this native house are a variety of handicrafts and traditional objects that reflect the culture and religion of the region. For example, old refrigerators are used as an alternative to wardrobes. It is not possible to use the kitchen for travelers at the Milkan residence, but with prior coordination, it is possible to order a variety of local dishes. The eco-tourism menu includes two types of spring, summer and autumn, and winter. Each of these menus serves dishes specific to the same season.

  • Free Wifi
  • Eco friendly
  • English speaker personnel
  • Local tour guide

7_Zinat ritual garden in Qeshm with all  Stories and ritual ceremonies

This residence is actually a tourist village on the big island of Qeshm, which is among the few native and traditional ecolodges in Iran, decorated with paintings and traditional objects of the south, and has a beautiful view of the Persian Gulf. Resting and eating is not the only experience waiting for you in Zinat garden. The most important strength of Zinat Garden is the presence of Zinat Banoo herself, storytelling, and holding local rituals of the Qeshm region. Zinat Banoo is in charge of the residence of the tasteful lady who has been able to turn Zinat Garden into one of the best and cleanest accommodations on the island. Documentaries and books have been prepared about the life of Lady Zinat. Do travelers give credit to this special ecolodge? check it your self on trip advisor writing about Zinat ritual garden.

Zinat ritual garden

Storytelling in Zinat ritual garden in Qeshm

8_Maymand moon rocky ecolodge

the 3,000 years old rocky House, Meymand moon, has a different and unique structure that had started its activities in February 2017. This eco-lodge is a few hand-dug rooms in the heart of the mountains, which, due to the preservation of the traditional and old structure, have only the basic facilities for accommodation. For this reason, the rooms do not have a bathroom, toilet, bed, TV, refrigerator, and the guest bedroom service is in the form of a sleeping floor. The WC services are also publicly located around the residence. There are also no windows in this eco-lodge for the mentioned reason. Elderly people and families with young children should pay attention to the fact that the structure of the village is such that it is located on a mountain and has a steeply and stepped path. It should be noted that this residence is located in Meymand village, 38 km away from Shahr Babak, which is one of the cities of Kerman province.

  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • Traditional Stay
  • Starry Nights
  • Close to Desert
Iran ecolodges: Maymand moon

Best ecolodges to stay in Iran: Maymand moon, a hand-dug ecolodge in the historic village

9_ Nartitee House in Taft_ Yazd with Zoroastrian custom and food

A unique stay in an eco-friendly and pristine environment, the Taft of this residence with a traditional atmosphere in the rural context will create a different stay for the guests. his unit can be provided to loved ones with facilities such as unlimited internet, display, fan, and heater for 2 guests. The relatively cool climate and convenient location of this accommodation will give you peace of mind. Attractions in Taft include the Shah Nematullah Vali aqueduct, the Reconciliation Alley, the Blue Mill, the Anbar Reservoir, and mourning rituals such as palm picking, and harvesting ceremonies such as pomegranates. We wish good luck to our loved ones in this stay. ou can simply read travelers’ comments about Nartitee on Tripadvisor and also visit and book on the Nartitee website.

  • Free Wifi
  • Eco friendly
  • English speaker personnel
  • Prices: Starts from 20 euros per night
  • Possibility to bring pets with you
  • Possibility to hold a celebration
  • Possibility of moving inside with shoes
  • Possibility of smoking
  • Possibility to use the yard and garden
Natitee house

Best ecolodges to stay in Iran: Nartitee House in Taft, managed with Zoroastrian culture

10_ Negin, Historic local house in Kashan

The traditional hotel of Negin historical house is located in Kashan city of Isfahan province. This residential complex is located in the old part of Kashan and was renovated in 1392 and then put into operation. Negin’s historic house, which is a separate house but has large doors and a large complex. The atmosphere of this residence, as one of the best ecolodges in Iran, is quite traditional and old, which includes the royal residence, and the pool is located in the center of the courtyard, and the rooms around the king are unfamiliar. Also, in the restaurant of this hotel, all kinds of authentic Iranian and local food of Kashan city are served. This eco-tourism accommodation is equipped in a completely traditional and original Iranian environment with modern facilities and the possibility of sightseeing for tourists to all places. Kashan’s sights and tourism and the reception of tourists with a variety of traditional food, has provided a pleasant and memorable stay for us The reed is designed for all domestic and foreign tourists and reminds of traditional Iranian life. Due to the location of the residence in the old part of the city to the city’s tourist attractions such as Kashan Grand Bazaar and houses and historical buildings, the tomb of Mohtasham Kashani, Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan is close. One of the highlights of this traditional hotel is that the proceeds go to orphans. Curious about people’s comments? Read about the Negin historic house of Kashan on Tripadvisor.

Negin traditional house - Iran ecolodges: Kashan

Best ecolodges to stay in Iran: Negin, Historic local house in Kashan

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