Vaccination in Iran

Having been through the tough time of being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; eventually, vaccines have become available in many countries and we are pleased to announce that, just like many other countries, Iran has also started vaccination against COVID-19.
According to the Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education, about 45% of people have got their first doze of vaccination so far and 17% of the population have been fully vaccinated while it is progressing every day. If you have been fully vaccinated, then there seem to be no concerns to plan your trip to Iran. Iran has  also declared resumption of Iran visa in September 2021 for independent travelers and group tours to Iran.

Although restrictions are still being imposed on tourism destinations, sparks of hope have become evident as the number of new cases has been declined in the past two weeks in the whole world. So, travel companies and travelers are planning future adventures and we are hopeful to see the tourism industry flourishing once again.
Meanwhile, what paves that path for adventurers and eco-tourists is that they would have the privilege of enjoying off-the-beaten places in the world, where there is a much lower risk of being affected by the disease. As a destination full of these amazing potentials for nature lovers, Iran calls for adventurers from around the world; we have developed hygiene protocols for anyone interested to have some adventure in the gorgeous landscapes; our tours range from ski-in the top Iranian ski resorts to off-road activities in the central deserts of Iran, and hiking among the foggy Hyrcanian Forests!
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