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Varzaneh tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

Varzaneh tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

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At first glance after entering Varzaneh city, you may deem to be in heaven or city of angels, because all women in this city, wear the long white Hijabs. Varzaneh is full of astounding attractions, among which we are going to visit Ghoortan and Toodeshk citadels and Gav Chah desert. In the center of Ghoortan village, at the edge of Zayandehrood, located a 4500-meter citadel, in which lived villagers up to thirty years ago and nowadays only a few people live there. Most of these citadels in Iran were built in the post-Safavid period due to insecurities (especially the Afghan invasion to Iran). Gavchah is a traditional well drainage method used in eastern Isfahan which has been recently revived somewhere among the sand dunes of Varzaneh to Hassanabad Road.

The second day we will visit the glorious Jameh Mosque of Naein, the absolute must-see mosque of Iran with all those spectacular stuccoes over the niche and the masterly brickwork around the yard,  and Pirnia historical house.

Due to the vicinity of this beautiful city to the desert, you will also have the opportunity to visit one of the most captivating deserts of Iran.

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  • Great culture in the desert

    Varzaneh is one of the ancient villages of Iran with white clothing people, that speak Pahlavi Sassanid language. This great tour starts by transferring to Varzaneh (107 km, 01:45) and visit old water caves, which are the water sources for the village and then visit Ghortan dovecote, that used at past as a source of fertilizer. Then we go to a traditional restaurant to have lunch and rest awhile. It would be great to walk on the sandhills of the desert and also watch the sunset with a cup of tea. At least we continue to Todeshk (60 km, 01:00) and overnight in our lovely local house.

    ACC: Local house
    MEALS: L, D
  • Old Naein and its Jameh mosque

    Wake up and have traditional breakfast and then continue to ancient Naein (50 km, 00:45) and visit Jameh mosque of Naein; one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran with one Minaret. Then we walk to Pirnia cultural house, which is also an anthropology museum and know about the people of this region. Finally, we return to Isfahan.

    MEALS: B, L


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