ski in Zagros

What are your most important reasons to choose a place to ski for your holiday? Would you like to ski in a crowded ski resort or a quiet one? Would you like to experience more than just ski during your vacation? Have you ever thought of meeting the locals and taking photos of dazzling and stunning landscapes? Is there somewhere to experience all these together? The answer is Yes! Ski in Zagros would offer all these features together!

Ski in Zagros

Ski in Zagros offers lots of opportunities t the same time for adventurers!

There are lots of ski resorts all around the world with equipment and luxury accommodations but if you are professional and looking for unique natural sceneries and high-quality powder snow, you are recommended to experience ski in Zagros; 1300 km mountain range!
However, the quality of snow isn’t the only reason to make Zagros one of the best areas to ski, in this article, I want to explain 5 main reasons for ski-in Zagros and why anyone should experience it in this dazzling region?

High-quality powder snow

The quality of snow is one of the most important factors in ski; so, the skiers are always looking for the best ones in the world. Moisture and density are two factors influencing the quality of snow. Due to the geographical location of some parts of the Zagros, the region is covered with snow for more than half of the year, that’s why we call this region the “Alps of Iran”. The high level of humidity in this area has also helped to create good-quality snow for skiing, so, there is fresh snow almost half of the year!

ski in Zagros

Moisture and density are two factors influencing the quality of snow.

Wonderful natural sceneries

Would you prefer to ski in a virgin region or a crowded one? I guess adventurers go for the first one!
In the Zagros region, you can find yourself alone in nature and enjoy your ski without any overcrowding but it doesn’t mean that the ski resorts are not good and not equipped. There are lots of great ski resorts like Pooladkaf in Zagros; the second-largest and international ski slope in Iran, Chelgard Ski Resort (Kurang); one of the best ones in Iran, Tarik Darreh ski resort and others, and you can find more ski resorts in Iran.
Being far away from large cities like Tehran, you can see fewer people and more space to enjoy skiing, so, I recommend absolutely Zagros ski resort for skiers who are eager to ski not only to enjoy but also to watch wonderful natural sceneries; Zagros mountains are located in one of the most astonishing regions.

Local people and their lifestyle

Most of us are tired of modern life, in the hustle and bustle of the cities. so, it’s time for nature and experience living with local people and enjoying their simple and lovely life. Ski-in Zagros allows us to experience the meaningful silence of nature far from technology. Staying in local houses and having meals with the locals to know about their lifestyle would recall us that we are too involved in technology and materialistic lifestyle!
Baking bread with locals and being in this peaceful atmosphere is the best way to relax.

This holiday is really worth the costs

Money certainly matters for tourists. Ski in Zagros region, with its wonderful nature and local accommodations, is quite on a budget for tourists. You can also arrive here through self-driving, however, we recommend local and professional guides if you want to discover unique sceneries and off-piste slopes to ski.
It’s possible to continue your trip to most famous cities like Isfahan and Shiraz since the Zagros region located near the cultural highlights of Iran and they are worth visiting. As you know, there are lots of UNESCO world heritage sites in Isfahan and Shiraz.

Experience a unique ski holiday

Most ski resorts are covered with trees and it makes ski hard but Zagros ski resorts have fewer trees and more hills which is considered a great opportunity to increase your speed and fly in the sky! and jump from one hill to another.

ski in Iran - Zagros

Zagros ski resorts have fewer trees and more hills

Also, it’s a great location for snowboarding fans to spend hours without trouble due to the high-quality snow and special features of the area.
In general, ski in Zagros region has all the features a professional skier is looking for and would create memorable experiences for adventurers.

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