adventure in Iran

As an adventurer you may already have a bucket list and constantly look for fascinating adventure destinations in the world to update your list. Whether you are updating your list or searching for your next adventure destination, you are strongly recommended to consider having an adventure in Iran. Here is the reason why.

High Mountains

The high peak of Damavand, also known as the roof of Iran, is a legendary peak. Being the highest volcanic peak in the Middle East, Damavand is the popular destination for many mountain climbers around the world. You would not want to miss the view of the largest lake on the earth, the Caspian Sea, from an altitude of 5610 meters! If you consider yourself a mountaineer and owns good physical condition, then do not hesitate to climb Mount Damavand.
The high mountains of Iran, offer a perfect opportunity for skiers as well. Breathtaking altitudes, long ski season, good quality powder, and convenient resorts are only a few of the convincing reasons why you should experience ski in Iran. Skiing in Iran could be compared with Alpine skiing at the most reasonable price. So, skiers are most welcomed to experience pure adventure in Iran.

Amazing roads

Iran owns roads with the most fascinating landscape you may have ever seen! So, it is considered a top destination for Overlanding. Depending on what you are looking for to see, every corner of the country offers its own beauty. There are amazing roads in Iran in the heart of dense gorgeous forests, infinite sand deserts, spectacular mountains, and valleys. Thanks to the diverse climatic condition in Iran, you may face totally different landscapes while within a few hours of driving. Prepare yourself for loads of photography opportunities while you are enjoying Overlanding in Iran.

Iran Cycling tours are also a popular alternative for adventurers around the world. Cycling in the northern forests in Iran, along the Persian Gulf line in the south, and cycling in Zagros, are only some possible routes in this country.


Many adventurers are captivated by the endless appeal of the deserts. Iran deserts are the best place for exciting adventures such as off-road. You may also want to enjoy meditation by walking on the golden sand dunes or find some inner peace by gazing at the starry sky at night!
The UNESCO-listed Lut Desert in Iran offers eye-catching scenes of giant natural structures, known as Kaloots. Deserts in Iran would provide the best opportunity for adventure lovers and photographers.

There are marvelous landscapes in Iran, which you can never imagine. If you have not been convinced to put Iran on your bucket list, take some moments to watch this video of Iran’s attractions, it will give you convincing reasons to consider having an adventure in Iran.

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