If you have been directed to this page, you are probably a ski fan looking for a lovely place to experience pure adventure! Zard-Kuh (Zardkooh) region in Zagros, and particularly Chelgard city is considered a favorite spot for sports lovers due to its unique natural attractions. We already have discussed Why you should experience ski in Zagros, but in this article, we aim to convince you how skiing in Zard-Kuh is different from other ski resorts in Iran.

Chelgard Ski Resort

The pristine and untouched nature of the region along with its unique attractions attracts many tourists from all over the country and even the world to this city every year. Each season offers its own charm and beauty. Fall and winter in Chelgard are well-known to ski fans, when the high peak of Zard-Kuh is covered with powdery snow, a life-long ski experience is waiting for the skiers!
The interesting point about Chelard is that while many ski resorts are covered with trees, Zagros ski resorts including Chelgard have fewer trees and more hills that let skiers experience a higher speed, jumping from one hill to another! The resort welcomes around 20 to 30 thousand skiers every year.

While many ski resorts are covered with trees, Zagros ski resorts including Chelgard have fewer trees and more hills!

The best time to ski in Zard-Kuh

The snowfall in Zard-Kuh starts from December to the end of March, skiers can go skiing. Chelgard ski resorts own a length of 800 meters and an ideal slope. The weather is mostly sunny during winter days; So, the accumulation of a large amount of powdery snow and easy access make this resort a famous one in the Zagros region.

Attractions to visit in Zard-Kuh region

Zard-Kuh region is mostly famous for winter sports. However, there are places you should not miss visiting while you travel to the region. Koohrang and Nazi lakes would be peaceful places if you are looking for somewhere to relax in nature and enjoy the pleasant sound of water. There are also two significant attractions that have added to the importance of this region for adventure and mountain lovers, Poursonan and Khersan glaciers; these areas attract many mountaineers every year.

Khersan- Zardkooh

Khersan glacier – Zardkooh

Zard-Kuh region is quite well-known for its gorgeous natural sceneries, the overturned tulip plain, Sheikh Alikhan waterfall, oak forests of Bazoft region, Cheshmeh Dimeh, and the historical and pristine villages of the region including the amazing stepped village of Saragha Seyed are only some of the highlights of Zard-Kuh that can keep you busy here for days.

Zardkooh attractions - tulip plain

Overturned tulip plain in April

Other activities to experience in Zard-Kuh

It’s already been mentioned that each season at Zard-Kuh would be a different paradise! It is up to you what are you exactly looking for and what activity is your cup of tea! In the spring, nature lovers and photographers could pay a visit to the overturned tulip plain which is a lovely plain full of gorgeous flowers; in the summer, those interested in herbal medicine, tourism, and summer skiing on the high and snow-capped peaks of Zardkooh Bakhtiari could make most of their travel to Zard-Kuh and finally, in the autumn, the region offers an unforgettable experience of living with Bakhtiari Nomads, for culture and adventure lovers.

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