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Iran is a country filled with different people, each with their own culture, that’s why it suits those who like the adventure and the thrill of it as well as those who are interested in history and culture. In this article, we try to give you some insight into the southern parts of our beloved country and specifically the islands of the Persian Gulf. Stay with us as we go through some of the most interesting islands among the 30 known islands in this region.

Hengam island

If you are on a trip to the southern parts of Iran, you should spend time on Hengam island. Since this island retains its native look, it has that sense of being untouched by modern technology and when you walk along the sandy beaches filled with white clear sand it brings out a deep emotion in you. On your way there; you can watch different fishes and other aquatic animals pass by in the crystal clear waters of this isle. It’s worth noting that if you are going to Qeshm Island, you can simply book a tour of Hengam Island since they are not that far apart. The best time to visit this magical place is in mid-autumn or mid-spring. But if you wish to see the Dolphins, consider going mid-winter.

Hengam island

The best time to visit Hengam Island is in mid-autumn or mid-spring.

Kish Island

One of the most famous Islands in the region, so much so that everyone has been there or at least heard about it. It’s a massive 91 kilometers chunk of land and you can access it by air or the roads. You can even go on a train, of course, you’d need a ticket, but that’s that. Some of the tourist attractions of this massive beautiful Island are its Coral Beach with crystal clear water, Dolphins park, The Greece Ship, and the ancient city of Harirah. If you are about to do shopping, lots of malls are all over the face of the isle. Cycling in Kish Island is one of the most popular activities among adventurers.

Kish island

Kish Island is famous for its coral beach with crystal clear water.

Qeshm Island

Second best-known Island of the region and one of the largest Islands of Iran. Around 1500 kilometers of an Isle that can be accessed through air, or train. If you are in for an adventure, we suggest you get a train ticket from Tehran and see the whole country on your way there. Tourist attractions of the Island include Shopping malls, Historic sites, Hengam Island, Valley of Stars, and more. It’s the first Geopark in the Middle East and is under the protection of UNESCO.

Qeshm island

Qeshm is the first Geopark in the Middle East and is under the protection of UNESCO.

Lavan Island

This is one of the Residential Islands in the area. And it’s just 76 kilometers from the Persian Gulf. Some call it Shaikh Shaeeib. The temperatures rise to as high as 50 degrees Celsius mid-summer and that’s why we don’t recommend a visit in that period. Also, it can only be accessed from Qeshm, and don’t forget that you won’t find Amenities there. So, if you want to buy something or if you are looking for shopping malls, you won’t find them here.

Hormuz Island, the Land of the colorful Soil!

where the blue light of the sea meets the blood-red of the soil. One of the places we have to see before we are gone, and it’s breathtaking. You can get there from Qeshm with a boat. We suggest you start your trip early in the morning, before sunrise, so you can have more time to explore and the sun won’t hurt your eyes as much. You have until 4 PM and that’s when the last boat leaves, so pay attention to the time. And bring enough water and food. There are no residencies on the island but if you are planning to stay for the night you can rent one of the local houses.

Hormoz island

There are no residencies on the island but local houses are available for rent.

Larak Island

Another island near Hormuz and just beside Qeshm. Sea boats set sail to this Island on Thursdays and Fridays. Bring enough food and water, you are going to need it if you want to watch the beach and its Phytoplankton’s at night.

The haunted Murrow Island

If you are going to pay Lavan Island a visit, why not go the extra length and visit Murrow as well? It’s the protected habitat for many different wildlife species and since there are a high number of snakes on the Island, no human lives there.

Shido island

Newborn tortoise, Lavan island.

Mino Island

The Palm-groves and Thick Canebrakes covering this land, makes it one of the places mostly untouched by man. The only way to access this beautiful island is to go over the bridge which is on the south part of it. Arvand River goes through this magical land and breaks it in two. There are 5 rivers on this island alone and the people living there have a culture of their own which makes your journey worthwhile.

Great Tunb Island

One of the more famous ones among the Iranians. sitting with its little brother on northeast waters of the Persian Gulf. Northern parts of the island are covered in hills and the southern parts are flat, suitable for what it is: the harbor.

Siri Island

Another island with its own culture. People call it by many names like Siri, Seri, or Suri and it’s located 30 miles to the southwest of Bandar-e Abbas. The vegetation in this area consists of only the plants that can store high amounts of water.

siri island

Siri Island: Persian Gulf – Iran

Khark Island

Khark is and has been one of the most important Petroleum Export Ports of Iran for about 60 years. This coral island has had a reputation for being an important point for seafarers, which is as old as the sea itself.

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