National Tree Planting Day

Earth stays in joy when we plant a tree and this joy makes us feel better, too! Every nation has a day in its calendar to celebrate tree planting day and the day marked as National Tree Planting Day in Iran is March 5th, 15 days until the beginning of Iranian New Year, Nowruz.
To welcome the spring, Iranians plant young seedlings, flowers, and grass in parks and other areas of the city they live in. Some environmentalists take part in collecting waste from mountains and forests to show respect for nature on this special day as they enjoy hiking in Iran.
As promoters of sustainability, our team members participate in planting trees, and our dear guests will also join us in this celebration. Last year we had a group of eco-tourists in Iran who contributed to planting trees in Iran. You may like to enjoy some moments of this joyful tour.
May we all benefit from sustainable tourism around the world. Happy National Tree Planting Day.

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