Kurdistan landscapes

There aren’t many regions, that make an adventure successful. The speed of technology and the growth of facilities have changed many local areas and don’t let us experience the local lifestyle and revive it but fortunately, Iran is a country for all tastes and will never disappoint you. One of the most pristine and unique regions, that adventurers will fall in love with, is Kurdistan. Iranian or eastern Kurdistan province located in the west of Iran and the name of the capital is Sanandaj. The major cities in Kurdistan are Marivan, Baneh, and Saqqez. In this article, we are trying to show some corners of the beauties in this unknown land; Kurdistan.

Nature of Kurdistan

The beautiful nature of Kurdistan is influenced by the special climate of this region; a generally mild and quite pleasant climate throughout the spring and summer and very cold with heavy snowfalls in winters have caused the existence of numerous waterfalls, lakes, and unique natural landscapes. Zribar lake; the most significant and fascinating attraction in the west of Iran, is among the best places for camping and relaxing. There are lots of tourists, that come to spend their holiday near this lake and enjoy activities like bird-watching or fishing. Zribar lake is one of the most unique freshwater lakes in the world and has the general condition of an international lagoon.
There are also wonderful mountains with special vegetation such as overturned tulips so, if you are an adventurer, here will be your paradise.

Zribar Lake-Kurdistan

Zribar Lake, Kurdistan, Iran

Mineral water springs are located all around the Kurdistan region; The most outstanding of these are Govaz to the northwest of Kamyaran, Abetalkh close to Bijar, and Baba Gorgor to the north of Qorveh.
Besides the mentioned highlights, Karaftu cave is an ensemble of artificially cut rock chamber, that is unique in the world. These wonderful sceneries are just some of Kurdistan attractions to travel to and enjoy.

Kurdish Lifestyle

Kurds or Kurdish people take care of nature because they know that their life depends on it. We can see this importance in all aspects of their lives especially in their village architecture. The Kurds have often built their villages in the heart of the mountains and in the stair-stepped form. Uraman; the magnificent village of Kurdistan is a great sample of the architecture but why they built a village like this? Because they respect nature and don’t want to destroy the mountain to build their homes. Kurds are the most sustainable people in the world, they even wear regional clothes, that are part of their culture, with bright colors taken from nature. Traveling to this region and spending time with these great and cultured people will be an unforgettable experience in your life.
The Kurdish language is categorized under the Indo-European group of languages, with a distinctive grammatical form that sounds nice to you.

Kurdish cuisine

Kurds mainly earn living through agriculture and farming. Wheat, barley, and fruits are the main products of the region so, Kurdish cuisine is also affected by these products.
Especial breeds, Aash and Kabab are the most favorite kind of foods in Kurdistan and I absolutely recommend that you try them. There are also many foods for vegetarians in this region, as I mentioned, this province is the best place for veggie lovers and vegetarian foods are the most significant feature of adventurers.


Dolme: A dish made in Kurdistan. It is also common in many other cities.

The adventurers care about sustainable travel, the Kurdistan region with the gorgeous natural landscape, products, and even green accommodations is a great destination for them. So, please be in contact with us to plan a memorable journey and spend time in this magnificent land.

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