Khuzestan National Parks

Khuzestan owns the most breathtaking mires and beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf in the southern region of Iran. Alongside the high mountains on its northern part, Khuzestan has gathered mesmerizing scenes of nature all in one piece. All of these areas provide a vast and various region for wildlife and plant species to live.

Dez National Park

Beginning of an Exciting Journey

Dez National Park could be an exciting choice for trekking. Dez is one of Iran protected areas located in Khuzestan province, in the southwest of Iran. There are so many fascinating animal species in Dez National Park, such as Persian fallow deer, fox, honey badger, jungle cat, wolf, and hedgehog. One of the important species of this protected area is the Persian fallow deer, which is a rare species in Iran and the whole world. This species is so precious that some hills have been established for these fallow deer to help them avoid the rivers floods and the danger that follows within.

Persian Yellow Gazelle

Persian Yellow Gazelle: A rare beautiful species live in Khuzestan National Parks and protected areas

Unexpected Friendly Visitors

Other than animal species, there are also so many plant species like Desert poplar, raspberry trees, and Calotropis Procera that are the main shrubs and bushes in this protected area. While trekking, your eyes might catch some little squirrels climbing the trees or peeking their head out of the tree hollows. Seeing such an adorable sight is enough to make your journey even better and take away your tiredness from the trekking. If you had any treats like seeds or nuts that you would like to share with the little squirrels, go for it.

A Whole Migration on Your Sight

On your way or along the shores of the Persian Gulf, you can see some migrating birds such as stork, bitterns, goose, flamingos, pelicans, and coot, that find their way to the Dez National Park as a shelter. Therefore, these birds migrate here every year during the cold season to live a better life. Something that makes this protected area important in its own way is the opportunity that it provides for people to go birdwatching in Iran. So if you are lucky enough, you get to watch some of the most delightful scenery from the beautiful bird flocks.

Karkheh National Park

The River of Histories

Karkheh is another protected area in Khuzestan on the southern coast of the Karkheh River. Karkheh River is one of the longest rivers of Iran, which also has an impact on the attractions of this particular area. This particular river has been mentioned in many books and historical events, which gained more value over time for itself. You can watch the alluring sunset showing off its beauty along the river, making mesmerizing scenery. This area, which is located on both sides of this river, has three main parts; the protected area, the northern national park, and the southern national park. Karkheh, just like the other protected areas, is also rich in different species.

Keep The Moments Alive

As a national park in Khuzestan, it has its very own Persian fallow deer. This area also used to be home to Persian lions as well. The wildlife in Karkheh national park is so vast and fascinating. If you get the chance to see any of these sweet creatures, make sure to take photos for keeping these moments alive. Share them on your socials with your friends and let them enjoy the moments of the exciting journey you experienced. Who knows, maybe next time you travel together. That sure will be fun!


Time to Hike

Shimbar protected area is located in the heart of the Zagros mountains in Khuzestan. The sharp and slope cliffs of the valleys and ups and downs make it perfect for some hiking. Hike in Shimbar protected area to find your way among the natural farms of grape, pomegranate, and wild berry around the lovely springs of Shimbar. Iranian squirrel, wild goat, panther, brown bear, jungle cat, wolf, fox, jackal, wolf are the wildlife species that could be found in this protected area. Trek through the woods and take in the fresh air to experience something unforgettable.

Shimbar Pond

The pond is located in the center of the Shimbar protected area. The beauty has grown over time as the trees grow and cover the pond.

shimbar pond - Khuzestan

Shimbar pond is the habitat of the animals like brown bears, wolves, and hyenas.

Various kinds of birds migrate to the pond annually and stay for a limited time and rest until the next migration. Spring is the best season to visit here and try the available boat rides and fishing and finally make the best memories out of our lives.

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