Golestan National Park

If you are into nature and animals, you should not miss Golestan national park. Undoubtedly, one of the greenest and most spectacular places in Iran is this amazing Park. Golestan is known as the oldest national park and is considered one of the most valuable areas in Iran in terms of biodiversity and animal diversity. Read more about this paradise you should not miss while you are in Iran.

Attractions and features

Golestan National Park is the first registered and largest national park in Iran. It is a protected area in the east of Golestan province and the west of North Khorasan province. In 1975, it became the first national park in Iran, which has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the 50 habitats on Earth. This park has unique limestone high cliffs with a low slope and is located between the Caspian Sea and the arid eastern regions. The 2000 meters altitude, has created a variety of habitats and numerous micro-habitats here.

Rare species in Golestan National Park

What does this park have to interest you and what makes it worth visiting? There are about 1350 flora and 302 fauna in the national park. Various animals such as deer, rams, goats, cheetahs, leopards, and brown bears live there. You can also see deers, antelopes, forest cats, and red foxes here. one of the most attractive features of this park is that you can feed the boars! The boars feel comfortable with humans and pass through the center of the park. Do you love birds too? There are many beautiful and songbirds, such as Black woodpecker, nightingale, quail, partridge, and Homa. Homa bird has a special place in Iranian legends. If its shadow falls on someone, it will bring happiness and joy to that person. We hope this happens to you! The vegetation of this park cannot be overlooked. Much different flora in this park will delight plant lovers. You can see the most important plant species, including oak, spruce, fig, berry, azalea, walnut, hawthorn, blackberry, tomato, walnut, raspberry, pomegranate, pear. One of the most beautiful trees in Golestan National Park is the Enjili trees. The mountainous areas to the north and south are mostly covered with juniper trees.


A beautiful ram, Golestan National Park

Activities to experience

The attractive sights of Golestan National Park are not limited to animals and plants. There are full of spectacular attractions that should not be missed. There are springs, beautiful waterfalls, and roaring rivers in this park. If you are a mountaineer, we suggest you visit the mountains of Shakha, TangehGol, Yekehghadam, and Qaraghashli. The mountain of Billy which is one of the spectacular peaks of Golestan Park has a unique view. On top of this peak, you can see the beauty of the rock walls of Qorghun. You have a chance to visit the tallest waterfall in Iran. This waterfall is called Ocher, and its height reaches about 110 meters, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Golestan forest. It is a seasonal waterfall and appears only in spring. You can see the Aghsoo waterfall too, which is about 70 meters high. Visit the Qarto, the Zav, and the Madarsoo rivers may also fascinate you. They offer unforgettable beauties.
There are parking lots and campsites for rest and overnight stay in Golestan National Park. They have tables and benches, stoves, trash cans, and toilets. For example, you can stay in the Naharkhoran forest area and eat delicious snacks like Bilal and Ash. Also, there is the Wildlife Museum for museum lovers in the park.

The best time to visit

Golestan National Park is beautiful and spectacular in all seasons. It does not have a steady climate condition, so we suggest you bring several warm and ordinary clothes. In spring, the water of rivers and springs and the number of birds surprise the visitors. In summer, you can enjoy eating forest fruits. It offers unique attractions during autumn and winter. The best time to visit this forest park is from May to early November. You would enjoy the greenery of the forest and would be safe from the hot and humid weather of heavy rains. If you are traveling overland, you must be aware of animals on your way.

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