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Have you ever felt the need to leave the city behind and find a place to free your spirit? If you’re visiting Shiraz and are already done with the city attractions, feel free to visit the ancient village of Qalat (Ghalat). Qalat village is the best choice to spend some time in pure nature and flee away from the crowded and noisy cities. Explore Qalat village, climb up the mountains, discover ancient monuments and drink a cup of Persian tea to have the best travel experience in Iran.

A Marvelous Scenery

On the northwest side of Shiraz, there is a small village called Qalat, which is truly a piece of paradise on earth. Ghalat village has so many fascinating attractions that we will discuss. But the unique feature of Qalat is its creation of a pure atmosphere and the experience of trekking in an impressive nature. The nature in the Qalat mountains is outstanding. You will be amazed by the beautiful greenery that surrounds you during spring and summer, while its colorful dazzling fall will surprise you as well. As you take your first step into Qalat village, you will face a masterpiece by nature. Countless ancient trees in lines that are over thousands of years old. Just taking a walk among the tall trees could brighten up your mood for the whole trip. Here in this village, you can witness a lovely contrast to the chaotic shiraz city life!

Ghalat Village

The nature of Ghalat village in late fall

Historical Monuments

Even though Qalat village is small, it has many spectacular attractions. The Qalat Church in Shiraz, built during the First and Second World Wars, is only one of the ancient monuments in this village. This building is historically valuable. But unfortunately, these days, we are witnessing its destruction. You can also pay a visit to the ancient bathhouse, which sadly there’s nothing much left of it. But it’s interesting to know that the elders of the village believe that Saadi (a famous Iranian poet) used to bathe here all his life. Other beautiful monuments left in Qalat village include water mills and Ghezel Arsalan castle. Ghezel Arsalan Castle is one of the most important historical attractions of Qalat village. High up on the Ghalat mountain, the remains of plaster, stone, and mortar, show an ancient civilization that dates back to the Achaemenid and Parthian eras in Iran.

Natural Attractions

Aside from the historical buildings, this village has many natural attractions that have turned this village into a small piece of paradise. If you decided to visit Qalat village during the spring season, then you made the right choice. Walking in the mysterious and dreamy forests along with the most pleasant atmosphere during spring is unbelievably relaxing. From exciting mountain architecture to mysterious alleys with pure rivers, Qalat village has everything you need for refreshment. Watching the waterfalls, passing through the rocks, and listening to the soothing sound of water rushing down the gorge, gives you the experience of a time travel away from modern life. However, all seasons offer their own unique view and beauty, particularly colorful fall.

The architecture of The Houses

In terms of architecture, the houses have a unique and beautiful view that is not without grace. Most of the buildings are constructed with regional materials, mainly stone, clay, mud, plaster, and wood. The roofs are flat, and the houses are either one or two stories. If you are into photography, this place offers you some photography opportunities. Recently, most of the old houses have been turned into teahouses or cafes and made a huge contrast in this ancient village. These can all be ideal subjects for photography enthusiasts to capture incredible pictures from every aspect and keep them as souvenirs from their trip to Qalat village in their camera.

Ghalat Village

Most of the buildings are constructed with regional materials.

The Kindest People

You must have heard from people all around Iran that Shirazi’s are very hospitable, and the people of Fars province are known for their warm welcomes. This can be confirmed to be absolutely true. The welcoming and incredible people of the Qalat village are another reason that makes this village more attractive. Most people in this village are engaged in farming, animal husbandry, and handicrafts and make a living by selling fruits, grains, quinces, hand-woven baskets. The locals of this beautiful village have still held on to their beautiful and unique ceremonies and traditions from the ancient days. Most of the villagers, wear Qashqai nomadic clothes in celebrations, especially wedding ceremonies. Regional and traditional music is one of the favorite performances of the people of Ghalat village in Shiraz.

Persian Foods to try in Qalat village

In Ghalat village are many restaurants and cafes that can ease your mind from worrying about accessing or carrying packs of food. Lentil soup and noodle soup are the most common local dishes in this village that you can taste and memorize the sweet memories of your trip. Depending on the season you travel to Qalat, you can locate various kinds of fruits such as grapes, almonds, walnuts, figs, pomegranates, apricots, and greengage around the village that you can try and enjoy eating. Organic dairy products such as milk, curd cheese, and butter are also products of Ghalat village in Shiraz. You can find many restaurants built into the rocks, which are open and expanding to accommodate overnight tourists. The setting is outstanding with views towards Ghalat and beyond.

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