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Ghalat village

Ghalat Village tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

Ghalat Village tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

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Located only 36 km from the hustle and bustle of Shiraz, Ghalat is an amazing village with perfect jungles, springs and cool pleasant weather. You may already have heard of Shiraz as a city rich in terms of history, culture, and architecture. However, the city is well-known for its gardens and greeneries both inside the city and around it. Visiting Ghalat you will find many local houses made of bricks and local materials; recently many café and traditional restaurants have been prepared in the area so that you can rest from time to time while hiking the hills and mountains around.

You can not see all the beauties in this lovely village until you get close to it. Water springs flowing from the slopes of the mountain, originating from the springs located at the top of the mountains, as well as several thousand-year-old trees and deep, cool valleys in the hottest time of the year, making visitors feel cold in hot summer.

If you visit this village in spring, it will be so dreamy just like you had gone to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. The physical texture of the stunning mountains, the winding alleys with white streams flowing through it, have given the village a unique charm. Along with the breathtaking nature and the unique waterfalls of this village, there is an old church in Qalat village in Shiraz, which has an interesting stone -base architecture and represents how old this village is. This church, which used to be a place of worship for Christians living in the village, is now in ruins due to their migration.

This dreamy village is especially recommended to those interested in rural tourism and long-distance hiking. The people are so hospitable and warm-hearted and if you have a call to stay overnight, local houses are the best possible options here.

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  • Most beautiful plain of Iran

    Arjan plain is one of the best plains of Iran. It was the cradle of the Iranian lion in the past and the Nomad’s place to live and immigrate. Arjan is called the almond bush, which uses for making bows and herbal medicine. First, we will hike for 2 hours in this wonderful plain and know about the special plants and animals. Before having our traditional lunch, we should visit the local bazaar and markets, which will be a new experience for you. Finally, we continue to ancient Ghalat village to have lunch and rest awhile. Now it’s time to walking in an amazing portion of this village and take photos until night.

    MEALS: L, D
  • Ancient village

    Ghalat isn’t only an ancient village but also very modern, there are lots of art galleries and cafes, that absorb lots of young people there. In Ghalat you can feel all thing together; old and modern, antique and equipment. There are lots of highlights like monastery there too. Our great tour doesn’t finish, we should continue to Ghalat waterfall on foot and enjoy the atmosphere. Finally and after have lunch in one of the best restaurants in Ghalat, we return to Shiraz.

    MEALS: B, L


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