Asalem to khalkhal road

Do you remember the last dreamy road you have been to? This one would be a bit different; a road that offers you a pleasant experience with mesmerizing views that often forces you to stop and immerse yourself in unparalleled beauty. Asalem to Khalkhal road is not a simple road connecting to cities, but a wonderful path for many adventurers with a variety of tastes. Whether you are interested in hiking, cycling, or even self-drive tours, you are in the right place! Read this article to know more about what is waiting for you in the northwest of Iran.

What to do and expect in Asalem to khalkhal road?

From Guilan province to Ardabil, the road Asalem to Khalkhal is one of the most appealing roads in Iran. If you are looking for somewhere with fascinating landscapes where not many people know, you are recommended to take the road from Asalem, a small city in Guilan province to Khalkhal, another city in Ardabil province. The best time to travel along this road in summer and fall; fall season particularly offers impressive colorful scenery on this road.
You will experience humid sea-level atmosphere changes to a mountainous winter fridge, while you are on this road. So, you will never get bored, as the breathtaking landscapes change constantly and never stop to amaze you.
The region is covered with very rich flora and fauna and would provide unique sceneries for photography.
The whole route is 70km long and it takes almost 2 hours to cross it in your car. However, many adventurers would prefer to have a hiking tour here.

Where to stay in Asalem to khalkhal road?

Since people in the area are quite hospitable and warm-hearted you will have no problem finding a local house to stay, that is what we recommend you do. If you like to feel the atmosphere of the place you can stay a night with the locals. The houses may not be luxury eco-lodges but they have a lot to offer and will bring about pleasant memories of this trip.
On your way, you will see many signs for renting guest houses; the prices are quite affordable. Though some adventurers still prefer to have camping which is available in the region.
However, if you travel with Iran Adventure, we will arrange your accommodation for you, mostly on a cool cottage offering a pristine view.

ecolodges-Asalem to khalkhal

While traveling in Asalem to khalkhal road, you will have no problem finding a local house to stay.

What to eat in Asalem to khalkhal road?

Whether you are driving, cycling, or hiking, you will come across many local restaurants and shops where local food is served, some of them offer fresh meat, honey, and dairy products. Guilan has been registered as a city of gastronomy by UNESCO, So, you have a diversity of options to enjoy. The most famous local foods in the region are Mirza Ghasemi (a special omelet made of eggplant, tomato, and egg with a pleasant touch of garlic); Ash Doogh (a thick soup made of sour milk, chickpeas, garlic, and some fresh vegetables), and Kebab (with fresh and tasty meat of the lambs grown up in the pastures around).
If you like to have some barbeque, you can buy some fresh meat and enjoy some camp cookout!

There is still more to enjoy his trip. There are many beautiful villages on our way, natural attractions such as jungles, lakes, and waterfalls.
Before arriving in Khalkhal, you will reach a thermal spring called Kivi, where you can enjoy the natural hot water of the spring and soak yourself for some relaxation.
This amazing road could be an unforgettable part of your travel to Iran. No adventurers would like to miss the wonderful sceneries of the road. Our hiking tour from Asalem to Khalkhal will provide you with life-long experience. If you are looking for some other exciting activities such as cycling we would be proud to offer you your tailor-made tour.

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