If you’re looking for a place to help you leave behind the noisy streets and the chaotic traffic of the cities, here’s a place that will not let you down. Take some time for yourself in the clean air and refreshing weather of Masuleh, a little stepped village in northern Iran. Take in all the greenery alongside the emerald green-colored tea plantations on each side of the road. That is all it takes to ease the mind, even if it’s for a short amount of time. Pack your bags and get ready for an extremely delightful trip to Masuleh.

The Village Architecture

Climb the stepped village from down to top to realize the specialty of Masuleh village. As you go along, you might get more curious to find out how the local people go through their days in this stepped village. When you take your first step, you will notice the narrow and small steps ahead of you that will lead you to the upper level of the village. Amazingly, the roofs are used as sidewalks and walkways as well. Almost every house you see throughout the whole trek to the top is made out of wood and yellow clays, which perfectly makes sense considering Masuleh’s unique climate. As you trek higher up, a light fog begin to set in, and here’s when the color of the houses, light up the way and allows better visibility in the fog. These old houses are built in a way that even though they are all in touch with the pouring rain and heaps of snow during the cold seasons, they stand still and drain quickly. Something that gains a lot of attention is the way that each house roof is the upper house’s yard, and that’s what makes Masuleh special. Finally, when you weave your way to the top of the village, look down upon the greenery beneath your feet and enjoy your stay in Masuleh.

Masuleh village - Iran

Climb the stepped village from down to top to realize the specialty of Masuleh village.

Meeting the Locals

The unique noticeable thing about this village is that the way the houses are built on such a steep mountainside brings the people closer to one another. Wander through the bazaar and pay a visit to the tiny local teahouses and treat yourself by having a local soup called Aush, bubbling in huge pots in front of the local shops. This village has a delightful atmosphere and so many good vibes spread around by the lovely people. If you need to take a rest, take a seat at the traditional bench and enjoy a fresh black tea from a kettle steaming away on small burners. Watch the local women in colorful traditional costumes cooking and making handicrafts in the lovely shops. The village is full of handicraft shops with so many beautiful things and also tasty snacks that you can buy as a souvenir for yourself or the ones you love.

When to Visit Masuleh?

Summer is the best and the most popular time to visit Masuleh since the northern cities of Iran have much cooler temperatures and enjoyable weather than the rest of the country. It is usually so crowded in summer, but still, it is the perfect season for traveling to Masuleh. You can choose winter time for traveling as well because there are fewer visitors around at this time due to the cold weather. Temperatures drop then but experiencing a pleasant ambiance as the rooftops get covered in snow is something that you can witness in Masuleh village. Masuleh’s snowy scenery from the top of the mountain is such beautiful scenery, and the warmth among the people is all it takes to warm your heart. If you don’t mind the cold, hike the surrounding mountains for some adventure and freshen up at the top of the mountains.

What Foods to Try?

Masuleh serves the visitors traditional and rural food of northern Iran. If you are a vegetarian, then you will most likely love Masuleh meals. You might ask why? Here is the answer, since most of the local meals are made of vegetables, you won’t have any difficulty finding your ideal type of food in Masuleh. As an example, Mirza Ghasemi is the most common dish and a regional food made out of smoked eggplants that are cooked over hot coals. The eggplants then will be fried with olive oil, along with garlic and tomatoes, and when they are perfectly mixed, it’s time for the final touch, which is adding the eggs. This type of food has always been served with bread. So if by any chance you could have the freshly baked local bread, your meal would be even better than perfect.

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