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Seas, valleys, forests, mountains, deserts, springs, and life-giving rivers are all signs of God’s mercy. The canyons often have these natural gifts together, which has made them popular among tourists. Nature lovers are looking for less-visited areas. So, they can gain new experiences and add to their memories. Here are some must-see canyons in Iran for you:

Tang-e- Shirez

Tang-e- Shirez is one of the valuable natural monuments and one of the must-see canyons in Iran with numerous attractions. Its main attraction is the various layers of sedimentary rocks that have been formed and carved unique designs in the heart of nature. Passing through high cliffs, you can reach a canyon where only rocks, valleys, and greenery can be seen in front of you. Shirez waterfall is one of the unique attractions in this place that amaze every tourist. The water, flowing from the most pleasant springs of this region, has cold water even in the hottest season of the year. Due to the erosion of rocks, you can visit tall and high columns which are known as Stone minarets. Other attractions in this area include caves. One of these caves is known as the Bridge of God. It has a low height and a depth of about 150 meters that you must enter through cold water. Walking through the canyon and enjoying the beauties of nature is a unique experience for those who go to Shirez. The best time to visit is in spring and summer.

Raghaz Canyon

Raghaz Canyon, among the most gorgeous Canyons in Iran, is a place where water and stone have created stunning natural features. It is located 30 km northwest of Darab city and near Raghaz village. Perhaps you have seen many young people jumping from high altitudes and on cliffs into ponds and valleys in adventure Iranian movies. Some of these films were shot here. Raghaz canyon is full of springs with beautiful and fearless fish. You can approach them in the water, and they will not escape. There are also several waterfalls such as Negin waterfall, Boom Rang waterfall, and Gulab waterfall. There are two ways to reach Raghaz; four hours of mountaineering and two hours of driving. It is better to travel to this canyon between May and early October.

Hayghar Canyon

Fars province is one of the historical provinces in Iran. One of the natural beauties of this province is Hayghar Canyon in Firuzabad. This beautiful and spectacular attraction is very similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This canyon has a kind of vegetation around it. In addition, the rock walls have become stepped due to erosion. What makes this place so exciting is its great depth. When you stand on top of it, it has a stunning and exciting view. You can enjoy the sound of birds singing and swallows and their echoes in your ears and watching the surrounding landscape. You can also go boating. Also, you should be equipped with mountaineering and rock climbing facilities. Another attraction of this place is meeting and talking with Qashqai nomads and getting acquainted with the nomadic culture. Visiting this area in summer is not recommended; because the heat reduces the pleasure of travel.

canyons in Iran: Hyghar Canyon

Must-see canyons in Iran: Hyghar Canyon

Tang-e -Boragh

Tange Boragh is a beautiful paradise in Fars province, which is next to the Boragh village. The height of the walls in some places reaches 300 meters. In the left wall, there is a stunning limestone cave with water dripping from the roof. The humid atmosphere has caused mosses to grow on the rocks, which has created a beautiful and refreshing environment. Another beauty of Tange Boragh is its waterfall, which is about 40 meters high. You can walk along the path between the mountains and under the shade of trees. Everything is ready for a good time and full of fascinating moments. You can dip your feet in clear water and cool down. It doesn’t matter if you are a mountaineer or an ordinary person, you should not miss this place at all. If you decide to go, we suggest you travel in mid-spring and September.

Must-see canyons in Iran: Boragh Canyon

Buchir Canyon

Buchir canyon is one of those places where you get excited, and your adrenaline rises. It is one of the sights of Hormozgan province, which is located in a warm area near the Bouchir village. The path to this canyon is not free of excitement and adventure. You have to both swim in the water and climb the cliffs. When you arrive there, you will be surprised, because it is cool inside the canyon. The temperature is between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, which remains constant in different seasons. The length of this valley is about 1,000 meters, and the deeper you go, the deeper the valley becomes. You may think that you can not travel here in the summer, but you are wrong!

canyons in Iran

Must-see canyons in Iran: Buchir Canyon

Chahkooh canyon

Chahkooh canyon is located on Qeshm Island and is considered one of the seven wonders of the island. This place is the result of erosion of sedimentary rocks over many years, which has created a valley 100 meters deep in the heart of the rocky mountain. This canyon is highly sacred to the local people. If you go to this place when it is raining, you will see spectacular pools full of water. First, you see a U-shaped open valley that turns V as you go to the end. You will love watching the strange shapes of the rocks. You will see arches and corridors and involuntarily remember fairy tales. Qeshm is in the southern and tropical regions of Iran. So, the best time to visit Chahkooh Strait is in autumn and winter.

Kal-e-Jeni Canyon

Do you believe in superstitions? In Persian, Jen means Elf. The reason for this naming is the old myths and horror stories that have been passed to the locals from ancient times. They believe that Kal-e-Jeni is the abode of ghosts. It is located in the Tabas desert around Meygan village. When you first enter, you will be amazed to see the spring and the greenery it has brought to the area. Probably no one expects to see such a scene in the middle of the desert. One of the most important attractions of this place is its natural shape. Erosive rocks have reached their current form due to floods, wind, and temperature fluctuations. When the wind blows against the rocks, it creates an imaginary howl. Another attraction that you should not miss is the small ponds and waterfalls. These ponds are very suitable for swimming in summer.

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