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Firuzabad city tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

Firuzabad city tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

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Firuzabad is a historic ancient city located in Fars province. The city was destroyed twice in history, the first time by Alexander of Macedonia and the second time during the Arab invasion of the seventh century. It was revived by Ardashir before the Arab invasion and became the glorious capital of the Sassanid empire lasting about 400 years.

Firuzabad is famous for its precise circular plan as the first city with this feature in ancient times. The main reason for this circular plan was to protect the city against the enemy's attack. It used to be surrounded by a mud wall and ditch.

On Firuzabad city tour, you will have an enjoyable trip visiting the highlights of Firuzabad which are the Palace of Ardeshir Babakan and Ghal’eh Dokhtar or the Maiden’s Castle and walking in Khorgheh valley and Gur traditional village.

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  • Walking in Sassanid empire castles

    Ancient highlights will inspire us about the era so it’s too exciting to know about the ancient people and their lifestyle. We will leave the hotel toward Firuzabad (111 km, 01:45) and spend time on the royal path and learn about their business and jobs. Then visit Ardeshir Babakan castle who was the founder of the Sasanian dynasty. We will have our picnic lunch thereafter. Rest a little will get you ready to walk near the Tangab lake and watch different birds and other special animals. After that, we continue to visit Ghal’eh Dokgtar and listening to its history by our local tour guide. Finally, we continue to the hotel in Firuzabad and overnight there.

  • "Gur" ancient city

    Wake up! we have a dazzling program today. First, we will have breakfast and continue to Khorgheh valley for walking while enjoying the photo shooting; this valley is one of the best natural scenes of Firuzabad with its waterfalls and forests. After that we have our lunch box in nature and rest awhile to continue visiting Gur ancient city; the first circled city of Iran! Finally, we return to Shiraz.


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