In the far northwest of Iran where Iran boarders meet Iraq and Turkey, the natural landscapes of Azerbaijan region attract many nature and adventure lovers during different seasons of the year. There are loads of outdoor activities to experience here; in this post, we will talk about Iran Azerbaijan and show some adventure aspects of this wonderful province.

Kaleybar: The heaven of Arasbaran forests

Kaleybar countryside nature is one of the great places to spend time in summer. This wonderful region is famous for its great forests and historical castles. One of the most famous castles calls Babak fort or Babak castle; a large fort on the top of Kaleybar mountains with a great history. The castle was a stronghold of Babak Khorramdin; one of the most famous leaders of the Azerbaijan region, against Abbasi empire. The structure of castle made it strong and impregnable. Abbasi empire lost lots of the its soldiers in a war with Babak army and always had panic from this castle.
There are many camping sites on foothills, so you can stay overnight to hear more stories about the castle, that local guide will tell you and enjoy of the atmosphere (Kaleybar your).

Kaleybar- Azerbaijan-Iran

The wonderful region of Kaleybar is famous for its great forests and historical castles.

Jolfa: The cradle of monasteries

Jolfa; a country in East Azerbaijan is famous for its monastery, that registered as UNESCO world heritage site but that’s not all!
Because of Aras river and mild weather, Jolfa is one of the best places for trekking and hiking in the province. Aras dam lake is also a great place for boating and also birdwatching, there are also great local restaurants that serve fresh fishes with special receipts so I recommend you to experience, if you are fan of grilled foods.
Saint Stepanos Monastery; this wonderful is one of the Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran, that has a great architecture also used for ceremonies during the year as the second important Monastery in Iran but maybe you want to know who was Saint Stepanos? Saint Stepanos was one of the first apostle of Jesus so there are lots of Monasteries by his name around the world. But what is the most feature of this monastery? Absolutely the great interior design and exterior of the monument are the answers (Jolfa tour)

Jolfa- Azerbaijan- Iran

The well-known Saint Stepanos Monastery in Jolfa.

Kandovan: An ancient village

Maybe you’ve heard the name of Kandovan or have read something about this ancient village; that locates near Tabriz on foothills of Sahand mountain. This village is famous for inhabited cave structure. Cave houses have came into exisance as a result of volcanic rock and ash more than 700 years ago, however there are lots of mysterious about it as well! It’s really mysterious.
The village registered to UNESCO world heritage sites list but there are also another adventure highlights  around such as the river and mountains. Local people have many shopping stores selling handcrafts made by local women of Kandovan.
One of the other highlights of Kandovan is the rocky hotel, that is part of the village so by overnighting there, you can experience the atmosphere and a unique night in the middle of rocks! This hotel attracts lots of tourist every year to Kandovan because it’s unique all around the world (Kandovan tour).

Kandovan, Azerbaijan

Kandovan village is famous for inhabited cave structure.

Alvares ski resort; real powder snow

Alvares ski resort with its great quality of snow is one of the best ski resorts in Iran. As you know the powder snow is very important for ski fans, so if you are a skier and want to enjoy some ski in Iran, come to Alvares and experience an unforgetable ski season; it will be different and dazzling.
The best time to ski in Alvares ski resort is from December to April. Long slopes and nice free riding are the greatest features of this ski resort. Hope to ski with you there!

The highlights of Azerbaijan are uncountable

We listed most famous highlight of Azerbaijan but there aren’t complete; this region has a special attraction for every adventurous traveler. Wonderful foods and also great culture of the Azerbaijan are one of the highlights, that I can name; foods like Kofteh Tabrizi and Dolma, that are famous in the world or maybe great music of the region that is known as Ashiqs of Azerbaijan so there are lots of different between listening and experiencing but I recommend if you are a real adventurer and love to discover mysterious, Azerbaijan is a great choice.

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