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You probably do not want to miss visiting the real heaven in Iran! Then stick with us to see where is it. Located on the forest edge of the Alborz mountain and the Caspian Sea, has created a pristine and fascinating landscape, and legendary nature, that has made Ramsar one of the most famous and popular travel destinations throughout the year, especially in spring and summer.
Beautiful summer areas, cone peaks, citrus orchards, tea fields, Paddy fields, numerous waterfalls, forest parks, caves, springs, lakes, beautiful and stunning beaches, and warm mineral waters are only some of the natural beauties you will appreciate when traveling to Ramsar. There are amazing things to do in Ramsar, the top nature tourism regions in Iran.

Driving to Javaherdeh Village

“Javaherdeh” shines like a jewel in the heart of the nature of Mazandaran province and Ramsar city, which annually hosts many tourists from all over Iran and the world. This village is located 26 km away from Ramsar and is always famous for its beautiful and pristine nature. The twisting road of Javaherdeh Road takes you to the heart of an ocean of clouds. The clouds in this area extend even into the homes of the rural people. Located at an altitude above sea level, the weather is cool and is usually between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius in spring and summer. Javaherdeh gives you a good opportunity for photography, forest climbing, and picnic in nature.
There are also historical sites to visit in this region, including Seyed Saeed Agha Mosque and Adineh Mosque with a history of about seven centuries and graves that are among the historical sites in Ramsar Jewel.

Javaher Deh village - Ramsar

The twisting road of Javaherdeh Road takes you to the heart of an ocean of clouds.

Trying Ramsar cable car

If you are interested to have some adventure and have a bird view of dense forests in fog, you are invited to try Ramsar cable car which is the largest cable car in Iran located five kilometers west of Ramsar city and a very short distance from Chaboksar city in Gilan province. It starts from the Caspian Sea coast and continues to forest heights known as the only cable car in the Middle East that connects the forests and the beach.
Green City Recreational Welfare Complex” is the official name of the Ramsar cable car, which operates in the group of complete tourist complexes and in two parts. The first part of the cable car is in the lower part of the mountain and along the beach, with amenities and entertainment facilities such as playground, paintball, karting track, buggy, sea club, cable car station, water skiing, boating, shopping malls, handicrafts, restaurant, Branches of different banks, etc., receive tourists. The second part, in the form of luxury forest huts and VIP suites, various touristic and recreational places, including a forest walkway, a game hall, a restaurant, Ramsar roof, and so on. You will experience an amazing time with lots of adventure and fun in the Green City Recreational Welfare Complex.

Ramsar cable car

Ramsar cable car is the largest cable car in Iran starting from the Caspian Sea coast and continues to forest heights.

Walking on Ramsar Suspension Bridge

If you are one of those people who love to go to the heart of nature in high altitudes, the Ramsar Suspension Bridge, next to the zip lines in the cable car of this city, gives you this opportunity. Stepping on a wooden bridge and suspended in the air may seem a little scary at first glance, but when you take a few steps on it with safety equipment, you become so lost in the beauty of nature that it is difficult to get back from this bridge.
To reach this suspension bridge along with the zip line, you have to take the Ramsar cable car and after getting off at Bam station, reach the Hezarlepe Forest Park complex.

Having a picnic in the lush forests of the North of Iran

These lush forests receive a high percentage of rainfall in the country and are known as the forests of “Do Hezar” in the village of Janat Rudbar in Ramsar. Ramsar forests are located between the sea and mountainous areas. Beautiful rural and forest roads along with natural regional phenomena such as waterfalls and lakes have made these forests one of the most appealing places in Ramsar and even in Iran. The area offers a good opportunity for spending a fun time in nature.

Forests in the north of Iran

Forests in the north of Iran are known as perfect summer destination!

Soaking yourself in Ramsar hot springs

Ramsar hot springs are a collection of carbonated springs containing mineral salts such as sulfur and are found in some areas including Javaherdeh, Katalam, and Sadat. Along with the increase in the number of hotels, urban buildings and private residences, swimming pools and baths with natural water sources, springs were built to meet the needs of tourists in Ramsar. Some of these springs still retain the shape of a treasury, but the Ramsar Hotel’s hot springs are the more modern ones.
You can experience the pleasure of swimming in hot water with a maximum temperature of 42 degrees Celsius in these natural springs.

Visiting Swan lake

To reach this lake near Ramsar, you have to move from the village of Javaherdeh from the south to Ramsar and you will see a side road and dirt road from where you can access this lake. You will have to pay a separate fee to enter this attraction. This entrance fee is received by the private sector and is spent on collecting waste around. Around Swan lake, you will find many natural attractions that besides enjoying nature, you can have lunch and enjoy having fun in this place for a while.

Swan Lake - Ramsar

Around Swan lake, you will find many natural attractions, you can have lunch and enjoy having fun in this place.

And these are only some of the adventurous activities you can experience while traveling to Ramsar. The north of Iran offers an extraordinary opportunity for nature lovers to have fun.

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