Road trips are the most important part of a car trip. Even if you are traveling by bus or in a tour, you have to prepare yourself for hours of traveling. Aside from how much young people today enjoy hiking, it is good to know that some roads of Iran can surprise you! Although most of the roads in Iran do not enjoy a beautiful nature, others have a landscape of paradise and can give you the experience of an exciting road trip due to the many thrilling turns. So, stay with Iran adventure tours to know 9 unique destinations for self drive tours in Iran.

Abbasabad road to Kelardasht

If you are a person of entertainment and travel, it is impossible that you have not heard the name of Abbasabad dream road to Kelardasht. This road passes through 30 km of Hyrcanian forests in the west of Mazandaran and can be reached through Chalous and Marzanabad roads and on the other side of Abbasabad city. Abbasabad road rises, with many twists and turns, the mountainous nature of the region and then loses its height after descending from mountainous areas.

Ardabil road to Astara

Astara is one of the greenest parts of Iran and Ardabil province is one of the best parts of the country in the northwest due to its proximity to the northern parts. Heyran Pass is the name of a famous region that is located in the middle of this heavenly road and has become one of the most beautiful parts of Iran.
Spring and autumn are the best times to visit this beautiful 80 km long road. In spring, you can see a real view of paradise in these areas, but in autumn, you will see the most romantic spot in Iran along this route.

self drive tours in Iran – Heyran Pass: the heavenly road in the middle of gorgeous region.

Asalem to Khalkhal road

Another dream road that starts from Gilan province and leads to the green parts of Ardabil province. In the beginning, you can see a lot of forest trees so that even the sun can be seen through the foliage of the trees, but in the other parts you can see the open and green plains which are a summer life full of grace. This 70-kilometer road passes through the beautiful villages of the north, wooden huts, lakes, waterfalls and pastures in the north part of the country.

Chalus Road

Chalus road is one of the most beautiful roads in the country on the way from Alborz province to Mazandaran, which unfortunately in recent years has been strongly affected by high traffic and many of its beauties are hidden behind the passengers’ fatigue.
This road is also one of the longest attractive roads in the country, with many amenities along the way and it can be said that it is somewhat out of pristine, but if you go to the side roads, you can see many attractions. There are many who will surprise you.

self-drive tours - Chaloos road - Iran

self drive tours in Iran – The fascinating Chaloos Road, Iran

Saravan road to Fuman

This beautiful road is located in Gilan province. Although Saravan Road is not covered with dense trees like the previous roads, there is a pleasant peacefulness along the way that will definitely amaze you. On this route, you can see lush and wide plains, forest lakes, rivers, forests and even the Rural Heritage Museum of Gilan Province. This road is 45 km long and has facilitated access to Rasht. It is better to visit this region in spring so that you do not miss the lush plains and their unique freshness.

Siahkal road to Deylaman

As far as the eyes can see, it is just greenery and freshness, and only an expert psychologist can explain how much these green landscape can bring peace to the soul and mind of the individuals. May is the best time to  travel to this area to see a green landscape. In summer you may encounter annoying heat, but it still flows at cool altitudes. If you go through the forests, you can see the growth of yellow and red flowers in the heart of the green plains. Like many other roads in Gilan province, you can see many waterfalls, lakes and attractions in the heart of these forests.

Hajij road to Uraman Takht

If you are interested in geography, you must have heard the name of Hajij village in Kermanshah province and Paveh city. A mountainous road runs from this village to Uraman village (UNESCO world heritage site) in Kurdistan province and is located exactly at the border of Iran. The beauty of this road is so great that it resembles a painting designed by a tasteful artist. You have to be a professional driver to be able to go to Uraman Takht. Not everyone have the courage to drive on long slopes, narrow, winding and crowded roads in this area, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while driving.

Shahdad road to Nehbandan

One cannot expect that all the roads in the country should have a green and beautiful nature. Desert roads can also be among the most attractive roads in the country. Even today, many young people are more interested in desert wandering than exploring the dense forests of the north! Shahdad-Nehbandan road, which also provides access to Zahedan, Mashhad and Birjand, is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, described as desert.

self-drive tours

self drive tours in Iran – Shahdad Desert: One of the amazing roads for self-drive ours in Iran.

Tabas road to Biyabanak

This option is also ideal for youth adventure and self-drive tours. Around sunset you can see cars passing in the middle of a clear sea. You ask how? This is due to the saltiness of the area, which creates such an eerie scene through the reflection of sunlight. There are also lots of great roads in Iran for self-drive tours in Iran and for more information on organizing your tailor-made tour, be in contact with us via!

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