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If you enjoy adventure, cycling can be a fun and exciting choice for you. You can experience euphoria by cycling through the most outstanding roads of Iran. As you might already know, the roadways of the northern part of Iran have magnificent nature and landscapes, which make your journey a thousand times better! There is no better feeling than freedom when there are no obstacles between you, the bike, and the beautiful road in front of you. One of the most attractive facts about cycling is the touch of culture, people, and nature of cities and villages you get to see up close. When you ride a bicycle, you can hear people’s voices, talk to them closely, accompany their ceremonies, and spend a long time in nature. Here are the most amazing cycling routes in Iran.

The Cloud Forest Route

If you have always dreamed of cycling or hiking in the clouds, you can achieve your dream in the Cloud Forest. This forest is located on the border of Semnan and Golestan provinces in the northern part of Iran. The forest is called cloud forest because most of the time, the entire forest is covered by an ocean of clouds. The clouds are so close to the ground that it seems like the forest rides on the clouds. You can fly through the clouds while riding your bike among the floating clouds. You cannot forget your time in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Iran. For cycling along the 150 km route of the forest, you can start the journey from Shahroud and go through the forest to Aliabad and finally end your adventure in Gorgan.


Hyrcanian forests are the best cycling routes in Iran.


Saved Kuh Route

Savad Kuh route is a path that starts from the heart of the forests. Winding mountain roads surrounded by lush trees all the way, and pedaling in the shade of the trees, make the pleasure of cycling a hundred times more enjoyable. When you wake up and saddle your bike and get ready to go, your whole spirit will fill with joy. Just imagine your trip in the morning, when the weather is twilight. The mountain air is humid and refreshing, which makes your bikes covered with dew. You will surely be able to challenge yourself physically on this route. And most of all, you can bring home a sense of accomplishment and great stories for friends and family.

Firooz Kuh Route

Firooz Kuh makes a cycling route for enthusiasts, during which you have to pedal on Firooz Kuh Road. The beginning of the adventure can start from Nimrud village in Firooz Kuh. On the way, you will pass through so many beautiful attractions that besides acknowledging Persian culture, let you relax and enjoy. Finally, you will finish your cycling bypassing Ziyar village on Haraz road. The view you have before your eyes alone is worth the trip. But more than that, your biking ride will be full of excitement and discoveries at every twist of the trail.

Kojur Route

This route is beautiful but a very long way for cycling because you have to cross an entire forest and its mesmerizing landscapes to meet your final destination. This cycling route crosses the main road, and after passing through settlements such as Hindi Sar and Pul, the forests and mountains you have to pass through, continue. By choosing Kojur which is among the most fascinating cycling routes in Iran, you will reach the Kelardasht route, where you can satisfy your adventurous spirit by cycling through the breathtaking woods of Kelardasht. And from there, you can cycle to the center of Kelardasht and reach the forests of Abbasabad to finish cycling along the Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Sea Route

The Caspian Sea, one of the most fascinating cycling routes, starts from the coastal city of Astara and runs along the Caspian coast until it reaches Gorgan in the northeast. The path is about 750 km long, and you will have a lot of opportunities to explore, stop and enjoy the attractions while cycling. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of cycling by the sea and feeling free while the wind dances through your hair. By cycling through the Caspian Sea route, you can see a combination of diverse nature and culture as you traverse the forests, sea, and nearby mountains. You can visit small villages and the local traditions of the three popular provinces in northern Iran. Cycling on this route is an indescribable pleasure and an unforgettable journey.

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