Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural attractions, where tourists sit for a long time and watch the unique view. Iran has more than 390 permanent and seasonal waterfalls. We would like to introduce some of the most famous waterfalls in Iran in this article.

Kaboudwal waterfall

Kaboudwal waterfall is located 5 km from Golestan province. The water of this river originates from southern springs. This area attracts nature lovers in summer as well as the weekend or holidays. Every year, new lush moss covers the entire waterfall in spring. One of the most enjoyable things to do while visiting Kaboudwal waterfall is to walk along the path that leads to it. Kaboudwal Road is a five-kilometer forested and green road. Walking in the dense forests and the cobblestone path are other recreations you can experience in this area. Photographing wooden stairs and numerous waterfalls are popular pastimes that you can enjoy. There are also pools under each waterfall and you can enjoy swimming.

Kaboudwal Waterfall, Iran

waterfalls in Iran – Kaboudwal waterfall, Golestan, Iran.

Bisheh waterfall

Bisheh waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Lorestan province, which is located in mountainous areas and on the slopes of the Zagros mountain range. This waterfall is composed of several small waterfalls that flow into the permanent river of Lorestan, namely Caesar. This waterfall is located near the oak forests and the village of Bisheh. The passage of the train tracks through this pristine nature has created a pleasant landscape. The cool and refreshing climate, the lush greenery of the trees, and its spectacular mountains make this place attractive and spectacular. You can also visit Bisheh village near the waterfall. Undoubtedly, spring is the best time to visit this beautiful waterfall in the heart of the nature. However, due to the colorful trees, this place offers a special beauty in fall too.

Margoon waterfall

Margon waterfall is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching waterfalls in Iran and is located on the border of Fars and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces. You may be surprised that there is no river at the top of this cliff, but there are more than a thousand springs in the heart of the rocky mountain. The area around this beautiful waterfall offers facilities such as parking, toilets, and flat areas that are provided for setting up tents and accommodation for visitors. Margon is the widest and highest spring waterfall in Iran. If you love nature and want to see an extraordinary landscape, this waterfall is the best option for you to visit.

Waterfalls in Iran - Margoon

Margon waterfall is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching waterfalls in Iran.

Shalmash waterfall

Shalmash waterfall is one of the tourist attractions of West Azerbaijan province and is located 15 km south of the Kurdish city of Sardasht. Shalmash consists of three waterfalls that may remind you of the famous Niagara Falls. You have to go down the valley to see the other two waterfalls. It is easy to access through the stairs and fences, and you should go about 400 steps down the valley. As you move down the valley, do not miss the breathtaking view of the waterfall and the intersection of water and rock. The best time to watch this waterfall is late spring and from June to mid-autumn. In winter, due to the cold weather in the region, the waterfall may freeze and create a beautiful and dreamy view. In Shalmash, some platforms have been built for travelers and tourists to rest on, you can also set up a tents and stay overnight. Other amenities include a shop, restaurant, and bathroom.

Semirom waterfall

Semirom waterfall, which is also called Zagros bride is located four kilometers east of Semirom and 160 kilometers south of Isfahan. If you are planning to camp in the nature, this place is suitable for camping. Overnight security is provided in this place. In addition, you can take some amazing photos here. There are restaurants, grocery stores, toilets, and even barbecues around the waterfall. In winter, the icicles look like a shining jewel with the reflection of sunlight.

Asiabkharabe waterfall

AsiabKharabe waterfall is one of the sights of Jolfa in East Azerbaijan province. This waterfall is located in a valley and between the rocks near an old mill. In the past, people used to grind their wheat in this mill. The area has pleasant and cool weather during summer. It can be a good destination in spring and summer. But the most beautiful image of the AsiabKharabe waterfall can be seen in winter. When the water freezes, it creates a dreamy and spectacular view. There are parking, supermarkets, and restaurants available here.


waterfalls in Iran – Asiabkharabe waterfall, Iranian Azerbaijan.

Shevy waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran is called Shevy waterfall, which is among the sights of Khuzestan province in Dezful city. This waterfall is the largest natural waterfall in the Middle East and is located in the Zagros Mountains. The water of this high waterfall falls from a mountain called Chorvik. At the foot of the mountain, there is a cave whose length is unexplored. It is recommended not to enter the cave without caving skills and equipment. It is difficult to walk in summer, the water level of the waterfall is usually lower, and insect bites are also annoying during hot season. So, you can choose late winter and early spring to go to this place to experience a memorable trip. Shevy village is a green and beautiful village near the waterfall. You can go for a walk and relax there!

Kroodi kan waterfall

One of the unique attractions of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province is Kroudykan waterfall, located in Borujen city and the protected area of ​​Sabz Kuh. The waterfall lies in the middle of rocky mountains sourcing  from a spring located 50 meters from the precipice and reaches a length of 130 meters. Water droplets scatter in the air creating an amazing scene after hitting the rocks. Therefore, a dense fog surrounds the waterfall. Winter is not a good choice for visiting due to heavy snowfall and cold weather and there is a possibility of getting lost in the route and also the risk of falling rocks. It is better to travel in summer when the weather is favorable.

Yakhi waterfall

What do you think about the waterfall that you must visit in winter? One of the spectacular waterfalls of Tehran province is Hamlon Ice Falls, which is located 35 km from Tehran in Hamlon Valley. In winter, the waterfall freezes and becomes a suitable place for winter sports. From late autumn to April, ice climbing is ideal for those who are interested in this exciting sport. Every year, the Asian International Ice Skating Championships are held here. You can visit Hamlon Valley in spring and summer. Hiking, mountaineering, and visiting the lush scenery will make good memories for you.


waterfalls in Iran – Yakhi (icy) Waterfall, Iran.

Latoon waterfall

One of the most famous sights of Gilan is Latoon waterfall, which is known as one of the tallest waterfalls in Iran. There is a castle of the same name that belongs to Babak Khorramdin. If you are a mountaineer, do not miss it. The path to Latoon waterfall is among the most eye-catching paths where you may feel less tired. On the way to the waterfall, you will encounter many attractions. One of these attractions is the small, abandoned village of Asio Washon. In this village, there is an old coffee house called Noor Mohammad which is a good place for a short break and a having cup of tea. The best time to visit is from early spring to early fall.

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