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If you are still not sure why you should travel to Iran, here are five main reasons that may convince you to travel to Iran.

Land of diversity: diverse climatic condition, food, and ethnic groups

You will never get bored in Iran. Iran is a four-season country which allows adventurers to enjoy their favorite activities. If you like to experience cold mountainous climate, the northwest provinces, covered in snow from early November till March are waiting for you. If you are a fan of mild and pleasant weather by the sea, the northern and southern cities call you. And if dry and hot weather are your favorite combination, the central parts embracing deserts, would be your best options. Imagine visiting loads of eye-catching waterfalls and lakes, walking on the warm, golden sand dunes in a vast desert, clime high mountains, and even ski in the best ski resorts with high quality snow all in a single trip! That trip is definitely Iran. This geographical diversity has been reflected in variety of foods prepared by different ethnic groups. Living with an ethnic group in any corner of the country with their unique lifestyle and hospitality would definitely amaze you. So, there is a lot to experience in Iran depending on your own taste and expectations!

Amazing natural landscapes

Iran enjoys a great variety of natural landscapes due to the diverse climatic condition in different parts of the country. The highest volcanic peak in the Middle East is among the popular destinations for mountaineers during spring and summer. The deserts in Iran offers unforgettable off-road adventures. It may be interesting to know that some of Iran deserts looks like no deserts in the world; think of walking on a place like Mars! Doesn’t sound exciting? Well, that is Shahdad desert with giant structures forming as a result of millions of natural erosion! The hyrcanian forests in the north of Iran would never fail to amaze the travelers passing through them particularly during fall, when you can see thousands of colors in nature! And there are still more since Iran is the land of natural wonders.
Iran’s dreamy roads call many adventurers in all seasons, that is why you can consider traveling to Iran by car, by motorcycle or even bicycle! Over-landing has been quite popular in Iran, particularly after the COVID-19 situation!

Masule - Iran

Iran embraces any eye-catching natural landscapes.

Rich cultural attractions

It is no surprise that, as the heart of ancient Persian Empire, Iran embraces numerous cultural and historical attractions that you should not miss. The glorious remnants of Persepolis and Pasargadae from the Achaemenian Empire, the gorgeous mosques with eye-catching blue tile works that mazes any tourist, the beautiful pink mosque that stuns many photographs for hours and hours with its reflective colorful mirrors are only some of the cultural attractions. Some part of this rich culture is intangible such as the folklore music, or local traditions, ethnic group’s clothing and lifestyles of the locals in old villages. There is a long list of cultural attractions in Iran, as you may not get the chance to experience all of them, make a list of your own based on your interest!

Sio Se pol - Travel to Iran

As the heart of ancient Persian Empire, Iran embraces numerous cultural and historical attractions

Tasting extraordinary cuisine

Iranian cuisine is among the best in the world as good as the Italian or French. Iranian dishes are so diverse and delicious that selecting the best to suggest to the international guests is not easy. Typical dishes include the best types of Kebabs, stews, and soups that you may have never eaten before and you probably will not test them anywhere else. You are recommended to try Iranian Kebab (Koobideh or Shishlik), Abgusht, Fesenjan and Ghormesabzi, and Zereshkpolo. Never leave Iran without trying these tasty foods!

Iranian cuisine is among the most delicious and diverse ones in the world!

Iranian hospitality

Iranians are among the friendliest people in the world. Many tourists have the experience of being hosted by an Iranian family and have enjoyed Iranian hospitality. If you get the chance to be invited, you will taste the most delicious home-made foods and enjoy the company of warm-hearted people, hearing their stories and jokes. Immersing in Iranian culture is all about getting in touch with Iranian families, chatting with them, going on a picnic and camping, and listening to them.
Although you will probably have more chance in smaller cities and villages where the warm-hearted people have more time to spend with their guests; so, why not try it?

Affordable destination for travel lovers

The cost of traveling to Iran is quite low, particularly during the past decade that Iranian Rial has lost its value compared to the US Dollar. This has made Iran to be among the most affordable destinations. You will have the opportunity of having a longer tour with more fun activities to experience, probably more than a weak, if you are a fan of long vacations.
It might be interesting for you to know that; Iran have the reputation of being among the safest destinations as other travelers say. Therefore, do not worry about safety of travel to Iran and what media say about Iran. It would be an opportunity for you to grow your own opinion based on what you experience here!
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