Everyone who has visited canyons before knows how it feels like to be surrounded by such great scenery. A deep, narrow valley with steep sides that makes everything look almost surreal. Canyons help you to be more aware of what you are experiencing at the moment. You can see a little bit sharper and be more aware of the sounds that are going on around you. In that first moment of realizing how great and massive your surroundings are, you know that the way you look at things from now on will be much more different. Visiting Tang-e Boraq would be an amazing experience, walking among the tall mountains, green forests, and beautiful blue springs will lead you to one of the wonderful natural wonders in Iran.

Tang-e Boraq Canyon

Enormous seas, deep valleys, dense forests, towering mountains, sandy deserts, springs, and life-giving rivers are all the result of nature’s generosity. Among these, the valleys can often have most of these natural gifts together, which has created an attraction among tourists. Imagine a deep valley filled with lush trees, rivers flowing through it, and waterfalls falling off cliffs and springs gushing from the rocks. Undoubtedly, such a place is part of heaven. Iran is a vast country with lots of wonders. Tang-e Boraq canyon is one of these wonders that can immediately find a way into your heart. So if you are into nature and adventure, you most definitely want to visit this masterpiece.

tang-e Boraq

Tang-e Boraq canyon is one of these wonders that can immediately find a way into your heart.

The best time to visit

Boraq canyon was named after a beautiful village, which is located in the northwestern part of Shiraz, Fars province (Location on Google map). This canyon is hidden among the tall and big trees, just like a precious treasure. Tang-e Boraq canyon is an entire masterpiece of nature, especially in spring, which everything changes color to green and flowers start to bloom. All these natural sceneries have created such a magnificent landscape that wouldn’t lead you to get tired of taking pictures even if it’s of the same exact spot. This canyon is 1940 meters above sea level, and its weather is super pleasant during spring and summer and is the best time to pay a visit to this magical scenery. You can also find a fascinating pond in the canyon, which many people choose for diving and swimming in the summertime. That would be definitely the most fun part of your trip to Tang-e Boraq.

Go for A Hike

It is interesting to see that this place was not much visited by Iranians a few years ago, but now many tourists show up each week and enjoy their time at the canyon. So many adventurous people choose this place for hiking. The cool atmosphere and delightful surroundings make this place one of the most fascinating places for hiking in Iran. Just make sure to follow the safety rules. Stay in sight and pay attention to the trail. Don’t forget to take all the essentials you need for your hiking. If you’re traveling during summer, protect yourself from the sun and bring extra water with you. And if you’re traveling during the cold season, always check the weather and try to find out what inclement weather events are most likely at this time of year and how to stay safe in them.

tang-e Boraq - Iran

Many adventurous people choose Tang-e Boraq and the beautiful village around for hiking.

A Lovely Village

There is a whole lot of history behind this canyon. You can notice it from the inscriptions left from the Sassanid era, which is located in the middle of the valley. The entire village itself is old and one of the attractions as well. The main source of the locals’ income comes from their farming and handicrafts. The hand-woven carpets and rugs are the popular handicrafts that you can find in this village. The locals’ dress code is such a pleasing sight to the eyes. Their clothes are made out of colorful fabrics with various kinds of designs, and most of them have been made by their own hands. If you are lucky, you may get to see a whole traditional celebration, on the day you visit the village. So many good vibes spread around people during these celebrations. These traditional engagements and wedding parties are much more delightful and pleasant than the luxurious ones, which are being held in big cities. So if by any chance you get to see this beautiful inherited tradition being held by the village’s local, celebrate the ceremony with them and make memorable moments.

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