Taftan volcanic peak

Have you ever had a dream to visit an active volcano? Are you interested in hiking around a volcano, that you know it’s still active and maybe you should run from lavas? When I was a child, draw my paintings with volcanos, an active one with lots of liquid lavas, you know why? Because I heard a story, a story about the rebirth of jungles after activation of volcanos. So, read this article about Taftan mountain; one of the last active volcanos in Iran and know more about the surrounding nature, plants, and different animals.

Taftan location & features

Taftan mountain; the highest mountain in southeast Iran is located near Khash city in Sistan and Baluchestan province. This 4,000-meter mountain is one of the semi-active volcanos in the middle east but there are lots of mysteries about it; the area offers very rich and diverse vegetation, glaciers supplying freshwater as well as special ecosystems that have made it a significant place. Taftan Mountain is one of the most beautiful and high mountains in Iran, which is a part of the area. But what are the most important features of Taftan? Taftan isn’t only a mountain, but mountains with four peaks and three calderas. This volcanic mountain range continues to Pakistan and belongs to Koh-i-Sultan. Almost always, volcanic dust, mainly sulfur, comes out of the “Chehel Tan” peak; one of the peaks of Taftan. There are also three lakes at the altitude of this mountain and some of them have freshwater too!

Taftan- Iran

Sulfur vapor emanating from the semi-active fire of Taftan.

When is the best time to climb Taftan?

There are four main routes to climb Taftan: the shelter route on the western front, Torshab village on the east side, Taemin village on the north, and Sangan and Khanjak village on the northeast side. The refuge route on the western front is the busiest route for climbers, along which there is also a shelter. Taftan is too warm in summer and too cold in Autumn and winter so the best time to climb it is spring; April is the best season to hike this beautiful active volcano with lots of special plants and different natural sceneries. I recommend you bring your camera because there are lots of amazing photography spots.

Special plants in Taftan foothills and other highlights

Sistan and Baluchestan are one of the best places for medicinal herbs to grow. Considering the existence of more than 300 types of medicinal plants in Sistan and Baluchestan (such as sour tea, lemon, thyme, and henna); Sistan and Baluchestan province is considered as a major hub for the production of these products. Sulfur vapor emanating from the semi-active fire of Taftan and the presence of abundant minerals in the springs of these heights, this mountain has become another appropriation of lands for growing medicinal herbs and hand-planted in the region of Mirjaveh and Khash.
So, it’s possible for plant lovers to visit this unique region and buy these medicinal plants. It would be a big step toward responsible tourism in this magnificent province.

Taftan region - Iran

Plant lovers can easily find a wide variety of medicinal plants in Taftan region.

These are not all stories about the Taftan region; hot spring water and special and medicine pools of this region attract lots of tourists every year. Hot spring or mechanical hot spring in Sistan and Baluchestan province, which is constantly hot or hot water from the ground abroad. Due to the existence of soluble minerals, it uses water from these required springs; and it is a fact that the solubility of hot water is high, so, the solutes in the water of hot springs are quite high. These salts vary depending on the structure of the land of the region, including different units such as calcium, lithium, and even radium. Due to the Amamians’ belief in the natural properties of these salts, tourists can benefit from the healing features of these hot springs.

As noted, the attractions of “Sistan and Baluchestan” are not limited to Taftan mountain. There are lots of amazing things to visit and spend time near them, Chabahar is among these attractions in the region, which is heaven by itself!

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