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Searching the internet, you will find dozens and dozens of tips and guides for solo female travelers, however, the first wise tip is always “choose your destination with Intent!”. This article is for those female travelers who are about to make up their minds about traveling to Iran. We would shed light on the issue that is solo female traveling to Iran safe and why they should put this destination on their bucket list! So, stay with us to know more.

Dress Codes

It is a common saying that When in Rome, do as the Romans do! You may have heard that Iran is an Islamic country with special dress codes for ladies. It would be best for your own convenience to dress like them, this way you would avoid attracting unwanted attention and it makes you feel more comfortable in society. However, this should not scare you, there are not too many restrictions, long-sleeved blouse, long jeans or pants plus a scarf, that’s it. Iranian ladies are interested in following the latest fashion; colors are welcomed, and make-up and nail polish are quite common among Iranian ladies. So, do not afraid of traveling to an Islamic country; if you want to get more information, here is a complete guide to dress code in Iran.


As a part of solo female traveling, you may like to involve in hitchhiking in Iran. hitchhiking in Iran can be quite a challenge, you may face weird looks or sometimes hear irrelevant words! On the other hand, you may face kind people who may think that you are lost as a tourist and want to help. But these situations would rarely happen around larger cities, where people are familiar with the concept of hitchhiking. However, it would be best to explain what you are doing to those who stop for you, then you can get on the car to avoid unexplained situations. And last but not least, the strongest rule for hitchhiking is that allow your instincts to guide you.
There is no reason to be afraid, since hitchhiking in Iran is much like hitchhiking in other countries, and sticking to your general precautions would work in this country as well. Once you manage to hitchhike in Iran and listen to people’s interesting stories, you will be able to see the real Iran, its rich culture, and lovely people.

Meeting the locals

Traveling to Iran, you will face hospitality out of this world! It is quite common to be invited for a cup of tea, or a meal, or even to stay overnight as a guest by the locals! You can easily make lots of friends in Iran and you will miss them while you are away. But remember, as a woman, you should trust your gut, when your intuition is that something is wrong or when you do not feel comfortable do not hesitate to say “No”. It is strongly recommended not to hang out with strangers particularly single men, we do not mean to scare you, but always be aware of your distance and if case you face unexpected situations, do ask women for help, they would not let you down!

Solo female traveling-Iran

Solo female traveling to Iran, Nasir-al Molk Mosque, Shiraz

Dealing with unpredictable situations

Regardless of where you are traveling, solo female traveling may put you in some unexpected situation. Many female travelers complain about confronting creepy men, in spite of the fact that Iranian men are quite polite and respectful, you may have this problem here just like every other country. Our first advice is that try to keep other women’s company during your trip, you will find other women traveling alone while you are staying at the hostels or other places, group up with them. Avoid walking alone at night, travel budgeting is important but pay for a taxi to prevent bad things happen to you. Always take care of your documents, and in case you lose your passport or other documents, try to contact the police to ask for help.
These rules would generally help you have a pleasant stay in Iran, however, if you feel you need some adventure in a group, visit some best adventure tours in Iran: Iran trekking tour, Iran skiing tour, and Iran biking tour.
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